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SUMMARY: Stanley can't help but think back to a specific moment in his relationship with Mimi. (DRABBLE-ish; technically it's longer than a drabble, but….)


SPOILERS: none really – it's a future fic

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NOTES: When it takes the fingers on both hand to count the fandoms for which you've written fic, it might be time to back away, but, what the heck? I love Jericho too much to back away.

Skinned Knees

Ten minutes ago Hope was howling. Her fine, straight hair was a damp tangle and dirt streaked her face. None of the scrapes were bad; the worst were her knees. It's the price of learning to ride without the training wheels.

Now she's calm, her eyes intent on her mother who is putting on the last band-aid. In another minute or two, she'll be back outside, the stings forgotten, the fears left behind. She'll fly past me with a quick smile, banging the screen door open and thundering across the porch. And I'll watch her mother gather up the first aid supplies – the cotton balls, the band-aids, the bottle of iodine – and put them away. She'll know I'm watching and she'll smile, softly, secretly, as the color in her cheeks heightens. I'll slide up behind her, put my arms around her and make her laugh. One of us will wonder if there's any tequila in the house and the other will offer to look for the Tang. Then we'll both decide that Hope can play on her own for a bit and since the baby is still napping….

Iodine. Tang. Tequila.

The world broke apart and somehow we put each other back together.

And neither of us would have it any other way.

I grin, watching Hope tear back outside as I'd known she would. Mimi is putting away the first aid supplies, a smile playing on her lips. Maybe this should be old by now, but it isn't. It never will be.

"Are you just gonna stand there?" Mimi asks, challenging, sultry, perfect.

"Nope," I reply. "Had it all planned out.

She arches an eyebrow and smiles. "Really?"


"And just how did this plan go?"

You know, there are times when it's just easier to show someone than tell them. This is definitely one of those times.