Sam's Story

Summary: Sam is a very reserved character. Everyone knows who Sam is, but not who she was. This is Sam's story, her past, her family, her secrets and her weaknesses.

Disclaimer: This is based off the fantastic TV Show, Las Vegas. The characters are not my own, unless otherwise specified.

New Characters (Made by me): Sam's father (Joe Marquez), Sam's twin brother (Bradley 'Brad' Marquez)

Chapter 1: Unwanted Visitor

"This is Sam."

"Sam… it's me…"

Sam froze on the spot. She knew that voice. She knew exactly who it was. She was in the middle of the casino floor at the Montecito. To her right side was the "high roller" she was looking after for the week. He was just about to make a 100,000 bet on black jack. To her left, a man was about to switch the dice with his own weighted ones, a cheating device many people used but never got away with.

Danny and Mike were in the surveillance room studying this man. They had been watching him for a while now. He was on a good streak and they knew he was cheating in some way. They just didn't know how.

If they had been concentrating on this man, they would have seen the dice switch. However, their attention was solely on Sam.

"What's Sam doing?" Danny asked.

It wasn't like Sam to stop like that. She was always on the go, always on a mission. She didn't have time to stop and take in the scenery. Something was wrong… really wrong.

Sam didn't even notice Marc, the Casino Host from The Wynn (her enemy), approaching her whale.

"What do you want?" Sam asked.

"I need to see you. I'm staying in Las Vegas for a week. Please Sam, we have to talk."

"No. Leave me alone!" Sam hung up.

She took a second to take a deep breath and recompose herself. Sam turned to her current number one client with her big signature smile.

"Marc! What are you doing here? Last I heard, you were stood up by your best client for not meeting his needs. That's too bad…"

"Samantha, you have always been good at spreading nasty rumours haven't you?"

"I do what I have to do Marc, don't push me. Stay away from my clients."

Sam signalled to the two muscular men standing at a near by craps table. Without hesitation, they escorted Marc off the Montecito property.

Sam was back to herself and back to her mission of pleasing her whale. But that didn't deter Danny. He knew something was wrong and he wanted to know what it was. Only problem was, Sam kept her personal life separate to her work life. She didn't want anyone knowing her past or anything about her. She created a reputation for herself in the Montecito, and that's the way she liked it.

There were of course a couple of mishaps which Sam couldn't entirely control. Like Casey, her ex-husband, showing up to try and win her over. He now owns the hotel and is dating one of her best friends, Mary. And who can forget her half-brother showing up and telling the girls stories of her past. She was able to stop him before the juicy stuff came out, but DeLinda and Mary now know more than she would have liked them to.

This, however, was different. This person who called her could ruin everything that she created here in Las Vegas. They could ruin Samantha Jane Marquez.

"Sam!" Danny ran over to Sam and pulled her aside for privacy.

"What is it Danny? I'm in the middle of a game with a very big client. My favourite client in fact, because he makes me and the Casino a lot of money!"

"Who was that on the phone?"

Danny always liked to make other people's business his own. That's why he works in security. Privacy wasn't an issue to him. If there was something happening, he had to know. This was something that always drove the girls crazy.

"Nobody, now if you don't mind, I-"

"Sam, if you need help. If there is anything I can do. Please, I want to help."

"I don't need help Danny. Right now, I need you to let me do my job. Oh, and in case you didn't notice because you were too busy butting into my life, your boy over there has switched the dice with weighted ones."

Danny opened his mobile and speed-dialled Mike.

"Mike, we got him."

"Hey Sam!" The bubbly voice that sometimes got on Sam's nerves belonged to her other best friend, DeLinda.

DeLinda was always happy, always bubbly and spoke in a sing-song voice. This annoyed Sam. The girl was never down, it was weird to Sam.

"I've got tonight all planned. There is a fitness conference being held here over the weekend. Mystique is holding their Welcome Cocktail Party tonight from 8pm. You know what that means… gorgeous Personal Trainers… yummy! I'll see you then!"

What could Sam say; the girl knew how to host a party. DeLinda is Las Vegas' best Night Club host, and Mystique was the best in town.


"Oh, what now?" Sam turned around, not expecting the familiar face she was about to see. "What the hell are you doing here?"

"I told you, I need to see you. We really need to talk, maybe if we could sit down and talk over coffee?"

"No. I told you to leave me alone. I do not have time for this, or time for you."


"NO DAD!" The word came out before Sam could stop. "I need you to leave right now."

"Sam… it's about your twin brother."

"Brad? What about Brad?"

"He's dead."


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