"Ah finally time to go home and eat" the blond boy smiled to himself while walking away from the big gray school building.

With his hands on his neck and the nose up in the air he walked careless on the half dark streets.

"What flavor of cup ramen will I have to day…?"

He got big eyes and then burst out into laughter.

"Why am I talking to myself?"

"Well I don't know."

A familiar voice appeared behind him and he twisted around to see Sasukes dark eyes and some smirking lips.

"Why are you here? You live on the other side of the town?"

Narutos eyes widened even more and he starred at Sasuke while the pale boy got closer.

"Why are you standing so close?" Naruto asked, confused by the way Sasuke acted.

"Because I want to" Sasuke replayed with a grin.

Grabbing Narutos arm not to hard Sasuke pulled Naruto down the street.

"What the fuck are you doing"? Naruto squealed as he got pushed up against a tree by Sasukes strong arms.

"I'm doing what I'm doing, didn't you notice" Sasuke answered watching Narutos every move with greedy eyes.

"Why are you looking at me like that" your starting to freak me out you know.

With the hard tree against his back, Naruto suddenly felt cold fingers fastly unbuttoning his shirt.

"Eh?" he called out surprised without knowing he was blushing. "What the fuck are you doing?!"

Sasukes cold, dark eyes just gazed at him silently and his lips were smirking. Naruto shivered as the cold air touched his stomach and Sasuke smirked wider.

With all his force, Naruto tried to get away from the dark boys slim fingers but Sasuke just pushed him back like nothing.

"Now be a good boy and stay where you are" he smirked while softly touching the boys warm skinn and pushing him harder against the tree.

"What the f..?!" Naruto gasped while Sasuke pulled his shirt of and dropped it on the ground.

He blushed as Sasuke run his fingers over his body, feeling his own skinn tingle. Angrily he tried to push Sasukes hand away but the dark boy just smirked and leaned forward, whispering in his ear:

"What dobe? Don't you like it?"

Naruto staird at him, feeling slightly sick.

"What? Why would I?"

Ones again he tried to get away from Sasukes tight grip but suddenly he felt something he really wasn't prepared for. Sasuke had slowly raised his knee between Narutos legs and was now moving it gently against his groin.

Unwillingly moaning, Naruto blushed even more and turned his face away from the smirking boy.

"Stop that" he said trying to sound angry but his voice was already shaking.

"What was that?" Sasuke smirked and moved his knee harder between Narutos legs. "I can't hear you dobe."

Naruto bit his lip, trying not to make any sound of ether pleasure or pain, but feeling Sasukes knee pushed up against him made his head spinn and he couldn't fokus. He knew though that his body had already deceived him.

"Stop it I said you jerk!" he finally shouted but his voice wasn't nearly as strong as he thought it would have been.

"Stop it?" Sasuke asked smirking more now than ever. "Why would I?"

"Cause I'm telling you to!" Naruto replied feeling his body slowly giving in to the temptation of moaning.

"And why would I listen to you?" Sasuke whispered raising his knee harder.

"Jerk!" was the only thing Naruto could say without moaning like hell.

"So you want me to stop?" Sasuke asked running his slender fingers over Narutos smooth skinn.

"Yeah I told you!" Naruto answered still blushing.

"Well your body tells me differently" Sasuke smirked running his fingers down over Narutos pants.

With a soft sound of pleasure, Narutos body gave in and he opened his eyes, looking at Sasuke with a gaze of both hate and longing.

"Looks like I was right after all" the dark boy smirked, still running his hand over Narutos hardness.

"Well what did you eccpekt?" Naruto asked, realising to late how wrong that came out.

Sasuke laughed silently, kissing the boys slender neck softly.

"That's good to know" he whispered.

Narutos body felt like on the edge of braking point. He was blushing still but he couldn't feel it. His knees felt week but Sasukes strong arms still held him so hard against the tree that he couldn't fal.

"Yeah? And why is that?" he asked the warm, dark boy with a voice almost like a whisper.

Sasuke pulled away from him softly still smirking.

"Because" he just answered and backed away from him.

"Hey that's no answer! What are you doing?"

Naruto looked surprised at him, feeling his body wanting so much more.

"I'm walking away" Sasuke just answered blinking at him with one eye.


Naruto was chocked and didn't even try to hide it. Sasuke just smirked and turned his back towards the blond boy.

"Bye dobe. See you at school" he said with his voice sounding victorious.

"What?" Naruto repeated making big eyes at Sasukes turned back. "Your just gonna leave me like this?!"

"Yeah that's right" Sasuke answered looking back over his shoulder. "Have fun."

Naruto was furious but before he knew what to say, Sasuke had turned the corner and the blond boy was left alone under the big tree.

He sighted and felt his knees growing weaker and weaker. He didn't want to admit it but deep inside maybe he felt disappointed... Or Not!! It was probably just anger!