Going Under

I stared down at the baby in my arms gently rocking her back and forth on the rocking the chair. She was sleeping, snoring lightly; I swept her dark curls from her forehead and placed a kiss on her forehead.

'Momma?' she whispers as she opens her hazel eyes. Her first words.

"Shhh baby go to sleep' I say to her stoking her pink cheeks

She snuggled back in my arms and fell in deep slumber.

I hummed a lullaby to her. A lullaby that I remembered from a long time ago, like a memory. I smiled gently as a tear fell down my cheek. Hitting the precious baby in my arms.

I picked her careful not to wake her and placed her in her pink crib Alice had gotten for her. I wrapped her in her pink blanket and kissed her forehead. I felt Edward behind me as he wrapped his arms around my waist, I smiled and he kissed my cheek, we stood there watching Audrey Lilly Cullen, our miracle sleeping.