CHAPTER 1: Doggett gets a friend

John Doggett was due to start his new job at the FBI in a week and he was looking forward to it in some ways but not in others. Alvin Kersh had assured him that he would fit in fine. It'd be easy since there was only one job he had to do. And that meant he'd soon be climbing up the ladder. But it felt like such a huge cry from the NYPD.


Someone was making a huge noise at his front door. John stepped off the bed and went to answer the door.


"Hold onto your horses!" John yelled back as he put on a dull grey shirt and opened the door. But there was nobody waiting there for him, "Damn kids." He cursed. There was always that problem in this neighborhood. He closed the door and locked it before stripping down to his pajama bottoms once again.

He had almost drifted off to sleep when a disturbing sound echoed through the bedroom. John sat up in bed.


"What the hell?" John picked up the kitten just under the arms, "Where did you come from?"


"How did you get in here?" He asked as if he was going to get an answer.


"What the hell are you trying to tell me?" John asked and decided to give Monica Reyes a call.

"Hello." Monica sounded sleepy on the other end, "This better be important."

"Monica." John said, "I have this little cat with me and it won't shut up."

"You have a cat John?" Monica's voice had a laughing tone in it, "Since when?"

"How the hell would I know? Shut up you damn cat!" John said, "I went to bed tonight and there it was."

"Have you tried feeding it?" Monica asked.

"I don't have any cat food." John said.

"Well then get some." Monica replied, "They sell cat food at a convenience store you know?"

"Thanks Monica."

John drove to the convenience store and found his way to where all the animal food was stocked. There were all different types of tins; home brand, Whiskas and Friskies and some others that he didn't bother reading them all so he just grabbed a couple of each of those three brands.

"Run out of cat food huh?" The Store Clerk said.

"No. A damn kitten found me." John answered, "Are these any good?"

The Store Clerk shrugged his shoulders, "With cats it's hard to tell."


John put some of the tinned food onto a small plate when he arrived back home and decided to cook some bacon for himself as a snack. The cat took one look at the tin food on the plate and chose to ignore it.

John sat down and was looking at the cat turning his nose up at the food, "Look. You better eat some of that you scrawny little thing." He said as he sat down with his plate of bacon, "Oh you want some milk to go with that."

John went to his fridge and pulled out a carton of milk. He was happy to hear the little kitten happily eating away. He put a dash of milk into a saucer and went to sit down to eat his bacon. The sight of the kitten munching his bacon was causing him to lose his temper.
"Damn it you stupid Cat." John yelled, "That was my bacon!" He pointed a finger at the cat in an angry way and it cuddled the finger in response, "No… Don't play cute with me!"

John went to sleep on the bed and was soon joined by the cat. But not being use to cats, he had never heard the rule about not moving your feet while there was a kitten on the bed.

"Oww." The cat jumped on his foot and bit through the blanket and sheet and into his big toe, "What the hell?" He moved his foot away from the Cat, but this only started the game, "Ouch. Damn you Cat." As he felt the short little teeth sink in, "How the hell did your little teeth get through the blanket?"

John woke up in the morning with a mouthful of fur. But it was then that he realized he can't really look after a cat. He'd be too busy and above all he was a dog person. He loved their loyalty and who's ever heard of a loyal Cat. It was soon time to make the bed, normally an easy mundane task but with a kitten leaping at every single movement made it near impossible.

"Oww." Doggett screamed in agony as one of the Cat's claws ripped into the skin of his finger, "Oh that's it… That's it." He reached for his mobile phone, "You're going to go today. And that's final." He dialed Monica's number, "Hey Monica this is John."

"Hello John how's the cat going?" She asked.

"Listen I can't look after a damn cat." John said, "Could you come and take her, him, it off my hands?"

"Yeah ok." Monica said, "I'm in town… I'll come and take him off your hands."

"Good." John said, "And Monica I must warn you he's a little terror."

Monica had arrived at John's late in the evening, "You two seem to be getting on." Monica laughed.

The cat had made itself comfy and now was fast asleep on his lap while curled up in a tight little ball, "It's asleep." John said, "It's nice when it's asleep."

John gave Monica the tins of cat food to, "And that little terror likes bacon as well."

"What happened to your fingers John?" Monica asked looking at the bandaids on his fingers.

"I was making the bed and the damn cat decided to go all psycho on me." John answered, "Damn well near took my finger off he did."

"Alright John." Monica said, "The big bad kitten won't hassle you anymore. When do you start your new job?"

"I'm to meet with my new partner on Friday." John answered, "She's a hot-headed FBI agent who's recently lost her other partner."

"Sounds touchy John." Monica said.

"Sure does." John said, "But Alvin Kersh put me there personally."

John had invited Monica to stay over for dinner. It was late when she left with psycho cat and he went to sleep on his bed with a smile on his face. At least there wasn't any Cat attacking his feet when they moved.

A/N: Hope you liked this part. I know it's not totally original.