Okay, so this is kind of weird. I guess I'm kind of into weird fics even if their not crossovers. The person that is referred to here is a canon character. I'm sure you'll guess who it is I'm talking about. I've dropped every hint except the actual name of the boy. The title will make more sense later in the story.

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Sirius watched Harry sleep with a small smile on his face. Today had definitely been eventful. To top it all off he had received an apology from Fudge himself. Not that he wasn't still angry with the ministry for the way his case was handled in the first place.

A small frown appeared on his face as he thought of the other reason he had come here. Other than to protect Harry, and get Peter, of course. He had gone to a few of the Quidditch matches but not just to see Harry. He wondered what Harry would think when he found out the secret that Sirius had been keeping.

Sirius didn't have to look over when he heard someone approaching to know who it was.

"We will need to talk." Dumbledore said. Sirius nodded, but stayed where he was for the moment. There was one side of him that was itching just leave and find the boy, to tell him the truth right then and there. You mean the side that landed you in Azkaban for twelve years? Sirius shook his head. He didn't need the reminder.

"I suppose we do." He said, finally looking away from Harry.

"I want to see him." Sirius said as soon as he they got to Dumbledore's office. He didn't sit down. He hadn't really felt the urge to sit still since he had escaped Azkaban.

"I don't think that's a good idea."

"He's my son," Sirius scowled at Dumbledore, "you want to keep me away from him, like you're probably planning on keeping me away from Harry?" Sirius smirked humorlessly at the man. "I'm not stupid."

"Your son has lived all this time not knowing you. He has a family who loves him. I am sorry that you did not get the chance to know him, but do you really think it wise to rip him away from the only family he has ever known?" Sirius finally slumped down in the chair opposite Dumbledore.

"I've missed twelve years with him." He said, for the first time allowing the pain of that to swell. He had dealt before, focused solely on finding and killing the man who was responsible for all of this.

Anger rose once again when he thought of Peter. Not just anger at his former friend, but at himself as well. He was the one who had suggested that James and Lily change their secret keeper. He was the one who had gone after Peter.

He had effectively sealed his own fate the night that he had gone after Peter rather than staying at home like he should have. Maybe it wouldn't have changed things, they still would have thought he was the one who betrayed Lily and James, but he'd never really know.

He had been so consumed by rage and grief that night. He hadn't allowed his mind to wonder to what might have happened if he had made the decision not to go after the traitor. At least he hadn't until he caught sight of his son after he had come to Hogwarts this year.

What if he hadn't? Would he have been able to convince the ministry and Dumbledore what really happened? Peter would not have been thought dead, after all. Would he have been able to raise his son himself?

Sirius wasn't usually one to think about these sorts of things. He had to admit that he had the 'jump first, think later' mentality most of the time. It had been that way while he was in school.

His son, though, his little boy who was really no longer a child anymore but nearly a man himself had changed that. He remembered clearly finding out that he was a father. He had only been eighteen at the time, just out of Hogwarts when one of the girls he had dated there had come to him with a baby in her arms.

He had thought at one time that the girl was one of his many mistakes. She was a nasty piece of work, that was sure and Sirius hadn't spent much time with her after figuring that out. She had passed him the baby and then left. Just like that. She had tried to get close to him because of his status at school and then wanted to get far away for the same reason. Sirius suspected that she might have been one of the many who had turned to Voldemort's side after school. She hadn't wanted to be associated with him in any way, and that included raising his child.

At the time, Sirius had been shocked, and admittedly in over his head. He was still basically a kid at the time and at a loss of what to do with a baby. His friends had helped. Remus and James had been great and it didn't take long to get attached to the child, who did have his mothers light brown hair but grey eyes just like his.

He had felt a swell of pain and pride at how his son had turned out when he had caught glimpses of the boy throughout the year. He wondered if the kid would be any different had he raised him and thought that he didn't know him enough to really wonder that.

He wanted desperately to remedy that but he had to admit that Dumbledore had a point. How could he cause his son pain when he could prevent it? The man had seen that his son go to people that he said were good. A good wizarding family that took care of him when Sirius couldn't. Could he really rip that away from him?

When Madame Pomphrey insisted he stay in the hospital wing, Harry had only smiled brightly at her when he normally would have grumbled. He couldn't help it. Nothing was going to spoil his good mood.

They had succeeded. Pettigrew was locked up, Sirius was free, and he would never have to see the Dursley's again. He thought that he had never been this happy before, not even when he had found out he was a wizard.

There was only one small thing that was troubling him. He had the distinct impression that Sirius was hiding something else. Something that Professor Lupin knew about as well. He did not get the impression that whatever it was wasn't a bad thing, but still...He thought back to when he had first woken up in the Hospital Wing and overheard the end of a conversation between Lupin and Sirius. They had obviously thought he was still asleep.

"I saw him, Remus!" The first thing Harry heard when he woke up was Sirius' voice. He actually sounded exited. "Did you?"

"Of course I did," Lupin answered, his voice lower than Sirius'. "I have been teaching here, remember?"

"I bet he's brilliant! He seems so, anyways. I wish I could have gotten closer, but I probably would have scared him to death..." Sirius' voice trailed off and Harry thought he sounded sad at the end. He frowned. Who were they talking about?

"Sirius, I think maybe you should focus on Harry right now. Do you think Dumbledore will let you keep him with you?"

"He won't have a choice." Sirius' voice was calm, but there was something of a threat there. "Lily and James will left me as his guardian. If he wants to protest it, we could take it to the courts. He can't break their will, though. My record is being cleared right now. He doesn't have a say anymore."

"Sirius-" Lupin's voice broke off as Harry heard the door open...

Harry knew that they hadn't been talking about him at the start of the conversation. So, who had they been talking about? A student, obviously.What student, besides himself, had any kind of connection to Sirius?

Remus sighed as he settled in the chair behind his desk. He rubbed a hand across his forehead, sighing. He was happy that Sirius was free now, and that he would be able to take in Harry, but there was another worry. Sirius' son.

Remus had seen the boy, of course. He had known that Sirius' kid was here, but he hadn't seen the boy since he was four. The boy obvously didn't remember anything of Sirius or himself, and Remus had to wonder what Albus had done to ensure this.

If the boy had remembered anything of that time, Remus was sure that he would have sought out Harry when Harry had first come to Hogwarts. James had spent a great deal of time with the kid, after all.

Wizards did have longer memories. Someone had to of erased those from his mind. It was a sad thought, but Remus understood the reasoning behind it. It had been to keep him safe. After all, Sirius was thought to be a Death Eater at the time.

Remus had known who the kid was the first moment he had stepped into the classroom for Defense, and he had met grey eyes. He still remembered how that four year old boy had looked.

The kid was exceptionally talented. He excelled in nearly all his classes. Remus had watched from afar as he interacted with the other children, and he had to admit that his personality wasn't much like Sirius' had been in school. Not that he expected to see a mini Sirius.

Remus wondered about the kid. He was Sirius' after all, and the boy had called him uncle at one time years ago. He had felt a pain in his chest when he realized that the kid didn't recognize him at all.

He hadn't known how to approach the boy, though. He had a valid reason to talk to Harry, not so with Sirius' boy. He had kept an eye on the boy throughout the year, before he had realized that Sirius was innocent, making sure he was safe. He knew that Dumbledore was doing the same.

It was a great relief that Sirius was free, but he wondered how his friend would deal with this situation. How could he?

Sirius aimlessly wondered the halls of Hogwarts, memories coming up every now and then of his school years. He hadn't been here in so long. Well, he hadn't been here when he wasn't on the run from the ministry in a long time.

He frowned slightly as his thoughts drifted to the conversation he had with Dumbledore. The man kept insisting that they send Harry back to his aunt and uncle. Sirius, however, had shot that down when Harry, who had overheard this, had reacted rather violently.

Sirius had been surprised at what Harry had said, and then angry. Harry had not thought twice about accepting his offer the first time, and just a few hours ago, he had practically begged Sirius not to make him go back there. He had revealed that his relatives hated him in a profound way. Sirius had glared at Dumbledore and told the man that he would be taking Harry.

It was all the problem of protection and Sirius grimaced at the suggestion of a place they could live. True it was very secure and Dumbledore could make it more so but he still didn't like the idea of going back there. It was no place for a kid Harry's age either.

The other problem Sirius had was his own son. He wanted so badly to see him, and he didn't think that, now that he was out, he could just stay away. He didn't know how to approach his son without telling him the truth, though.

Sirius was so lost in thought that he ran right into someone. Reacting instinctively, he reached out and grabbed the person's shoulders when they stumbled and looked up to meet the grey eyes of his son.