Hermione was completely lost. And this did not happen to her very often. That was why she started to panic the more she thought about the cause of her problem. As she was pacing back and forth in her room, which she was awarded for becoming Head Girl, she just couldn't keep her dilemma out of her head. She suddenly stopped as she glanced through her window and she saw the source of her problem: her boyfriend, Ron Weasley, who was practising Quidditch with the rest of the Gryffindor team on the Quidditch pitch nearby.

They have been dating for almost a year now and Hermione loved him with all her heart. There was one small problem though. 'Small?! Who am I kidding...' Hermione thought miserably as she remembered last weekend.

For some time now, Ron had been trying to advance on her …ahem… sexually, and Hermione had been more than willing, until last Saturday. They were cuddling on the couch that was situated in front of the fire in the Head Common Room, when things got a little heated and Ron suggested huskily that they continued things in Hermione's bedroom. That was all very well for Hermione, but as things got a bit out of hand, Hermione experienced first hand just how much of a beginner Ron was at this. Of course, who was she to complain, she had never done anything like that before either, but the clumsy way Ron tried to explore made her increasingly nervous, so after a couple of minutes of trying – that was really uncomfortable and even painful at times for Hermione – she finally stopped Ron, apologising and suggesting that they continue some other time.

Ron had been really sweet and understanding and even if what Hermione said had hurt him, he didn't let on. Hermione had been strangely distant with him since then, but he didn't seem to notice – 'Yet…' Hermione thought bitterly – and it became more and more unnerving for her as the days passed. She loved him so much, but she couldn't lie to herself anymore, her first time was extremely important to her and she was just scared that Ron's lack of experience would somehow spoil it for her. She knew she was being extremely selfish and nasty to Ron even for having thoughts like this, but she just couldn't help it.

She still wanted an amazing first time, but she also wanted to keep things with Ron as they were and clearly it was either one or the other. That was why Hermione sighed in frustration as she turned away from her window and Ron; and forced all thoughts about this out of her head. She also knew that none of her friends could help her in this matter for they were all way too close to Ron, and Hermione didn't want to hurt any of them.

She sighed again, now a bit angry for not being able to find a suitable solution and decided to do what was best for keeping her mind off of things: studying. She gathered some of her books and notes and walked down the stairs leading to the Head Common Room that she shared with the Head Boy, the infamous Draco Malfoy. She still couldn't believe that he was Head Boy; she couldn't understand Dumbledore's decision at all. It was true that he was second best at almost all their classes, her being the best of course, but surely there must have been someone else who was smarter than him. In the first couple of days after they returned to their seventh year at Hogwarts, Hermione and Malfoy seemed to have made a silent truce, which meant they left each other alone. As a result they have barely spoken since then, affectively ignoring each other. This became harder though about two or three times a week when Malfoy brought some random girl back to his bedroom and Hermione couldn't study in the common room, because of the extent to which Malfoy seemed to pleasure said girls. Sometimes Hermione even heard them from her room, which made it extremely hard to sleep, let alone concentrate on anything.

Till now, this only bothered Hermione, and sometimes it annoyed her to the point where she simply wanted to yell the crap out of him, but she was always too uncomfortable in the end to do so. But now as she put her books down on the desk in the corner where she usually studied, suddenly a very interesting but also very, VERY disturbing thought awoke in her head. All she needed was one night with someone who didn't want a commitment, who was experienced and who was not friendly enough with Ron to care enough to tell him anything. If she thought it through, Malfoy was the perfect solution to her dilemma.

'Oh my GOD!!' she thought, her eyes widening in horror. 'Did I just consider sleeping with Malfoy?! I must have gone completely mental…' she slumped down on her chair, keeping her head in her hands, banishing all thoughts of Malfoy from her head.

Draco Malfoy chose that exact moment to step into the common room, his hands full of books, obviously returning from the library. He barely glanced at Hermione, who slightly jumped, startled by his entrance, and was now burying her blushing face behind the book closest to her. Malfoy just raised an eyebrow and continued lazily towards the couch before throwing his books down and sitting on the couch with his feet on the table in front of him, and his head rested on the back of the couch. At his loud sigh, Hermione trembled slightly in embarrassment, accidentally knocking one of her books off of the table. As she quickly bent down to get it, Malfoy turned his head to look at her and saw her flaming face and her hands shaking a bit.

"What's with you today, Granger?" he asked slowly with an eyebrow raised, startling Hermione even more, since the last time they spoke must have been weeks ago. "You seem to be embarrassed about something. Or is it just because of me?" he added with a seductive smirk.

Hermione dropped the book again at this, because even though she was sure he wasn't serious about it, the seductiveness in his voice made her have goose bumps all the way down her spine.

"Of course not!" she replied quickly, trying to sound causal as she retrieved her book and sat back down at the desk. "I'm just nervous about the Potions essay we have to write, that's all."

But she didn't fool Malfoy, who did not miss the effect his voice had on her. He stood up slowly and started towards her. Hermione looked alarmed.

"Oh really?" he asked in a low voice as he sauntered closer to her, a lock of blond hair falling in front of one of his eyes. "Because you seem strangely affected by my presence, Granger." he continued as he reached her desk, leaning on it with his left hand, his face dangerously close to hers. "Almost as if you were …attracted to me or something." he smirked at her sexily.

Hermione swallowed hard as she glanced up at his stormy grey eyes, which suddenly seemed darker somehow. She quickly pushed him away, jumped up and took several steps away from him, as if trying to put a safe distance between them. Malfoy turned to her, smirking even more, obviously thinking that she just proved him right.

"That is absurd, Malfoy!" Hermione said weakly. "As you know I have a boyfriend."

"Oh, I am perfectly aware of that." he glared down at her. "But it's not hard to imagine that the Weasel is not that good at hmm.. satisfying certain needs of yours." he smirked as Hermione blushed scarlet and with two lazy steps he was in front of her again.

Hermione's eyes widened as she realised how close he was to her, she could even smell his cologne, which was intoxicating. As she realised what she was thinking, she quickly took another step back, only to feel her back hit the stone wall. Malfoy flashed a handsome and unbelievably sexy smile at her as he saw the frightened look on her face when he closed the distance between them once again. His chest slightly brushed hers; she could feel his warm breath on her face. She looked up at his eyes glaring at hers intently, which made her knees weaker. He put his hands on the wall on either side of her, enjoying the sight of her quickly rising chest.

"So now tell me, Granger." he almost whispered, which made her shiver. "Why are you acting like this?" as he bent down a bit, his face nearly brushed hers. "Do you want to have sex with me or something?" he asked, a slight chuckle apparent in his voice.

"Yes…" Hermione breathed, barely aware of what she just said, making however Malfoy's breath hitch in his throat.

"What?!" he pulled his head back quickly, looking at her bewildered. "You want to have sex with me?!" at his voice Hermione seemed to have woken up and she realised that he must have been messing with her.

"No, of course not!" she shook her head desperately, her eyes wide in horror. She tried to escape now that Malfoy's guard was down, but at her movement, he quickly pinned her to the wall.

"Don't try to mess with me, Granger, I'm not an idiot!" he hissed in her ear angrily. "You just said you did! Now tell me the truth!" he demanded forcefully.

"I just want one passionate night with no strings attached!" Hermione said, then she clasped her hand to her mouth, terrified, not believing what she just said. She blamed his closeness which seemed to have made her go crazy. She tried to squirm to loosen his grip, but it only made him gasp and hold her even tighter.

As Malfoy heard her say those words, his brain seemed to have clouded with desire, since he suddenly became conscious of the firm breasts pressing against his chest. He tried to take a deep breath to calm himself and told himself that she can't possibly be serious but he just breathed in the sweet fragrance of her hair. He knew he was lost when he felt his desire burning between his legs at the slightest movement of hers. When she squirmed he couldn't help but gasp and press his body against hers for more contact. He thought he must be going crazy; he almost never reacted like this to a girl. He had sex a couple of nights ago, so he couldn't have been that desperate either.

As Hermione heard him gasp she suddenly felt something very hard pressing against her thigh. She involuntarily opened her legs a bit so it could slide between them and she moaned as she felt it press against her. Her desire was burning like it never had, she felt herself get wetter by the second.

Even though there were several items of clothing separating them, Malfoy's vision completely disappeared for a second as he felt his length slip between Hermione's willingly spread legs. It made him grip at the stone wall unconsciously and buck his hips to Hermione's. When he heard her moan he knew this was it. He just had to have her.

The next couple of seconds went by in a blur for both of them and the next thing they knew they were ripping at each other's clothes frantically while kissing madly. It was Malfoy who crushed his lips down on hers, but she responded just as desperately, their tongues battling for control for a few minutes. Malfoy had finally won, pressing her even harder against the wall, his hands exploring her already revealed breasts. With a few swift movements of his hand, Hermione was completely naked over the waist and she didn't waste any time getting his shirt off either. As his thumbs ran over her already rock hard nipples she gasped in pleasure, which made him smirk against her sweet lips. Hermione closed her eyes in pure bliss as he decided to explore a bit and slid his hands over her bottom, grabbing it and as she moaned he left her mouth to kiss his way all the way down her neck.

As he reached her collarbone, he hoisted her up by the thighs and she instinctively clutched her legs around his slim waist. He pressed his hardness against her core and she couldn't suppress a small yell as she felt him demanding entrance. Malfoy felt himself getting even harder, if that was even possible, at the little (or loud) noises she made and desperately thrust against her. She moved her hands down from his neck to his belt and with surprising speed and accuracy she undid it and fidgeted until his pants hit the floor around his ankles. Malfoy moaned in a deep voice in approval, and basically ripped her knickers off with one hand, now leaving her in only her skirt which was moved up her waist slightly for better access. Hermione wondered for a second about where their shoes and socks had gone, but was quickly brought back to the present when she felt one of Malfoy's slender fingers slide over her entrance.

"Aaaah, Malfoy!" she panted, pulling his head down to her neck. He smirked against it as he felt her wetness; she was more than ready for him. Within five seconds he got rid of his underwear, the last piece of fabric in the way. He growled in ecstasy as he felt his cock brushing against her wetness, making its way to her entrance. Hermione threw her head back and held on to his broad shoulders for dear life as she experienced things she wouldn't even have dreamed of.

She gasped as Malfoy suddenly captured one of her hard nipples in his mouth and that was the moment he chose to thrust forward and slide into her. They both cried out in pleasure (and partly in pain in Hermione's case) and within a second he was completely buried in her. They held onto each other, panting, and a few tears made their way down Hermione's face. When Malfoy felt wetness on his face he looked at her. His eyes opened wide in shock.

"You.. you were a virgin?!" he stammered between deep breaths that he took to steady himself. "Why on earth didn't you tell me?" he asked, seeming slightly angry.

"Well, we didn't exactly stop to chat beforehand, did we?" Hermione answered weakly.

"Should I stop?" Malfoy asked panting; it became increasingly hard to ignore his throbbing cock buried deep inside her. And her fidgeting didn't help either.

"Are you kidding?" Hermione asked with a mischievous smile as she slowly thrust against him.

Malfoy lost his good sense then, and he attacked her lips in a passionate kiss while slowly drawing out of her, only to thrust back in again, which made Hermione shiver in pleasure. First he moved in a steady pace which seemed to drive them both mad. Hermione threw her head back again, moaning and Malfoy found it increasingly hard to keep it slow, since his body was telling him to just take her hard and fast.

"Aaaah, Malfoy, don't stop!" Hermione cried as he increased his pace a bit, biting at her neck teasingly. His cock fit in her perfectly, stretching her so much that she thought she'd faint from the pleasure. As he hit that perfect spot again and again she saw stars and just when she thought she was over the edge he slowed down again, repeating his actions until Hermione couldn't take it anymore.

"Oh my God, faster, faster, FASTER!" she screamed, driving him crazy with desire, but he kept his pace even though it was harder than he would have thought. She was so tight, it made his cock throb and even harder than before and her slender frame fit perfectly in his arms. He couldn't hold off any longer, he moved faster and harder than before, making them both moan in ecstasy. He moved his lips to her neck and teased her even more and with one last hard thrust, Hermione screamed in pure bliss, drawing blood from his shoulders with her nails. That seemed to have done it for Malfoy too, who cried out in pain mixed with unbelievable pleasure and after a couple of more thrusts he emptied his hot seed inside of her as her walls seized him possessively.

They just stood there, panting for a couple of minutes, Malfoy still pinning Hermione to the wall. Then he slowly lowered her to the floor, which made them gasp as he slid out of her. As Hermione started gathering her clothes, Malfoy stared at her with a misty gaze.

"What do you think you're doing?" he asked, a half-smile on his face.

"Collecting my clothes." she said with her eyebrows raised, glancing up at him. "Do you have a problem?"

"Damn right I do!" he said mischievously, inching closer to her. "What I have planned involves no clothes at all." he added, smirking at her.

As Hermione opened her mouth to answer, he suddenly grabbed her and threw her over his shoulder, carrying her to his bedroom, Hermione laughing as he spanked her ass playfully on the way.


After a night of pure pleasure, Hermione woke up to the sunlight tickling her face. As he opened her eyes and turned around slowly under the green silky sheets, she felt the strong hand around her tighten its grip. She smiled to herself as she glanced at the mess of glowing blond hair, which was Draco Malfoy. He slowly opened his eyes and squinted at her, a mischievous smile on his face.

"Morning, beautiful." he murmured before dozing off again.

'Well, now I really am in trouble…' Hermione thought as his words caused a tingling sensation all over her body…


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