Chapter 26: Here Comes Goodbye

Days later, Riley stood in front of her trust red Cavalier sitting in the Mercer's driveway. Her bags were in the trunk and she had a few boxes in the back seat, waiting to make the long drive to Vancouver where she would meet up with her gramma and her dad.

Angel shipped out later that day too, except he wasn't going to Canada, he was shipping out. His bag was packed and sitting in the backseat of Bobby's car, they were taking off shortly after Riley drove away.

Jack, Angel and Bobby stood in front of Riley, waiting to say their goodbyes. Evelyn was in the house making sure each person leaving didn't forget anything.

Angel stepped forward first and enveloped Riley in a giant bear hug, lifting her off the ground and spinning her around before setting her back down. Riley smiled at him.

"Anyone gives you trouble up in Canada, don't you hesitate to call me." Angel stated.

"It's Canada Angel, not a federal prison." Riley laughed back.

"I don't care Riley, just promise me you'll call me if you ever need anything."

"Fine Angel, I promise you."

Riley lightly slapped him in the arm before jumping at him once again, being spun around and set back on the ground.

Bobby stepped up next and stuck out his hand, wanting nothing more than a handshake from the girl he was growing to like. Riley slapped his hand away and jumped at him, the same way she jumped at Angel. Bobby didn't spin her around though.

Riley hung on tight to him. Sure they never really got along but the last week she had really grown to like having Bobby around. She could count on him to tell her what he thought, even if she wasn't going to like it. Bobby tried to push her off but she refused to let go, at least not when he wanted her too. Riley eventually let go of Bobby and looked him in the eye.

"Take care of the Fairy for me Bobby?" Riley asked jokingly.

"Only if you promise to call me to Canada when you need help. I ain't got a wrap sheet up there, gotta keep my reputation up in more than one country in order to be seen as a badass." Bobby smirked.

"Yeah, I'll call you if I even need to break the law." Riley winked at him, knowing full well she would keep her promise.

"Then yeah, I'll take care of the Fairy for ya."

"Make sure he doesn't give his heart away to some hussy." Riley lowered her voice so only Bobby could hear.

"Absolutely Princess. I'm going to miss you."

"Oh I think I'll miss you more."

As soon as Bobby stepped back, Evelyn appeared in the doorway, she slowly made her way towards Riley, enveloping the young girl in a warm embrace.

"Thanks for everything Evelyn." Riley whispered, right into the older lady's ear.

"Anytime Dear, please come back and visit."

"I promise I will."

Riley let go of the older woman and before anyone could intervene, Jack leapt at the chance to hold Riley one last time. He wrapped his arms around her and held her tight against him, not wanting to let her go. Riley gently set her arms around his back and held him back, as long as he was hugging her tight, she wasn't going to let go.

She felt him kiss the top of her head and she squeezed him ever so slightly tighter than before. He pulled back but didn't let go of her and looked at her sad face.

"Riley do you really have to go?" He questioned, not wanting to ever let her go.

"Yes Jack, I have to go. I'll miss you."

"I'll miss you more."

Jack dropped his arms to his sides and looked down at her. Riley glanced past Jack at his two brothers and his ma. Bobby was smirking at her and Jack.

"Come on Fairy, kiss her like you mean it!" Bobby called out.

Jack turned his head and glared at Bobby before wrapping his arms back around Riley, dipping her like they were dancing and planting a big one on her.

Riley could barely hear Angel and Bobby cheering them on. She was lost in his kiss. After a minute or two of being dipped, Jack pulled her back to her upright position and took her hands.

"I love you Riley. I really do." He said quietly.

"I love you too Jack." Riley forced a smile back at him.

Riley let go of his hands and made her way to the driver's side of her car. She pulled the door open and stood behind it, watching as Evelyn made her way back inside. She had another departure to get ready for; this one was her own son though.

Bobby shoved Angel slightly and the two older brothers remained looking at Riley, watching as she finally put her right leg into the car. Angel's smile dropped to a frown as she finished getting into the car. Jack wandered over and gently pushed her door shut, her window already rolled down.

He leaned down, resting his arms on the open window, leaning into the car slightly. Riley shoved the key in the ignition and turned her car on, hearing the soft purr of the engine. Jack leaned in farther, Riley moving closer to his face where they et at the lips for one final kiss.

Riley pulled away first, fearing that if she kissed him any longer she wouldn't be able to drive away from the house that held so many memories for her.

Jack stepped away from her car, standing just out of reach. Riley put the car in reverse and slowly backed away, turning out onto the road as she did so. Jack's eyes followed her as she moved around the corner of the driveway. She stuck her head out the window.

"Bye guys! Thanks for everything!" She threw her hand out the window as she pulled her head in and put the car into gear.

Bobby walked up behind Jack and set his arm around his little brother's shoulders, trying to comfort him. Angel followed suit, standing on the other side of Jack, his arm around his shoulders too.

"Oh Fairy, you know she'll be back for ya right?" Bobby asked, jerking Jack's shoulders back and forth.

"How are you so sure Bobby?"

"Because Jackie boy, you're a fucking Mercer. Girls don't just walk away from us Mercers."

"Amen brother." Angel added on.

"You didn't know Jack, not only are we good at bending the law, we're also very good in bed." Bobby grinned, letting go of Jack's shoulders.

"Bobby that's my best friend we're talking about!" Angel squirmed away from the two, in disbelief that Bobby actually just said that.

"Ah fuck Angel, you know it's true."

Jack turned around and made his way back into the house, leaving Angel and Bobby to argue outside.


Riley pulled onto the highway and glanced back in her rear view mirror. All she saw was an empty road as she left what was left of her life in Detroit. Sure she'd miss Bobby, Angel, Jack and Evelyn but she wasn't going to forget about them.

Riley believed that it only took one second to change her life. One simple second that could cause a person to regret a decision for the rest of their lives. One second for Kevin Mackenzie to rip out her soul. One second for her to hit him with her bat. One second for him to realize that she didn't deserve it.

It only took one second for Jack to fall in love with Riley Samuels. Sure one second could change everything but Riley believed that her life would be full of those one seconds. One second she could be loving Vancouver with her gramma and her dad and the next second she'd be missing Detroit.

Sure one second could change a lot but she knew, the only thing certain in her life, was that the Mercer's would be there for her entire lifetime.

And in one second, Detroit was gone.

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