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Chapter Two: The Beginning

Feeling quite safe after flying somewhat aimlessly into the night, she stopped in a neighboring city. A tall building adorned with a large metal globe was the first thing that had caught her eye, and immediately she landed next to the circular object. Concealing herself on the rooftop from the bright lights of the city night-life, Diana took a moment to regain her bearings.

She inhaled a sharp breath, while her heart pounded in her ears. Diana, what were you thinking?

She was far from disappointed in herself. Barging into a situation that didn't concern her wasn't a tactful move, but it wasn't in her nature to stand by and do nothing. She was a warrior born; it was her duty to serve those who faced peril and injustice.

Even still, who else could have saved those victims from the burning remains?

He certainly couldn't have. Could he?

Diana thought back to her brief staring contest with the Bat of Gotham. Even though she knew little of him, he seemed potentially dangerous, but not in the ways she had devised in her mind. Still, her venture into the city of Gotham was a wrong move. If she was going to make her self known and established in Patriarch's World, it certainly could have been more subtle.

However, if she hadn't doused those flames... She shook her head. What's done is done.

Fabricating false scenarios in her mind wasn't going to help her any.

Right then and there, Diana decided her next trip to Patriarch's World would be less ostentatious.

Now she had to focus on her long trip back to Themyscira. She knew in her heart that her mother angrily awaited her, and she knew full well that the queen had noticed and realized that the Amazonian warrior regalia had gone missing.

The evening breeze picked up, allowing the tunic-like skirt to flutter across her legs. Diana looked down at the flowy, white garment embellished with gold and studied it carefully. The ornate eagle breast-plate signified everything she was meant to be, free and fearless. A warrior destined in the long over-due assignment of aiding and redeeming Patriarch's World. A force to set right all of the undesirable wrong that had permeated the air; to finally manifest the ways of the Amazons.

She alone had been endowed with her abilities and powers. It was time she made use of them.

Feeling empowered, Diana lifted her head and stared up at the starry sky. She prayed silently for guidance from her deities, while offering unwavering praise and thanks. The stars seemed to twinkle in answer and the moon glowed with the might of Hera herself.

Knowing full well she wasn't alone in her endeavors, Diana took off into the night once again. No longer prolonging the inevitable, she had to return to Themyscira.

Alfred stood on the shipping crate's elevator and waited as it started slowly maneuvering him down. In the panic of releasing Batman's identity, Bruce and Alfred had abandoned the crate, leaving it empty and devoid of life. But ever since Dent's demise and the further personification of the Dark Knight, they had resumed using it as a pseudo 'cave', until the manor was rebuilt.

Which reminded Alfred, as he was lowered completely onto the bottom flooring, Master Bruce was to accompany him to the build site that afternoon.

And, as usual, his employer was sitting in his seat, at his desk, inspecting various components of high explosive fragments via the screens before him.

"I'm hoping I don't have to stitch you up today," Alfred announced, walking off the platform.

Bruce's lazy answer indicated he was only half-way paying attention to the Englishman, "Not today, Alfred."

Alfred stood and watched as Bruce glanced at the left monitor and typed notes.

"Further research, sir?"

This prompted Bruce to stop and swivel his chair. "Research on last nights explosion." Bruce then rubbed his eyes, prompting Alfred to wonder if he had had any sleep at all the previous night.

"I see," Alfred mused lightly. Bruce was in an awfully quiet mood, his mind was most likely preoccupied.

For a moment, as Alfred quietly studied his ward, he realized just how much pressure Bruce was under. It was taking more of a strain on him mentally and emotionally than he had realized. A post-Arkham attack from the Joker must have sent Bruce into a mental flurry, and the sight before him was the product of such chaos.

And today was a particularly special day, as far as Bruce was concerned. It was a Thursday, Bruce Wayne always had Thursdays off. Which meant that the CEO of Wayne Enterprises was to purposely spend the day stuck for hours on end in a god forsaken crate. But Alfred hardly argued with him; it's what his master wanted.

Bruce blinked wearily, staring off into space for a moment. Undoubtedly analyzing the newest situation brought before him.

"Perhaps I should get you some coffee..."

Bruce shook his head. "No, no. I'm ok." That was a lie if Alfred had ever heard one.

Alfred remembered partially why he had visited in the first place.

Without waiting for a pause in Bruce's steadfast analysis, Alfred set two papers down on the computer desk, prompting Bruce to halt and look down at them.

"The Gothamite calls her 'Amazing Woman'. The Gotham Globe doesn't have a name for her yet," Alfred then nudged the first paper over slightly, allowing the Gazette to be in plainer sight. "The Gotham Gazette has dubbed her 'Wonder Woman'. I think Wonder Woman has a nice ring to it. Don't you think, sir?"

Alfred watched Bruce carefully as he stared down at the blurred photograph from last night's explosion.

"Last night..." Bruce started. "It's odd, Alfred. It's as though, she had magical powers. I can't really explain what I saw. It was supernatural."

"Because most women with great legs can't fly, sir?"

This forced Bruce to smile, if ever so slightly. It warmed Alfred knowing Bruce still had a sense of humor.

But the moment of Bruce regaining his mortal coil had come and gone. Right before his eyes, Alfred watched as Bruce's demeanor switched back to the figure he portrayed every night.

Seeing as though he wasn't needed, Alfred turned to leave.

"I'll be back to pick you up at noon. You're to accompany me to the build site." Alfred paused, waiting for Bruce to vocalize his agreement. He heard nothing. Alfred turned his head ever so slightly to catch a glimpse of Bruce, "Seeing the area all cleared once again shall be interesting, don't you think so, sir?..."

But Bruce wasn't listening. Instead of staring placidly at the screens that were now in the process of breaking down basic carbon molecules, Bruce was looking down at the newspaper. Either the picture of the woman had caught his eye, or he had submerged himself in the article. Or both.

Alfred smiled and continued walking, "Most interesting, indeed."

Carl Harrison, editor at large of the Gotham Gazette, stared in awe at the piece of paper before him.

"Is this accurate?" He asked his two assistants who were eagerly awaiting his beck and call.

The closer assistant, Monica, gave an exaggerated nod. "Yes, it just came in."

Carl had been with the Gazette for 42 years. For over those four decades, he had witnessed quite a bit in the news world and nothing surprised him anymore. Not to mention, ever since the dawning of the the Internet phenomenon, the newspaper industry had seen its fair share plummet exceedingly. But the Gazette held fast, and Carl prided himself on every waking moment of it.

But this new development astounded him. He wasn't just surprised, he was literally shell-shocked.

One clear shot of the flying, good-looking (he couldn't completely see her face, but he just knew she was nothing but gorgeous) woman from the previous night's disaster, and his newspaper sales were skyrocketing.

He almost forgot to swallow.

"We haven't had sales like this since..." He was trying to remember.

Todd, the other assistant answered, "97."

"Yeah," Carl agreed, "Since that one British princess died. But still..." He then glanced down at the figures before him. "This is unreal."

Not only had the mystery woman made the front page, she had, in turn, now given the company record sales. Sales that could never have been repeated again.

"Let's just say, the city of Gotham found our 'Wonder Woman' interesting," Todd quipped.

Carl leaned back into his chair and nodded slowly; he had some judgment calls to make. From the clear windows of his office, he could see the outside of the journalists' work area. The employees and co-workers around him were bustling like mad. This 'flying woman' was making headlines everywhere and they were receiving extravagant top dollar for their few measly shots.

And their pictures were better than the Globe's and the Gothamite's. Carl smiled to himself. It paid having the best photographers in the city.

He let out a hearty breath, "We need more of her." He pounded his desk loudly. "How do we get her back?"

A chief-journalist flung himself into Carl's office, "There's news of a Wonder Woman sighting over the south Pacific."

Carl set his jaw. The slight possibilty of having her anywhere close to the city had just fizzled out.

"Dammit!" Carl looked down at the astronomical sales figures once again. "We've got to have this Wonder Woman back in Gotham."

He pointed at Todd and Monica roughly. "I don't care what you have to do, just do it. If we can, let's set up an interview with her."

Monica and Todd looked at each other and then back at their boss.

Both assistants knew that feat was more than impossible. Still, they had to humor him.

"Uh, sir, let's say we do...uh, find her. How do we even know she wasn't involved in the explosion to begin with?" Monica asked. "The investigation showed it was foul play."

"I don't even care! She's far more interesting than the Batman, so we need her back." He narrowed his eyes, " And I expect you two to do it!"

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