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Chapter 31

Hermione stirred in her bed her eyes opening and quickly adjusting to the moonlit room. She sat up slowly, absorbing her surroundings. The night sky was like a dark blue canvas inside the medieval window frames. She fondled the white linen on her bed before pulling it off and swinging her legs around. That one motion drained her and she began to shake. She pushed herself to stand up and using the bed to steady herself she made her way out of her curtained area. Finally recognizing her surroundings as the hospital wing Hermione felt a slight relief fill her stomach before it was replaced by curiosity. How did she get here and where were the others? Hermione felt her legs tremble with every step as she made her way to Madam Pomfrey's office, they gave way half way there and she fell with a thump on the ground her body giving out on her. She groaned as she tried to get back up.

Madam Pomfrey hurried out of her office. Her eyes fell to Hermione lying on the ground trembling and hurried over. "Oh my Miss Granger, what are you doing out of bed child?"

Hermione mumbled something she couldn't make out.

"Oh dear." she said as she pulled Hermione up by the waist, Hermione slumped in her arms. Madame Pomfrey whipped out her wand and levitated Hermione to her bed. She scurried away disappearing into her office. Hermione let her eyes close and listened to the distant sound of clinking glass. Followed by the rolling of a cart. Hermione opened her eyes just as Madam Pomfrey reappeared by her side her cart loaded with several vials. She pulled out her wand and waved it over Hermione's body. She then placed several pillows behind Hermione's back, propping her into a sitting position.

"Here drink," said Madam Pomfrey raising a glass to Hermione's lips and tipping it so she could drink. Hermione swallowed the bitter liquid quickly. "You need to rest for one more day then I'll see if you can return to classes."

Hermione nodded before she gasped. "How…how long have I been here?"

"You've been sleeping for three days Miss Granger that's why you're so weak, now I gave you a simple mixture to provide your body with enough nutrition and energy that you won't be as weak when you get up. However, you must rest."

Hermione nodded before letting sleep take her.

Hermione woke up feeling tight and cramped but otherwise restless. She opened her eyes to the light streaming in from the tall windows. Sitting up slowly she looked around and found her school uniform folded up at the end of her bed. She got dressed slowly mesmerized by the mysterious white lines on her arms and hips, they were shaped oddly and as Hermione continued to look at them they seemed to make a pattern of some sort.

She pulled down her shirt and tucked it into her skirt, observing the same scars on her hands though they were less noticeable. She pulled on her robe and laced up her shoes. She drew the curtains open and stepped out just as Madam Pomfrey finished caring for a first year in the corner, her hands quickly sealing up several cuts. Not wanting to bother her Hermione made her way out of the wing quietly. Her stomach growled and she looked up at the clock. Lunch was half over. She made her way quickly to the great hall. Stopped outside the hall her hands paused on the door. She pushed it open and stepped inside time seemed to freeze as Hermione scanned the room for her friends. There were murmurs here and there as she stepped toward the gryffindor table. She saw someone get up out of the corner of her eye and turned. There was a flash of blond before she was lifted of the ground and crushed against a hard chest.

"Hermione." Draco's voice sparked a warm feeling in the pit of Hermione's stomach. He lifted her face up and cupped it in his hand. Hermione observed his features and brought her hands up to his cheek. He looked exhausted and had shadows underneath his eyes. Everyone in the great hall went silent. Ginny and Harry ran up to her pulling her away from Draco.

"Give her some air, sheeshh," said Pansy pulling them off of Hermione and dragged her to the Gryffindor table. She sat down and quickly reached for some food.

Draco took his seat next to her his hand resting on her thigh. She leaned against him as she ate.

"I can't believe you've been out for five days," said Harry "Then again after what you did…" He stopped with a glare from Ginny.

Hermione raised an eyebrow at them and opened her mouth to ask Harry what he had been about to say. However she was cut off by Draco. "Don't talk, just eat," he reached for a sandwich and handed it to her. Hermione's eyes fell on the ring on his finger and reached towards it. Draco wrapped his hand around her waist and pulled her against him. "You gotta eat Hermione." She nodded and focused her eyes away from the ring. The ringing that signalled the end of lunch came and Draco picked up the half eaten sandwich and an apple with every intention of making Hermione eat it. They all got up from the table and started to follow the rest of the student body out of the hall.

"Miss Granger," Dumbledore's booming voiced stopped the group in step an they all turned towards the headmaster. "Please stay behind."

Hermione nodded and made her way to the headmaster. Draco initially followed her but with one look from Dumbledore he stopped. He handed Hermione the food and laid a small kiss on her forehead before turning to go. Once the great hall was emptied Dumbledore motioned for Hermione to follow him. She quickly found herself in front of the gargoyle guarding the headmaster's office.

Dumbledore gave her a brief smile before turning toward the statue. "Red Velvet," he said causing the statue to spin and wind upwards revealing a spiral staircase. Hermione followed Dumbledore up to his office in silence.

"Based on the simple fact that you were released from the hospital wing I'm assuming that you are well," said Dumbledore sitting down behind his desk. Hermione nodded and nibbled on the sandwich chewing slowly. "Miss Granger do you remember anything of the time you were last awake, other than the incident in the hospital wing two days earlier?"

Hermione looked down racking her memory for anything the last she remembered, before blacking out, was the carriage crashing. "No I just remember the carriage crashing professor nothing else."

Dumbledore nodded understandingly before standing up. He strode quickly over to the glass cabinet and shuffled the glass vials within around. Hermione looked around the office and her eyes fell on the pensive that sat on Dumbledore's desk. She didn't recall it being there a second ago. Her brows knitted together as she stared closer to the stone basin. She stood up and leaned over its edge her eyes immediately became mesmerized by the substance within. Dumbledore slid back behind the desk drawing Hermione's attention. He had a vial in his hand.

'When the time is right Ms Granger I will reveal this to you," said Dumbledore resting it next to the pensive.

"For now I have asked Madam Pomfrey to give you weekly check-ups, you will report to her Saturday mornings," said Dumbledore. He gathered a stack of papers from his desk and handed them to her. "Your belongings have all been recovered and here is your new schedule, you will find your school things there," said Dumbledore motioning to a table that looked as if its sole purpose was to hold Hermione's bag.

Hermione stood and thanked Dumbledore she turned to go, grabbing her bag on the way out.

"Miss Granger please refrain from interrogating your friends, time will tell what is to be revealed." Hermione nodded and exited the office. She looked at her schedule and the time. She had advanced charms now. She made her way to the class slowly dreading the amount of work she would have to make up. She entered the room as silently as possible. The heads of everyone turned and she looked around to see Draco. She made her way towards him finding the seat next to him occupied.


Hermione turned to see Pansy and Ginny motioning to her and the empty seat in between them. Hermione hurried over and sat down. Flitwick continued his lesson and Hermione pulled out the necessary items from her bag. Ginny slid her a roll of parchment paper loaded with notes.
"Thanks Gin," said Hermione opening it up and looking them over. She stared at the paper and the words began to float of the paper her hands touched the floating letters and they were absorbed into her hands she looked down at the paper and found it blank. Ginny and Pansy were staring blankly at Flitwick. The whole class seemed to be oblivious to what happened. Hermione sat there her mind blank she opened up her text book to the page Flitwick requested and hesitantly touched it she immediately felt a pull as if there was a suction between her hand and the paper. She withdrew her hand quickly and gasped. She looked up to find Flitwick's eyes.

"Is there a problem Miss Granger?" said Flitwick craning over the students on his stool to see her.

"No Professor," said Hermione looking away from his disapproving eyes.

"As I was saying, the history of this spell goes back to wizards of the old time. They retained large amounts of information by absorbing ink. This spell has never been successfully replicated in over 100 years. Many believe that it is a gift that can be obtained through the use of dark magic but this has not been proved. The use of dark magic is not only dangerous but illegal as you all should very well know. I want a two foot essay on the wizards of this time and what were the consequences of using such a powerful spell.

The bell rung and the students quickly got up, Hermione stared blankly at her text book as the words dark magic played through her mind.

"Hermione," Ginny said shaking her. "Class is over."

"Miss Grange, are you ok?" Flitwick's voice awoke Hermione. She looked up her eyes wide.

"I'm fine" Hermione said deciding against her better judgment not to tell him. She stuffed her books quickly in her bag and got up knocking over her chair she ran out of the class room leaving them puzzled. She stopped only when she was alone, she disappeared into a secret passage way she didn't even know she knew she found herself in one of the towers. She collapsed on the floor her limbs trembling. She yanked up her sleeve to see the lines on her arms glow blue. She yelped and rubbed at them trying to make them disappear. A sudden warm glow in the pit of her stomach disappeared and was replaced by a chill. The lines faded away into her skin. She left the room half an hour later and found herself lost within the castle. "Where am I?" she said looking up. She heard someone say her name before she blanked out