When Wanderer decides to leave, Ian finds out a little too late. Devastated and despairing, he lives his waking moment so that she will return. One-shot. WxI REVISED.

For those of you who might become a little confused, here is a clarification: this is (obviously) not actually what happened, but I liked the idea of this because we don't really ever exactly understand what Ian is going through. Also because, I like Ian WAY more than Jared. And I was listening to Gone by Kelly Clarkson while I wrote this :)


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Ian's POV

I rolled over and tried to pull Wanda closer to me, grasping at flat, cold sheets.

I sat up; cold sweat trickled down the back of my neck: she was gone.

"Dammit!" I hissed, jumping to my feet. I jerked the door open and ran down the long, tortuous hallway to Doc's.


I burst into the hospital. Doc and Jeb were standing of to one side, conversing in whispers.


"Where is she?" I asked in a deadly voice. They looked up. Doc frowned; Jeb smiled.

"Ah, Ian. Up so early?" Jeb asked, striding across the room.

"Where is she, Jeb?" I demanded again.


"If you mean Melanie, she's over there." I looked over to a lone bed. Melanie was asleep. How could she just sleep when her soul was gone?" If you mean Wanderer...Jared just left with her..." He sighed.


"How could you let her leave? How could you just steal her away? From Melanie? From me?" I asked. My voice cracked with emotion. He patted my shoulder.

"I know, Ian. I know. Melanie didn't want her to leave either."

"Then why?" I shouted.

Doc winced, half-glancing at Mel's sleeping form.

"It was her decision, Ian!" Jeb said strongly. "Never forget, it was hers. Not Melanie's and no one else's. She chose to leave."

"Leave me?" I asked, leaned on the man. Jeb shook his head.


"It's not like that, Ian. She cares for you very much. But you know Wanda, has the conscience of nun."

"It's not...fair!" I bellowed, realizing and hating how childish that sounded. "This is all for Jared. Because he wants Melanie. But what about me? I want...her." I sunk to my knees, desperately trying to stop the prickly feeling of salt water behind my eyes.

"Ah, Mel. I see you've heard our dulcet tones."

I glanced up.

Melanie languorously slipped off the bed. Slowly she walked toward me, then coming to her knees in front of me, she said, "I'm sorry, Ian." She took my hand. "I tried to not let her do this."


"Well, obviously, you didn't try hard enough."

"Ian!" Jeb was slightly angry now.

"No, I know," Mel whispered. "I know. I should have tried harder." She let the tears run, unchecked, down her face. "But listen to me. We'll find her, Ian. We'll find out where's she's been transported and we'll bring her back."

"She'll just leave again," I muttered.

"No, it's not common to have a resistant host. Besides, she might even not be paired with a human. And it that case, there's virtually no chance there'll be a possible resistant force."

"So you want me to make my life with...an animal that's Wanda? Do you even know what you're saying or does it just slip through your mouth before you can think? Or maybe you've gotten so used to not thinking with Wanda around that you're finding it troublesome to use you head!"

Mel sighed.

A sudden thought fired through my head. "And what about Jamie? Is he on board with this? Or are you going to shock him, too?"

"He'll live. Wanda won't be gone for long," Doc said, carelessly.

How could they be so cavalier about all this, like it didn't matter? "You didn't tell him, did you…"

"And he returns!" Jeb shouted jubilantly. Jared came into the hospital, looking worse for the wear but pleased. Jamie stepped in behind, wearing an expression more apropos for the situation.

"Did you meet any seekers?" Mel asked anxiously.

At the sound of her voice, Jared jumped nearly a foot into the air.

"Melanie?" He closed the distance in two long, impatient stride and took her face in his hands. "Oh, god, Mel." She smiled up at him and I could feel uncontrollable rage flowing through. That should have been Wanda! Smiling at me!

"Jared," She murmured. He kissed her.

Kissing me.

She was gone.

I snarled under my breath, turning to exit.

"Ian, wait!" Jared stopped me by pulling on a shoulder.

"Don't touch me." I wanted to clock him. "No need to add insult to injury."

"Eight full lives," She had said, "Eight full lives and I never found anyone I would stay on a planet for, anyone I would follow when they left. I never found a partner. Why now? Why you? You're not one of my species. How can you be my partner?"

It wasn't fair that I had to suffer and Jared could be happy. I deserved happiness if anyone did. It wasn't fair or right or even...How could she do this to me?

"I love you...I would always love you, remember you. You will be my only partner."

"Why the long faces?" Jeb asked. "Mel's right. We'll bring Wanda back. Only a matter of time."

It was only a matter of time. Until I went insane.

My every waking moment was spent longing and despair. I came down for meal very rarely, spending most of my time with Jamie. Eventually, I reasoned, I would disappear from memory and with that so would Wanda.


"Ian!" Mel came shouting down the passageway. She didn't knock and came bustling into the room, knocking things over with her peppy juggernaut. "Ian!"

"What?" I asked sullenly.

"We did it! We found her! Wanda!" All at once, I was awake. I sat up, rubbing my eyes frantically.

"What?! You – where?" I demanded, throwing off the covers and getting to my feet.

"Here," She shoved a paper at me. "Directions! Get dressed, we're leaving in a twenty!"

Twenty minutes later, I was dressed and seated into the jeep, anxiously jiggling my foot and biting my nails.

"Calm down, Ian," Said Jared.

"Easy for you to say," I shot back. "Don't see you worrying if Mel is locked up inside some creepy alien body."

"She's fine. And actually, I think you'll like the change. She won't, for course. She hates being weak."

My jaw dropped. "What?! You've seen her. Why didn't you take me?"

"Following orders," He said smugly. "Ready to go?" Mel climbed into the car with Jamie in the backseat with me.

"Ready!" His voice cracked. He winked at me. "That's been happening a lot lately."

The time was spent in ill-natured ribbing, most of which was directed at me. But everyone, underneath the facetious face, was tense.

Finally we arrived, Jared slowed down as we turned into a residential location. The four of us, climbed out of the vehicle and continued down the alley

"Keep your eyes peeled," Jared whispered.

"What good will that do? I don't know what she looks like," I snapped.

Mel stamped her foot, finally annoyed. "For seekers, Ian. Oh and by the way, Wanda's new name is 'Petals Open To The Moon'."

"That's really pretty," Jamie whispered.

We had gone several yards toward the nearest house when suddenly, Mel gasped.

"Jared," She breathed, pointing to a figure at the far end of the alley.

"That's her. Go Mel."

Mel straightened and began to walk purposefully up to the person.

"Good morning." I heard Petals Open To The Moon call out.

My breath caught in my throat. That voice; it was so...beautiful, like water running through a brook or wind chimes clinking or silver bells tinkling.

"Hi. I'm Melanie Stryder."

"I am she called Petals Open To The Moon."

"I was wondering if you could be of assistance. You see, I'm a bit lost." She began to draw Petals Open To The Moon toward us. "And these are my companions: Jared, Jamie, and Ian."

She stared strangely at us, and for moment I thought she would recognize us but then she just smiled and said it her pleasure.

"What do you think?" Jared asked me, grinning at my face which was wide with astonishment.

"Let's grab her now," Jamie hissed.

"She's beautiful."

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