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The Plan! Student Council Room

Chapter Eight

Suzaku had a very, VERY bad feeling about how this was going to end up…

Lelouch just grinned as he looked up at the tanned boy's blushing face, snickering a bit. " I know exactly what I'm doing, Suzaku. And you know too, " the pale boy said in a seducing. At this moment, Suzaku felt a bit over powered. Here he was, blushing until his face was like a cherry, unable to really do anything about it, practically squirming beneath his charcoal haired partner. Suzaku had tried to back up a bit more, but felt Lelouch's hand traveling their way up Suzaku's thighs and to his belt buckle. Oh boy… Things definitely weren't going as planned. Though something about the look in those lustful amethyst eyes of Lelouch's just looked so seductive. Suzaku couldn't help it if his body wanted it, even though Suzaku's mind was telling him to save himself.

Lelouch couldn't help but notice the small little bulge in the tanned boys pants. He snickered a bit, earning a strange look from Suzaku. "Wh-What's so funny!? " He practically shouted. Lelouch just held up his left index finger over his own lips and narrowed his eyes as his smirk widened. " Shh… Don't make too much noise. Nunally might hear you, " he joked, only making Suzaku blush even more, if it was possible. Suzaku felt himself continuing to scoot away and move in direction, Lelouch still following, until his back was to the wall. A dead end.

He bit his lip as he leaned back slightly on the bed, resting on his elbows as he gulped. Eventually giving in. " F-Fine… " Suzaku said briefly, still a bit nervous. As soon as Lelouch heard that though, he grinned and scooted in between Suzaku's legs more as he spread them slightly. That was all he needed to hear. Lelouch placed one hand on one of Suzaku's thighs as he brought the other down and began to rub the small bulge in his pants with his index finger.

" Hhg! " Suzaku practically squeaked, but held it in as he felt the finger rub against his growing erection. Lelouch's touch was so entrancing… Even the slightest bit of it made Suzaku see stars. The pale boy rubbed his finger slowly up and down over the bulge, feeling it beginning to grow. He pressed down a bit harder against it, earning a small grunt from the boy beneath him. Suzaku squirmed slightly in Lelouch's touch as he felt the boy undoing his belt buckle and beginning to unbutton them, feeling his slim fingers pull the zipper down. Suzaku gulped slightly, holding back any sounds he might make as he felt the hands slide his pants a little down his hips. Just enough room for Lelouch to continue to rub Suzaku through his boxers.

" N-Ngh…! Ahn… " Suzaku panted just a little bit, feeling his erection growing now that it was restrained by his pants. It just felt too good… Lelouch tilted his hand slightly so that his index, ring and middle finger rubbed over Suzaku's erection in a down to up motion, like he was slightly cupping it. Lelouch watched Suzaku squirm in the touch, feeling amused. He guessed he could tease the tan boy a bit longer. Oh, how this was just so priceless…

Lelouch was going to have a bit more fun. He began to pull down Suzaku's boxers a bit, teasing the top of them with his thumbs. Suzaku looked and tried to move his hips away, getting a bit nervous. He wasn't one who liked to submit into things. " W-Wait a second…! " He managed to breath out.

" Hmn? " Lelouch looked up at the chocolate haired boy with a questioning look on his face. He then pouted slightly. " I don't recall you waiting for me, dear Suzu… " Lelouch called him, laughing a bit at the nickname. Suzaku just tried to avoid eye contact at the mention of it.

" D-Don't call me S-Suzu! It's embarrassing…! " He stuttered out. Though maybe he really did like it? Well, that thought was cut short as he suddenly felt cold air touch his now revealed and growing member as the pale boy pulled his boxers down, leaving enough room for Lelouch to grip his hand around it gently. Suzaku let out a small gasp now as he felt the slim hand beginning to stroke his erection. Now all he could think about was how good it felt and how much more he wanted it.

Which his wish was soon granted as the charcoal haired boy began to stroke it more. He pumped it a bit faster now, fully, making sure his hand would tap the base of his hard erection each time he moved down. Though once he had reached the top his thumb with rub the tip of it. Each time he did so, he would rub the tip a bit harder, the tan boy under him making all sorts of sounds.

" A-Aaah…! Ahh… Uhn… " Suzaku panted swiftly as he felt the hand speed up, moaning each time his tip was rubbed and that slim thumb was pressed down hard over his most sensitive spot on his member. Oh, how good it felt indeed. Why didn't he let Lelouch do this sooner? Though he soon felt his erection harden so much it was beginning to hurt, lifting his hips slightly, pressing into Lelouch's hand a bit. He wanted more still. Though, Lelouch wasn't going to let him.

" Oh? Does little Suzaku want more? " He chuckled out, looking up at Suzaku's face. His blush reached his ears, and his glazy emerald eyes were half lidded. Though, now Lelouch was really going to have some fun. Lelouch grew an evil looking grin as he crawled over Suzaku's leaning back body. He move so his hips were half straddling the tan boys hips, sitting up a bit as he looked up into those half lidded, lusting emerald eyes with his narrowed and mischievous amethyst ones. Suzaku would have guessed something was up, but he was too out of it now. His mind was on other things. That is, until he felt something very odd.

" AAAH!! FUCK!! " He screamed out, before suddenly biting his lip, his eyes widening a bit in anger as he looked up at Lelouch. ' Damn it, what the hell was that for!? ' He thought. Lelouch knew exactly what he was thinking.

" Aww, did I hurt poor little Suzu? What did I ever do? Was it… this? " Lelouch asked mockingly as he did the same action as he did before. He started at the bottom of Suzaku's shaft after pumping it a few times, and grabbed it tightly, before pulling his hand up roughly and squeezing the top if the boys erection, earning a bit of precum from him as he did so. That, and another scream. By this point, Suzaku was panting heavily now. Each time Lelouch did that, he felt his hips pull up a bit more.

This wasn't pleasure, this was masochism! But… Suzaku couldn't help but go along with it. Why or why was it so good?!

Lelouch continued to roughly pull and push Suzaku's erection more, earning more pleasured screams from him, and a little bit ore precum as it lubricated the tan boy's shaft a little bit, making it harder for the slim hand to get a tight grip on it anymore. But that wouldn't stop him. He took his hand off of Suzaku's erection and licked his hand off clean, smirking more as he looked up at the boy still, who was panting swiftly and trying to catch his breath. " Hmmn… Don't worry, Suzu… I'll kiss it better… " He said in a seductive tone, getting a small glint in his eyes as he scooted back slightly. Just enough for him to lower his head and lick the slit of Suzaku's member with the point of his tongue gently.

" Ngh…! " Suzaku blushed even more as he heard Lelouch, then felt his tongue lick his most sensitive spot again. Though, as if to mock him, Lelouch had leaned down and kissed it as well. Damn, he was such a smart ass! Suzaku was definitely going to get him back for this… Lelouch would not be able to walk for weeks after Suzaku was done with him! Though that wouldn't be happening anytime soon. He'd let Lelouch have his way… just this once… Not like the tanned boy had any choice though. His thoughts were soon replaced again though as he felt the warmth of Lelouch's mouth take in the top of his shaft now, gasping slightly as he shifted his hip slightly. It was just too much.

" A-Aah..! " He panted out as Lelouch began to swirl his tongue around the upper area where he had just taken Suzaku in. Arhg, he just couldn't take it anymore! All of this slow and painful stuff didn't suit Suzaku at all. Maybe for Lelouch and his damn patience, but Suzaku just didn't have any. Suzaku felt his hips buck slightly, though not a lot since Lelouch had expected that and placed his hands on the bigger boys hips and pushed down to try to hold them down. Which worked for a little while, but Suzaku was jus too desperate and was pushing his shaft a bit too much into Lelouch's mouth.

Lelouch shifted around a bit and waited until Suzaku calmed down a bit, before lowering his head down more, taking in half of Suzaku's shaft now, his tongue rubbing the underside of it. Boy, did he taste good… Lelouch bopped his head up and down a bit as he sucked and licked Suzaku's shaft, swallowing slightly as he lapped up the precum around his hard erection. As soon as Suzaku felt that swallowing motion around his member though, he felt his head tilt back slightly as a tingle of pleasure ran up and through his spine.

" Aaah! " He moaned out a bit loudly, panting as Lelouch proceeded to practically torture him with pleasure. Suzaku felt himself sit up though and huddle forward a bit, spreading him legs more in want as his hand clenched Lelouch's dark silky hair. He closed his eyes, panting and moaning to everything the pale boy did to him, unable to help it. " L-…Lelouch… Aaah..! " He moaned out passionately, feeling his shaft beginning to harden more as a hot sensation when through the pit of his stomach. He knew what was coming. He was pretty sure Lelouch did too.

Lelouch heard his name being called out and felt himself blushing a bit. He then took Suzaku's whole length deep in his throat now as he began to do short and fast bops with his head, sucking more on the tan boys shaft. Every few moment he would give it a small nibble or so, to add a bit more pleasure in slightly painful way. It just got Suzaku even more worked up, hearing the boy call out his name even more and pant faster, his moans getting louder each time. Suzaku almost lost it when he felt Lelouch take his whole erection, and swallowed while it was still deep in his throat. Dang, how did the boy not have a gag reflex? Though that wasn't on Suzaku's mind at the moment right now, that's for sure.

" Aaah!… A-Aah! Hnnh! L-Lelouch..! " Suzaku moaned out loudly and desperately as he felt his hands tighten around the boys dark hair a bit more, his back arching in a bit before he cringed at the painfully torturous game Lelouch was now playing with his shaft. The pale boy flicked his tongue up against Suzaku's slit at the very tip of his member, making Suzaku practically give up right there. He screamed in pleasure, feeling the boy breathe cold air onto it, before flicking it again with his tongue. As if things couldn't get any worse, they suddenly did. Lelouch cupped the tip with his teeth and began to nibble on the chocolate haired boys erection now, but continuing to flick at the slit teasingly with his tongue. It was almost as if Lelouch knew Suzaku was trying to hold back.

Before Suzaku could get out any moans or pants, he gasped as he felt Lelouch tightly grip the bottom of his erection with his hand, and squeeze, while his tongue gave him a very wet and hard lick at his tip. Suzaku felt himself loose it now as he cringed fully, gripping the back of Lelouch's loose shirt so he wouldn't hurt him, and closed his eyes tightly. He let out a loud moan as he felt the hot tingling sensation in the pit of his stomach leave as cum shot out of his shaft, only to be aimed at Lelouch's face. Though, the boy didn't seem to surprised. He squeaked slightly, but he had expected it, opening his mouth to catch some in it before it had stopped and Suzaku loosened his grip on Lelouch's shirt and leaned back again, panting heavily to try and catch his breath, his blush faint, but still there, his emerald eyes half lidded.

Lelouch just smirked and sat up slightly, not minding the cum dripping off his bangs and down his face. He licked his lips and rubbed his face with his thumb to get some of the cum off, before sucking it off and swallowing, licking his lips again afterward. Suzaku gulped as he watched Lelouch, blush a bit more, Lelouch blushing a bit himself. He was waiting for the charcoal haired boy to say something witty, like, ' Mmhn, I didn't know Suzu tasted so good ' or something like that… which reminded him… He was going to have to get Lelouch back for calling him such an embarrassing nickname.

Lelouch just grinned and watched as Suzaku tried to fumble with his pants and belt, trying to get them back on, but seemed to be still in a daze. " Cute… " Lelouch had thought. Though he didn't bother helping, watching as the boy soon gave up with his pants and belt half undone, his hands just resting there as he continued to try and calm down. Lelouch then added a witty remark. " I guess I should feel lucky I'm going to take a shower by myself this time? I can't imagine what you might do to me in there after calling you a cute nickname so many times, " he chuckled out, earning a lazy grunt and glare from Suzaku, who was obviously too tired to do anything at the moment. Lelouch just laughed a bit and smiled, leaning in close to Suzaku and sharing a brief kiss with him, before sliding off the bed and heading to go into the bathroom to take a shower, grabbing a gold and blue uniform with his as he went in, making Suzaku smirk and chuckle a bit as he saw what the pale boy took in with him. This was much better than going to school. Maybe Suzaku should cut more often, neh?…



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