I've always wanted to do a Code Geass fic about Suzaku and Lelouch!! I got my inspiration from the fic Contradiction of Pain by AlizoAtroci ! My favorite writer on FanFiction! I love your work!

You all should check out the story sometime! It's wonderful! :3 With a great angsty twist! X3

Now then…. Onto the fic!!


The Plan! Student Council Room

Chapter One

He sat at his desk in his usual fashion. Leaning his chin against one hand as he stared out the window, a bored expression playing on his pale features. His charcoal haired bangs covered his eyes halfway, giving away a mysterious look on his face that told people he was thinking about something, but it was none of their business. It was raining out today. He watched the water droplets roll down the glass and onto the windowsill, his mind wandering off now as his thoughts became daydreams…until suddenly…

" Lulu! Stop daydreaming and pay attention! " Came the sudden and shrill voice of one of his biggest fans, Shirley. " Lelouch!! "

Lelouch turned his head slightly with a groan to look up at the now frustrated girl, who usually looked more hyper and cheerful to see him.

" What is it, Shirley? Is something wrong? " He asked in his usual nonchalant voice. Not too bored, but also not really concerned. Shirley just made a pouting face and grabbed Lelouch by the arm, forcefully lifting him out of his seat and dragging him out of the classroom and down the hall to the Student Council Room.

" Of course there's something wrong! We've been sitting in the Student Council Room for TEN minutes waiting for you, Lulu! " Shirley exclaimed as she opened the doors to said room and marched in with Lelouch.

Ten minutes? He really needed to start learning not to daydream so much.

Milly got up from her seat, her hands on her hips with her usually perky attitude, and greeted Lelouch as Shirley brought him in, welcoming the younger girl back after her journey to fetch the boy. Milly walked over to the door an closed it, sneakily locking it as everybody was busy greeting Lelouch as he entered. The dark blond girl then turned around with a grin on her face, looking around at who was in the room.

" Well, looks like today it's just me, Shirley, Lelouch and Suzaku! " She announced, a bit too cheerful that usual.

Lelouch blinked and looked around. That was all. Something then caught his eye. He glanced over to Suzaku for a second, who was sitting down in a chair not too far from him, and spotted the chocolate haired boy staring at him for a moment before he quickly looked away and back over to Milly. Lelouch pondered for a moment. Suzaku usually didn't stare at Lelouch when Milly was talking. The boy had better manners than that. The dark haired boy simple shrugged off the thought though and made his way over to a chair to sit down in as well. It seemed to be calling him.

" Lelouch, get your lazy butt up and come over here! I have an order for you! " Milly called out almost too cheerfully, grinning in the slim boys direction. Lelouch groaned irritably, having just sat back down, and got up regrettably from his comfy chair. Noting the small chuckle beside him as he did so, he gave Suzaku a glare before the other boy gave him a nervously apologetic look, as if he was unable to help it, mumbling a small sorry.

Lelouch made his way over to Milly, taking a quick glance over to Shirley. The girl seemed to be blushing as she walked past Lelouch and sat next to Suzaku, whispering something into the taller boys ear as he suddenly chuckled again.

What was going on?

Lelouch looked back over to Milly and his eyes widened, suddenly realizing what it was. Lelouch was now staring into the face of doom….


Chapter Two is coming soon!! O:

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