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- - -

Draco felt his arousal rising to new levels as he closed in on his prey. He could feel her panic and saw it in her eyes, but he just felt encouraged as he felt her tremble as his body got unbearably close to hers.

He nuzzled her ear with his nose and brought his hands up to her sides to hold her gently. He felt her shiver as he brushed his lips against her skin on their way from her ear to her lips. Hermione felt all conscious thought slip away when he brushed his lips against hers and no matter how much she tried to cling onto them it was no use. Her body gave in completely as she instinctively leaned in against him grabbing his shoulders, and eagerly parting her lips. Draco didn't need any more encouragement and he finally kissed her with a growing need and passion, which first took her by surprise but soon she mirrored his moves with matching enthusiasm.

When Draco felt the desperate thrusts of her hips that demanded more contact, he lost all train of thought and forcefully hoisted her up by her thighs, and started making his way to his room without breaking their hungry kiss. Thankfully, the door wasn't locked, so he was able to open it without much effort. In a few moments Hermione felt soft and comfortable bed sheets under her, though this barely registered, since Draco managed to get her top off amazingly quickly and now he was making his way with soft, burning kisses to one of her eagerly waiting breasts.

Hermione gasped as she felt his hands sliding slowly and maddeningly up her legs until they reached her panties, which in a few seconds joined her discarded top on the floor, and was shortly followed by the rest of their garments.

Draco kissed his way back up to Hermione's face and she surprised him by clutching his head with one hand and crushing her lips to his with such passion that it completely clouded his thoughts. He gently eased her thighs further apart with his legs and as he brought his body down to rest on hers, he moaned deeply into her mouth as his length came in contact with her warm wetness. When Hermione felt the contact, she shivered in anticipation and she clutched his shoulders even harder as she felt one of his hands smoothly sliding down her body and finally resting between her legs, teasing her with light touches. Draco moved his head to her neck, breathing in her seductive scent, and as one of his fingers moved in slightly deeper to explore, he couldn't stifle a moan when he felt an overwhelming wetness. At the same time Hermione gasped and bucked her hips against his hand, her body screaming for more.

"Aaah, you're so wet…" Draco whispered, his hot breath tickling her neck, teasing her even more.

"Draco, please…" Hermione moaned, holding onto him for dear life.

"Your wish is my command…" he said, but Hermione didn't hear a word, because then his finger entered her, and started moving slowly in and out in an even, teasing pace. Hermione was writhing and panting, her desire taking completely over her body, which made it very hard for Draco to keep his focus and not just take her that second.

His pace gradually increased, and after what seemed like forever to Hermione, he added another finger, stretching her even more.

"Please, just take me…" she gasped, and Draco lost all control then, as if his brain switched to auto-mode. He swiftly slid his fingers out, and in one urgent thrust he was inside of her. Draco groaned in appreciation and Hermione moaned his name loudly, urging him to move faster and deeper. And so he did. He was done teasing; his body couldn't take it anymore. He lost all self control, thrusting into her hard again and again, and with one slower, stronger thrust, he stretched her enough so she took all of him, making Hermione scream with pleasure. He felt as if a thick fog settled on his brain, blinding him with satisfaction. Then he increased his pace once more, their bodies slamming against each other until they were both sweating and panting hard. With one final thrust, he was completely spent, falling over the edge and taking her with him.

He collapsed on top of her and after a few minutes he felt her shiver, so he slid off of her, hugging her close and pulling a blanket over them. Without another thought, they were both asleep within seconds.

Hermione woke after what seemed like only a few minutes, cuddled comfortably against Draco's chest, his arms still around her. She sleepily twisted her head around to see the clock and she gasped quietly when she saw that it was nearly dinner time.

'Can't believe I missed double Potions…' she thought, annoyed, as she carefully turned her head back towards Draco. 'He's gonna pay for this… At least tomorrow's Saturday.' she thought right before sleep claimed her again.

- - -

When Draco woke up in the morning, he was alone. He suddenly felt a wave of worry, but he quickly stifled it, and pulling the blanket over his head with a yawn he decided to sleep a bit longer.

'She'll come back…' he thought sleepily. 'After amazing sex like that, anyone would.' he smirked. With that comforting thought he fell asleep again.

- - -

Hermione was striding along the corridors purposefully towards the Gryffindor tower. She couldn't believe she let this happen again. This was madness. She felt she had to clear her head and for that she needed to see her friends, and especially Ron. When she entered the common room, she spotted her friends playing exploding snap in a corner and she started towards them. When they saw her they waved and smiled happily at her, and Ron stood and hugged her close after greeting her with a gentle kiss.

As he was hugging her, she felt herself getting calmer with every second, and when he tightened his hold on her she felt butterflies in her stomach from the happiness.

"Come on, love, sit and play with us!" he pulled her gently next to him as he sat down and she comfortably snuggled closer to him, smiling at Harry and Ginny who were sitting opposite from them. She felt relief mixed with an overwhelming calm and happiness, and she couldn't help thinking that that was where she belonged and where she always will. Ron looked at her smiling, and she gasped as she saw so much love and appreciation in his eyes, and she realized that all that mirrored her emotions exactly. She smiled back contentedly.

"I love you." she almost whispered and she never meant it more.

"I love you too, Hermione." Ron said, kissing her on the cheek.

She spent most of the day with them and it was the most fun she had in a while. In the late afternoon though she realized that she had to put things right and she did not want to wait any longer. After she said goodbye to her boyfriend and friends, and she was making her way back to her dorm, she felt tears prickling her eyes. She couldn't believe that she did that to Ron. She felt like a monster. With new determination she quickened her pace. She just had to fix this and fast. She couldn't live with this mistake any longer. She felt now that this was the biggest mistake of her life.

- - -

Hermione entered the Heads' common room with dry eyes and, as she expected, found Draco sitting comfortably on the couch, his feet on the table in front, reading a book. As she entered, he looked up and a confident smile spread on his face.

"Where did you disappear to this morning?" he asked, putting the book down on the table and patting the couch next to him, motioning for her to sit.

"I came to tell you that it's over." Hermione said in an even voice, stopping right in front of him across the table.

"What?" he said, clearly confused now.

"This twisted thing between us is over. And for good." she continued. "If you try anything again, you will regret it. Consider yourself warned."

"But Granger, I thought you were over that!" now he was standing too, anger and confusion mixed on his face.

"I know I was weak, but now I made my decision and that is not going to change." she still spoke very calmly, but she wished he would just understand already. Obviously, he didn't.

"So you'll just give this up so you can have your happily ever after with Weasley?!" his voice was rising now, Hermione instinctively took a step back.

"Well, you could put it like that, yes…" but she couldn't go on, because she was sharply interrupted.

"Well then you should reconsider. Us." he nearly yelled, his eyes shooting daggers at her.

"Us?!" now Hermione was losing her temper too. "What is us?! There is no us, Malfoy!"

"No, there isn't. YET." he said, a bit calmer now.

"And there never will be. It's just too… much. Too complicated. It's not worth it." she almost whispered.

"Look, if you're waiting for me to declare my undying love for you, you can forget it!" Draco said, his temper rising again.

"Of course not…" Hermione muttered.

"But this… twisted thing, as you put it could be something. Can't you feel it?" he added hesitantly. Maybe she didn't after all. But she seemed hesitant too, as she avoided his gaze and put her weight uncomfortably from one foot to the other. This gave him courage to approach her and finally he stood right in front of her, just a few inches between them. She didn't back down this time. "If we let it, if we didn't stomp it down, this could grow to be something more. Something special." He cringed as he said that word. Merlin, he didn't know he was that corny. But he only said what he thought to be true. No matter how unbelievable or unrealistic it was. He saw her waver, so he gathered the courage to lift her chin to face him. Her eyes showed a mix of emotions and he felt hope rising in his chest.

But the spell was quickly broken, when she abruptly turned her back on him and put some distance between them as well by walking a few steps away from him.

"As I said, it's not worth it." she said calmly, still turning away. "And you can't change my mind about this. Not this time."

"And where does that leave me?!" Draco asked, a bit of unease apparent in his voice.

"You can go back to what you always do." Hermione said, turning to him again, strangely calm and collected. "Sleeping with half of Hogwarts. You were always good at that. And I don't know why you expect me to act differently to how you treat all those girls. It's time you learned how it felt." Her face still showed no emotion, but inside she felt that she went a bit too far. Not that he didn't deserve it.

"Fine, be that way!" Draco was clearly annoyed now. He couldn't believe that he said all those things, and to her of all people, for nothing. "As I said, if you expect me to propose or something, you can forget it!" and with that he noisily proceeded back to the couch, sitting down and pretending to read his book. He was not going to beg. Malfoys do not beg.

"Fine." Hermione said, and without a backward glance, she entered her room and slammed the door a bit too hard behind her.

"But remember, in the end you'll come crawling back to me!" Draco couldn't stop himself from yelling after her, though her door was closed. "They always do." He murmured to himself.

But he couldn't help doubting himself. Would she come back? Replaying their conversation in his head he thought no. She wouldn't. He sighed and told himself it'll always work out in the end. Maybe she was right, and it was too complicated. They were so different. In every possible aspect. Maybe she was meant to be with Weasley. Then it probably is better if this didn't go on any longer.

But if they are good together, he thought gazing into the fire burning in the fireplace next to the couch, then fate will somehow make their paths cross again. He couldn't stop himself from smirking at that thought.

- The End -

- - -

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