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Dynasty WarriorsSamurai Warrirs: Get Along or Not

Chapter 6: Marriage

At the college…

Zhao Yun decided to visit his son Guang, whom became his ward years until his last year of high school. After deciding to go to the wedding and be Nagamasa's best man by the persuasion of Ji, he felt a lot better about it.

"Well, I don't have anything better to do than my part time job and other occupations at home," Zhao Yun took a deep breath and saw his son sitting at the table in the cafeteria studying.

Guang notice that someone is approaching the empty seat in front of him and he stopped reading, scanning directly at that person. He started a small chuckle.

"There's no parents' day in college," Guang greeted his father.

"I know this academic faculty is for grownups!" Zhao Yun laughed.

"So, what's up dad? My studies are alright, but I have to memorize everything in 3 months before the exams and the grading is sophisticating unlike High School," Guang said.

"Yes, college is indeed complicating. Students will be busy with limited days off to study and perform at the best result. There's no room for C's," Zhao Yun nodded.

"I got a C in math. The book hardly explains the examples properly…." Zhao Gaung told his father the disappointing thing in his semester.

He wonders what book his son's class is using and checks the math book Guang showed him. Then flip the pages on the examples and checked practice sections.

"I don't know what to say about the answers in your homework, at least some of the examples made sense. Then again, since when did anything make sense with numbers? Aren't those the reasons people wanted to work at NASA?" Zhao Yun look started at the book's misinformation.

"People hate math, dad…" Zhao Guang frowned.

"I can't hate numbers, Guang. Maybe you should drop this class and take another math class with a better book," Zhao Yun closed the book and relax himself abit before he leaves to the wedding.

"Nah, I'm going change this grade before the last week of semester. I'm not a quitter, sir," Zhao Guang put the math book back in his backpack.

He's proud to have taught the boy to manage his difficulties whatever it takes. Zhao Yun was like that at Guang's age until Zhen….

"Uhh… Guang, my best friend remarrying Oichi," Zhao Yun announced.

"Hatsu's parents, she thought they could never get back together after that divorce," Zhao Guang react surprised.

"Oh, so is Hatsu here?" Zhao Yun blinked.

"No, I think she's already going to the wedding. Hatsu and I became friends during the first year here. She talked about her mother a lot," Zhao Guang finished talking and took a bottle of soda and drank it.

"She's been very happy about them being back together now, considering they're like a fairy tale couple," Zhao Yun crossed his arms.

"I wish the parents I have are a fairy tale couple….." Zhao Guang tapped his pencil sighed.

Of course, Zhao Guang's real father gave him away and Zhao Yun took him in adopted. The mother is still unknown.

"Do the maids count as mothers?" Zhao Yun raised his eyebrow gazing at the disappointing look of Guang.

"If they're not even recorded, they don't count as wives. Look dad, I can have as many mothers, but the mother I want is your true love. It will never happen…." Zhao Guang stated.

"And they say ShuHan is not favorable for women," Zhao Yun muttered.

Shu and women, most of Zhao Yun's life with women were the ones who suffered tragedy of violence and abandoned. It frustrates him because women are supposed to be helpers to men and not wastes of talent because of sexual intimating.

"I wanted to save Liu Bei's daughters at Chang Ban, but it's always about saving the son. I was angry with Zhao Fan's ruse on Lady Fan, but they said marriage is honor. Then what's so honorable about women being taken as war prisoners and given to as wives? I could never find the true meaning to why marriages are beneficial to mankind," Zhao Yun said.

"Love, dad. It's always about love," Zhao Guang winced.

"I never felt in love with Lady Fan. I was so upset and it reminds me of a previous incident…." Zhao Yun shooked his head.

He couldn't forget that incident. It brought him so much regret; the regret to fight for what he believes in instead of becoming something more than involving himself in the conflict.

"The Three Kingdoms Media is making you into a sexist because of Sun Shang Xiang," Zhao Guang gave Zhao Yun an article on the new Three Kingdoms TV episode on him saving Liu Chan from Wu.


"I told everyone that Sun Shang Xiang is making herself stupid for no testifying on her brother's scheme of kidnapping. Boy, you should see the look on their faces, heh" Zhao Guang said.

"How can I be a sexist when I'm so depressed about Liu Bei's daughters? Had I been a sexist for real, I would retort Zhen Ji for getting involve with the poor," Zhao Yun slammed article on the table lightly.

"I know, so how did it go with you and Mrs Zhen or should I call her Mrs. Cao?" Zhao Guang curiously asked.

"Zhen Ji mentions about wanting a divorce and I told her to work it out for the sake of her son and not her relationship. It's the only way for her to stay married," Zhao Yun replied.

Now this is interesting.

"I don't know what's going on between her husband, but she's starting to look the opposite side with you and lose faith in her marriage," Zhao Guang said.

He mean, Zhen Ji getting fed up with Cao Pi. Zhao Yun is already aware of this. But her marriage is her son's fortune.

"Remember when I told you about her parents' arrangements with the Yuans?" Zhao Yun reminded Guang the day he was too late.

"Yeah, you told me and Tong about that same sad story," Zhao Guang nodded.

"Her life had been revolved around money. Money of the lifestyles of greedy families like the Yuans…." Zhao Yun said.

"Hatsu's parents were married by arrangements," Zhao Guang mentioned.

"Yes, however, it was a good marriage," Zhao Yun smiled.

"Rich people, they're always the lucky ones," Zhao Guang teased.

"Luck and Love are very different circumstances," Zhao Yun scoffed.

"If I happen to marry a great beauty, I'll be lucky," Zhao Guang smiled.

"It's better to marry someone you know," Zhao Yun glared.

"Well, I want to be interesting with a top tier babe," Zhao Guang resume studying.

"It's your life, Guang….Ok, I'm out of here. Take care," they went back and forth over the issue, but Zhao Yun rather took his word for it.

"Say hi to Hatsu for me," Zhao Guang requested.

"I will…." Zhao Yun couldn't believe his son is already thinking about Oichi's 2nd daughter.

The wedding will come soon, so he head to the car from the parking lot. It's great to talk about marriage, but at the same time it's depressing to him because of….Zhen Ji. Then someone spoke near him.

"Did you hear the news, Kim Kardashian divorce Kris," a woman spoke.

"Say what? Girl, I spend the whole hour watching that fairy tale wedding she host with Kris. Who on earth could be so stupid to marry such a gold digging fraud!" the other woman shouted.

Someone used marriage as a fraud? This is news to Zilong. How could they use love as a fraud?

"I better get to that hotel resort where they're hosting the wedding," Zhao Yun thought.

He quickly drives to Marriott.

At the Marriot Hotel near LA Convention center….

Oichi paced around the room with her best friends Zhen Ji and Kunoichi. There is Kai and her eldest daughter Chacha.

"I can see you're angry. Nobunaga and Hideyoshi are here," Kai informed.

"I didn't invite them here! Why did they have to come here and ruin my happiness again?" Oichi retorted.

"Well, you see mother. Hideyoshi wants your forgiveness and I invited him here…" Chacha was cut off from the scorn of her mother's fury.

"You brought the monkey here without my permission! I will never forgive him and I will never forgive him for seducing you, raping you," Oichi scolded.

"Mother, you have it all wrong. It was a one time thing after I advise him on Gou's…." Chacha struggled to explain their liaison.

"Enough! I'm sick of this…I'm just sick of my brother and that perverted monkey…!" Oichi started to cry.

The door was open while Oichi finish up her wedding dress. Diao Chan and Cai Wenji came in to see the preparations.

"There's about 100 people attending. This is quite fascinating" Cai Wenji smiled.

"With all these people and the wedding party is going to be crazy," Kunoichi felt excited.

Zhen Ji was very quiet amongst the ladies. She wasn't paying attention to the chatter while working on Oichi's wedding dress. It took her back to two weddings, one of them doesn't include her family. Cai Yan had married three times with one she was forced as a captive.

She looked to the other ladies, Kunoichi was suppose to be Yukimura's servant and would make the youngest concubine of his, Chacha was the same for Kuno if she were given as Yukimura's instead being a forgiven legacy to Hideyoshi and of course Kai is another of Hideyoshi's. That monkey too greedy compare to her husband.

Her husband….

"What is love…?" Zhen Ji was heard mumbling.

"Hmm? Is there something you wish to speak of, Luoshen?" Oichi opened up the discussion for her.

"You know, I've always have a deep understanding of your relationship with Nagamasa. Being so supportive of his devotion and all," Zhen Ji straightened the low fabric of the dress and finally finished.

"Hahaha, our marriage has flaws! My brother was so prideful of opposing the shogun and wanting to force all the daimyos to acknowledge his new government system. We argued a lot about my brother's methods. It scared Chacha," Oichi explained.

Chacha shot an embarrassing frown; she was just a confusing little kid in a chaotic world.

"It wasn't like with me and Zihuan…." Zhen Ji thought.

"We're done!" Kunoichi chanted.

"Indeed, we shall be heading to the reception and wait at our seats," Diao Chan and Cai Wenji head off while the rest of the ladies followed.

When the room is empty with only Zhen Ji and Oichi in it, they exchange giggles like high school girls. It's the sworn sisters special day. Months before Oichi's official decision to recoil with Nagamasa, Zhen Ji had been talking her out on getting back together despite the long divorced couple's woes in the past. Now, there's one understand behind the solution, both Oichi and Nagamasa still have the same institution, they're still honorable people. Nagamasa's annul at the Oda clan was Nobunaga's fault for breaking the vow and amnesty hostility towards the shogun. But, the price was too high as the couple face their own backlash and parting ends.

"Are you ready to start over?" Zhen Ji asked.

"Mmhm, this time it's forever," Oichi nodded. She takes her bouquet while Zhen Ji goes out to the door.

Zhen Ji walks towards the hall to the wedding room. She's so envious of her best friend that she's going back with Nagamasa. Now, there's one more person she's waiting before the wedding starts, he should be here by now. If persuading him on that night she spent wasn't enough to express his reluctant to go to the wedding, then there is some serious problem with Zhao Yun. What is wrong about marriage?

Zhao Yun appears at the entrance inside the hotel. It is crowding with visitors attending live events and check in for a night's stay. He is not here for a convention, but a wedding at the ballroom, so he walk towards the reserve lobby and asked where the ballroom is.

"This hotel is a state of the art. Just look at all the architectures it's designed," Zhao Yun scanned the first floor. The direction to the ballroom is upstairs from the escalator.

Zhen Ji was waiting at the hall near the same ballroom Zhao Yun coming to. He made his way to where Zhen Ji waited until she turns to see him looking quietly moderate. She smiled; he boldly came to the wedding on behalf of her relationship.

"My, you dressed properly. Did I always feel dazzle when you wore classy attire a long time ago?" she straighten his tie gently and lightly dust of his black suit.

"It's not expensive. You do know I buy cheap, Luo." Zhao Yun shyly smiled back.

"Cheapass handsome gentleman," Zhen Ji chuckled.

Now it's time to attention the open ceremony. He couldn't stand here chatting with Zhen Ji about his mediocre fashion sense.

"Hey, shall we…?" Zhao Yun directed his hand on the doorway to the ballroom. Zhen Ji suddenly realizes she's making him late to meet the rest of their friends.

"Why of course, 'my lord'," Zhen Ji winked, "Cao Pi will be late on arrival, just so you'll know."

"He's the vice president of his father's company, such a position is very important to him," Zhao Yun said.

As he entered, Zhen Ji wonders if she tells him about her family's pottery business she owned. It is a traditional heritage that's even more important than her husband's job. Too important, she doesn't want it to be bought by industrial giants. She'll do anything to keep it alive for the stake of her own family.

Inside the ballroom…

Ma Chao noticed the lone individual coming; he hurried to the unfocused man. Where have this man been since his brooding time away from everyone?

And Zhao Yun, not hearing Ma Chao's sudden rush coming at him with a hurling fist, he slowly turn his eyes to the left seeing that fist coming a few inches from contact. He quickly dodged to Ma Chao's surprise.

"What..? You didn't even hear my footsteps because of the crowd and dodged it!" Ma Chao complained.

"Your anger made me felt disturbed, so I evade the punch from the source of that anger presence," Zhao Yun explained.

"Yeah right, next time you won't be able to dodge me on my horse," Ma Chao arrogantly scoffed.

"Zhao Yun!"

He looks to see Yukimura greeting him.

"Sanada," he gave a hand shake to Yukimura.

"So you finally decided to come here," Yukimura smiled.

"There isn't much I can do than just attend the wedding," Zhao Yun said.

"Come, everyone ready for our friend, Azai's greatest moment in his life," Yukimura showed Zhao Yun where Nagamasa is at.

Everyone is either surprise or happy to see Zhao Yun show up at the wedding including his long time friend Liu Bei. Nagamasa can feel better about himself with Yun on his side coming towards him.

"You know how much this means to me for having you here, Yun," Nagamasa bowed.

Nobunaga is sitting to the left row with the people he's acquainted with, including Toshiie and his wife. Seeing his arch nemesis in all his bright and happy presence makes him chuckle. This man he despise after giving his sister away the first place make this wedding even more interesting.

Suddenly, the wedding ceremony begins. When the announcer calls out for the bride's theme, the play begins.

Zhao Yun, being the Best Man got the groom's old ring with him and when he saw Zhen Ji; her eyes told him she felt the same way as Azai. Slowly, but clearly he's beginning to like this wedding alittle because of them.

Oichi's footsteps brought the audience's attention towards the bride.

Nagamasa looked awe at the only woman he loves more than anything in this accursed world. Her pale lightness fills his darken situations. Even if he wanted her to return to her brother, she'll always be an Azai. Or so he thought. Katsuie is escorting her to the groom exchanging admiration to Nagamasa.

"Nene, why him? I'm always the superior guy, but him with Oichi!" Hideyoshi's wailing irriates Nene to no end.

Nene didn't answer and pretend she never cared.

The bride stands next to the maid of honor holding the old wedding ring for Oichi. The brother then speaks their wedding oath.

"Our heavenly father praises the two of you into resolving your commitments. Let theses dwell in permanent bonding live as one yoke," the african american brother said.

"Hehehehe…..commitments….that fool shouldn't have betrayed me," Nobunaga chuckled mockingly.

Oichi slowly turn to her brother giving the wrathful eyes of condemned.

Soon, a man came from the door entered into the ballroom with a woman whose voluptuous beauty cower the atmosphere in gloom.

Mitsunari noticed his vanity presence, "Took you long enough."

Zhen Ji slowly turns to the face of the man she knows better than anyone in this room. It's her husband, towering in all his elegant and pride.

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