Title: The Way To A Man's Heart

Word count: 100

Spoilers: none whatsoever

Summary: Drabble. Brennan brings something for Booth that is more meaningful than she realizes.

Author's notes: This is all lerdo's fault, with her gorgeous and poignant drabbles that I will never surpass or even approach in their condensed beauty as long as there are stars in the sky, but they did (gradually) manage to tickle a drabble muscle to life in my brain I never realized I had. And if you don't try it, how are you ever going to learn anything?

She walks down the hospital corridor clutching the Styrofoam container as if its contents will save her life.

She casually tosses it on the bed from the doorway, like an unwanted thing she's discarding.

Confusion. The lid rises. His face lights up. She releases a breath.

"Aaaw, look at that. You didn't have to. Woohoo! Thank you."

Who knew pie could accomplish that?

She didn't really understand her impulse to make a detour on her way from the lab then. And still doesn't now; this yearning to do some stupid little thing, for no other reason than that it makes him happy.