Title: That gum incident

Word count: 200

Spoilers: Santa in the Slush

Timeline: shortly after Santa in the Slush

Summary: Double drabble. Fluff. Booth is extremely distraught by Brennan's…oral antics.

Author's notes: This one originated from a thread in the Show Discussion section of the Anti-Boneyard () about what we want or expect from season 4. Go check it out and chip in with your thoughts!

She absently stretched the white, rubbery mass out between tongue and teeth, swirled her tongue around it, drew it back into her mouth, pressed it against the back of her teeth. Then she repeated the cycle. Again. And again.

"Do you mind?!"

"What?" Large, innocent eyes.

His face flushed bright red with frustration.

What? she asks! How dense can she possibly be?

A rock and a hard place. He couldn't make her stop without inferring that her antics triggered all too vivid memories of their mistletoe kiss but he couldn't refer to it without divulging that it happened. And he'd be damned if he would share with the rest of this class.

With a mildly acrimonious tone, he started, "As you might recall…" Pause. "I had that little incident with gum last Christmas?" he prompted emphatically.

As if at a tennis match, Angela, Cam and Hodgins simultaneously turned their heads to look at Brennan. Equally fascinated and befuddled, they saw a lovely shade of crimson instantly blossom on her cheeks.

"Excuse me."

The sanctum of her trusty office provided a safe haven from her colleagues and that mortifying if somewhat puzzling exchange.

Note to self: no more gum around Booth.