Tobi just froze on the spot. I don't think his mind was processing the data too easily. I felt terribly awkward, just standing here like I was.

Slowly Tobi's head looked down at my pants. Having a big lolly pop staring at my crotch was not the greatest feeling in the world. I started to shake a little under his gaze. What happens now?

All of a sudden, at the speed of light, Tobi moves toward me, now inches away. He quickly dives his hand into my pants, making me gasp loudly, and grabs the pill bottle. Then, just as swiftly, he put it back in the cloak's pocket.

I stood there, not believing that he had the courage to even touch me, but stick his hand in my pants. I felt part of me tingle of shock.

"Tobi…" I whispered. That was the last word of the night.


Morning came too quick. I didn't sleep at all. But I didn't want to try to see Tobi's face either. I'm actually afraid of him now…. How could his touch affect me so deeply? I shivered off the cold morning air. This is going to be a long day…

We didn't eat breakfast, not that I was hungry anyway. But I wanted to get this mission over with. We walked in silence for about an hour. I was still a little afraid to daydream about his face. The way he moved so swiftly, made him actually seem like a ninja.

My body started to feel the pressure of not trying to make things better with him. When Sasori and I argued I would somehow, at least, try talking with him again.

"Sorry un." I said.

He seemed to glance over at me, and muttered something. I think he said 'why?'

"I'm sorry for…you know un."

He shook his head. "Senpai?"

I think he said in a form of a question. "Yeah un?"

"You don't need to apologize, Tobi should be the one who apologizes." Tobi began. "You didn't know that Tobi had those type of problems. Tobi should've told you…"

"You have a point. But I was the one who didn't ask you before shoving them down elsewhere un."

He chuckled a little. I smiled a little too. For once in my life, Tobi seemed to a normal friend.

"Can Tobi ask you something Senpai?" Tobi began.

"Sure un."

"Why do you say 'un' after every sentence?" he asked.

"I will only tell you if you answer a question for me un." I said, scheming up a plan.

"Ok!" he agreed. "Answer my question first though!"

"Ok un. I say 'un' because my mother said it when she was teaching me how to talk un." I explained, remembering the smile she used to give me when she I said it.

"Aw! That's so sweet Senpai!" he yelled.

"Ok, my turn un." I began. Tobi nodded. "Why do you wear a mask un?"

He froze again. I felt the same bad aura again too.

"I can't tell you that Senpai." he said calmly. I could tell he was trying to surpass some type of energy taking over him.

"Why not un?" I pushed.

"Senpai wouldn't understand. It's too difficult to explain…Is that a good reason?" he said.

I reached up my hand to his mask, but he caught it immediately.

"They're here." he whispered.