Pairing : Blake/Andie

Rating : T ( I think…)

Summary : What if something more happens between Blake and Andie after his dance lessons ?

Author's note :

I wrote that story just before I saw " Step Up 2", I could see the chemistry between Andie and Blake during all their small scenes and I read some fictions with them and I found them all great.

I am co-writing with smart-monkey7 another one, and I hope to see much more Blake/Andie stories in .

I'm French and that story isn't beta-read, so sorry for my mistakes.

Chapter One :

Baltimore, Maryland School of Arts.

Andie West integrated the famous MSA after loosing a bet against the man she considered as her brother : Tyler Gage.

Quickly, despite of the fact she felt different from all the other students, she had friends, Moose for example an energetic guy and Chase Collins, the brother of the director, Blake, who was also his classic dance teacher and obliged her to take some lessons each night.

" Miss West, hold that leg !" exclaimed Blake for the hundred time.

" But, it hurts"

" That's good, it SHOULD hurt"

Blake took place behind her and took her left foot, Andie jumped because of that contact and felt on top of the director.

" Sorry" said Andie trying to stand up " You take me…", but she didn't finish her sentence : she met the beautiful blue eyes of her dark teacher and she couldn't speak at all.

Blake was surprised by her becoming mute, and not standing up.

" Are you alright ? Did you hurt yourself?"

" No, sorry", Andie lowered her eyes, refusing to cross his eyes again. " You softened me"

Blake, inwardly, appreciated a lot her humor. He stood up and helped her to do it, trying no to shudder in touching her. " It's all for tonight. See you tomorrow", he told her before leaving quickly.

- Blake, she is just a student- he told to himself – Remember that always –

He looked his hand and went away, furious against himself.

- He is just disappointed by me, that's all – thought Andie

She took her clothes and came back at Sara's.

The day after, at school, Chase told her he created a new special crew for street dance, composed by people who got many talents but wasn't very famous at school.

" It's so great, but when will you begin lessons? Your school timetable are all different"

" The night, after the school is closed", Chase took from the pocket of his jeans a key " I make a double, but my grand brother didn't know about it, because if he did I will die…so can you join us tonight?"

" It will be with pleasure if I didn't have lessons with your brother"

" He doesn't want to let you down, does he ?"

" I have no base at all on classic so I should learn about it quickly before he wants to send me away "

" OK. Know we will be in the 201 until half past eleven each night of the week."

Andie thanked him and they went in classes.

During all the week, all the months that passed a 'strange' relation between Andie and Blake developed : for example when he decided to speak to her by her first name, she did the same with him.

" Yes, but it will be between us. When we are in classes I'm teacher Collins", said Blake to her.

Andie progressed well in dance and now she could mix street dance and classic.

" There are two different universes Andie. If you presented both at an exam so I won't be at all convinced."

" Let me at least make a little demonstration for you"

" You don't take 'No' for answer, don't you?"

" No…and it's more true when I know I'm right"

" OK, go on"

And Andie, with the music she chose, make a perfect mix between classical and RNB, and proofed to Blake he was so wrong : the delicacy of the classic and the hardness of the RNB make a beautiful choreography.

" So ?" asked Andie when she finished.

" There is some works on some moves, but it's pretty"

" Pretty, that's all!!" exclaimed an angry Andie " YOU are more stubborn than your brother"

With that, she took her clothes and left the room.

- She is really pretty when she is angry – told Blake thinking of her beautiful and expressive eyes – Maybe we should take some distance between us, and begun to adress to ourselves with 'Professor', and 'Miss West'-

At the same moment, Andie asked to herself how can Blake be so cute and adorable at a moment and then a so bad play and a so stubborn guy. She stopped to walk : What did she tell 'cute' and 'adorable' ? No, she must put some distance between them.

And with that good resolutions she decided to join Chase and the crew to better know with whom she will dance after her classic lessons. She found all of them good and was very happy to meet Moose there, each person was special but all of them were complementary and she appreciated immediately the two other girls of the crew : Jenny Kido, and Fly.


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