Sam's Story

Summary: Sam is a very reserved character. Everyone knows who Sam is, but not who she was. This is Sam's story, her past, her family, her secrets and her weaknesses.

Disclaimer: This is based off the fantastic TV Show, Las Vegas. The characters are not my own, unless otherwise specified.

New Characters (Made by me): Sam's father (Joe Marquez), Sam's twin brother (Bradley 'Brad' Marquez), Sam's abusive ex boyfriend (Ryan McKinnon)

Chapter 3: Hunted

"Who is coming for Sam? Who are you?" Danny interrogated Sam's father.

"I am Sam's f-" Joe began.

"He is no-one, Danny can we go? NOW." Sam tugged on Danny's arm, but he would not move.

Danny looked into Sam's deep brown eyes and saw a mixture of emotions. Panic and concern mixed with hatred and disbelief. He turned to face this strange man and saw worry and compassion, the way a father looked out for his daughter. Danny has always had a problem of trusting people too eagerly.

He saw it then. This man… Sam's father… no, no that could not be true. He needed Ed. He needed him down here now.

Danny looked up the security camera overhead. He knew that Mike would be watching, wanting to know what was going on. Mike felt uneasy when he wasn't included, no matter how dangerous it was.

"Danny, what is going on?" Mike muttered to himself, his eyes glued on the screen.

He paced the area in between the wall of TV screens, each with footage of the casino, and the desks which the security staff were situated.

Danny scratched the side of his face and flicked his eyes to the ceiling than back to the camera quickly. No-one else would have noticed this gesture, but Mike did. He and Danny had become extremely close the more they worked together. So close that Mike knew exactly what this minute movement meant.

Mike pulled out his black Motorola cell phone from his back pocket. He flipped it open and speed dialled number 1.

"Ed. Danny needs you."

"Who is coming for Sam?" Danny asked once more.

Joe sighed and stared down to the floor. He wanted to protect Sam, but he knew that she wouldn't let him anywhere near her. He was already pushing the boundaries. Telling this boy was probably the best thing to do. He could look after her. Joe could tell that this boy loved her like a brother, the way that he looked at her and the way he stood protectively between Joe and Sam.

"Drug dealers," Joe decided to explain, "Her brother owes them $450,000. They killed him when they couldn't collect on the debt. They want that money, so they're coming to get it from the only person they know connected to him. Sam. And if she can't pay, they'll kill her too."

Sam flinched slightly at these words. She never showed emotion. Never showed that she was vulnerable. When she slipped, she quickly covered it up with her nonchalance act.

"So what is it that you need this time Joe?" Sam did not what to say 'dad' in front of Danny, "What is it that is so big that you need to make up this story and try to make me feel threatened and scared? Just come out with it because it isn't going to work."

Danny noticed that Joe looked really hurt at these words. Like he couldn't believe Sam would think of such a thing.

"Danny. Sam. What's going on?" Ed walked over to their little gathering.

It was hard for Ed to miss something. Thanks to all the CIA training, he would notice whether you blinked quicker than the last time, whether you raised your eyebrow slightly, whether you moved by a millimetre. Nothing went unnoticed.

Right now, for instance, Ed also noticed the protective stance Danny was in, positioning himself directly between Sam and this other man. He was situated so that he could pull Sam out of the way and attack this man at a seconds notice.

He also noticed that Sam, who was staring at the man, was watching Ed from the corner of her eye. Taking in his every movement and trying to decipher what he would do and how he would interpret this situation.

"This man… sorry what's your name? Danny asked.

"Joe. I am Sam's f-"

"Ex-colleague," Sam interrupted, "We worked together in Atlanta."

"Right. Well, Joe says that Sam is in danger. That these drug dealers are coming to collect on a debt that was owed by her, now deceased, brother. If Sam won't pay, they'll kill her." Danny updated Ed.

Ed looked at Sam. For a moment, they both stood there staring at each other, trying to read the other's face. Sam felt the utmost respect towards Ed. She saw him as a father, the father she never had. Ed saw Sam as one of his children.

This relationship did not go unnoticed to Joe. His heart sank as he realised that this man had taken his spot in Sam's life. This was, of course, his own fault. He had no-one to blame but himself when it came to the relationship, or lack of, between him and his children.

Ed could not make sense of this. When he looked at Sam, he could tell that she was scared. She was terrified that this man was telling the truth and the drug dealers were coming for her. But there was something else. Déjà vu perhaps?

"How much do they want?" Ed asked, still looking at Sam.

"$450,000." Joe answered.

Ed's stomach sank. The amount was much bigger than he thought. He couldn't take that much money out of the Casino without the Board noticing. There was no way.

"Sam… there's something else…" Joe began.

"What!?" Sam, Danny and Ed each said in unison.

All eyes were firmly on Joe now. He frowned at the floor for a second, worried about Sam's reaction when he told her. He took a deep breath, composing himself, and looked up at his daughter's concerned face.

"You know one of the dealers," Joe explained, "It's Ryan McKinnon."

Sam gasped. She couldn't be bothered composing herself now. This news knocked all the air out of her. This could not be happening.

"No… NO!" Sam yelled.

All of a sudden, the room started spinning. Sam could hear her heart pounding in her ears. Someone was talking to her. Was it Ed? Maybe Danny? She couldn't make out the voices or the words. All she could see was Ryan's malicious face.

Sam's knees buckled under her and she began to fall to the floor, but someone grabbed her before she could hit the plush casino carpet.

Then there was nothing. She couldn't hear anything but her own thoughts. She couldn't see anything but black and that face. That face she hoped never to see again.

"Sam? Sam!" Danny shook her.

There was nothing. Sam was lifeless in Danny's arms.


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