Little Boy Blue and the Man in the Moon

Futurefic is a little bit of a departure for me, but I had this idea while writing my other Psych stories and it could no longer be ignored.

The title comes from the Harry Chapin song, but other than that it has nothing to do with the story as far as I can tell. I even tried to come up with some different, more relevant titles, but I just liked how this one sounded.

Disclaimer: Characters, etc, are obviously not mine. No copyright infringement is intended. I guess Liam is mine, but technically he's half-Shawn and half-Jules, so I don't really own him at all.

They were on the way to the grocery store when it first happened. Stopped at a red light, Shawn tapping on the steering wheel in time with the music while Juliet leaned backwards to check on Liam. He was just a few days shy of two months old and was sound asleep.

Juliet settled back in her seat, the light turned green, and Liam began to scream like they'd never heard before.

Shawn reacted instinctively to the sudden onset of his son's ear-piercing wails by hitting the brakes. Luckily, there was no one behind them. When Juliet turned in her seat to see what was causing all the fuss from the little pair of lungs, it happened.

A red pick-up truck barreled through the intersection in complete disregard for the red light glowing in its direction. A silver sedan from the opposite street slammed on its brakes, tires shrieking and skidding to a halt, narrowly avoiding a collision.

Juliet turned to look at Shawn. They could both feel the adrenaline pumping through their veins. They knew that if Shawn hadn't stopped exactly when he did, the truck would have plowed right into the passenger side of their car.

By that point, Liam had stopped screaming and was happily gumming his hand.

"That was close," Juliet said quietly. Her heart was still beating wildly against her ribcage.

The light had turned red again. Shawn released his iron grip on the wheel and turned his head to face her.

"That was… weird."

The two of them looked back at Liam, who was content as can be and showed no indication as to what had made him scream like a murdered banshee only moments earlier. Their eyes met again in confusion and befuddlement.

A car honked behind them and Shawn noticed their light was now green. Glancing left and right, and left and right again, he continued driving to the grocery store.

Neither one of them knew what to make of the almost fatal car non-accident. After sharing the strange story with friends and family, they promptly filed it under "one of those things that happened but can't really be satisfactorily explained" and forgot about it.