Author's Note
A little oneshot I came up with. Hope you enjoy, and for the record, it was never meant to be long.

Vlad tapped his fingers on his chair, stroking the cat he (apparently) didn't own. Maddie the cat meowed affectionately, cuddling up on her master's lap.

"Oh Maddie..." he sighed. "If only humans didn't have worries, just like cats..." Maddie looked at him curiously, as though wanting to know what was wrong. Vlad seemed to understand her, continuing. "Cats don't have to worry about families and money and stolen college sweethearts. All you have to worry about is the next time you're getting fed."

Maddie's eyes narrowed, hissing and spitting warningly; as though she'd taken offence to the statement. Her claws extended straight into Vlad's leg, causing him to yell out in pain and jump up from the chair, hurling the snow-white cat against the wall. She gave him an evil, twisted look – the kind that only a cat can muster – and promptly exited the large office to her living space.

"Go on, go! You'll be sorry for ever clawing Vlad Masters!"

The words fell on deaf ears. Vlad sighed, almost depressingly, knowing that deep-down, Maddie the cat would probably be the best company he'd ever have. He had to face that no matter how much he wanted, how much he tried, no matter how many evil diabolical plans he could come up with – there was no way he'd ever have a proper chance at her. Of course, that wouldn't ever stop him from hoping, would it?

He had work to do. Okay, alright – that was an understatement. There was at least five hours worth of it sitting on his desk, waiting to be reviewed. However, not even his half-ghost status would stop him from the horrible human habit of procrastination. He left his desk, leaving the papers to gather dust, heading into his elaborate fit-for-a-king lounge room. He turned on his wall-sized home theatre to watch the news – there could be someone who just struck it rich – someone unsuspecting of an unprovoked invisible burglary.

"...vandalism of Axion Labs today at its headquarters in Amity Park, the suspect... oh come on – you can't expect me to read this! It's... oh, fine then. The suspect, a ghost and his pet dog. If anyone has seen the intangible vandal, we urge you to call the Fentons immediately."

A picture of one Danny Fenton, as Phantom, appeared on the screen. Vlad, intrigued, continued to watch the report.

"Damon Grey was on duty at the time of the break in, and has consequently been fired for his incompetence. Axion labs no longer want anything to do with him, despite his continued protests that there was no way he could have prevented the vandal, and that he has to have some way to support his daughter, Valerie Grey. More to come after the ad break."

"Flame grilled burgers cooked to perfe-"

Vlad abruptly turned off his monstrosity of a television, a plan hatching in his twisted mind. That man's daughter by the name of Valerie – she must be feeling some kind of anger for dear Daniel's intangible half. Now, if you fuel that anger with ghost weapons, a HAZMAT suit and a glider, just think of the potential of the girl! If she kept on chasing him with that suit and those weapons out of 

anger for him, he could install microscopic cameras to capture images and thus get information on Daniel.

And if he had enough information on Daniel, he could clone the half-ghost. Have someone to call him "father".

Have a son just like Daniel.

Vlad didn't waste a moment in making preparations for the girl's new ghost hunting gear. She was now a pawn in his elaborate game of chess. A very worthwhile pawn, too. Depending on how this goes, she could even be a bishop.

No one and nothing could stop him now.

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