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I looked at my porcelain body, mesmerized at its perfection. In the reflection of the mirror I was staring into, I saw the rest of the family creep into our bedroom. Alice and Carlisle had already seen my vampire body, but the others hadn't.

Esme looked thrilled at my transformation, but she was the only one to seem so. Jasper looked slightly shocked, and Rosalie glared enviously at me. Emmett had an unreadable expression, but when I turned around, his eyes opened wider and his mouth fell open.

"Wow, Bella." He gave a low whistle. "You look hot."

A growl began to form in Edward's chest. I put my hand on his shoulder.

"He's just kidding around."

"You have no idea how much I'd like to beat you dead right now." Edward was glaring at Emmett, but a smile crept onto his face. Emmett's booming laugh filled the room, but a smack on the head from Rosalie silenced him.

"I'd like to beat you dead."