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'Why am I nervous? It's just the train ride back to school, no not school, back home. The only home I've ever known. ' She looked in the mirror again at her reflection, making sure she had chosen the right outfit for this first day. Her scarlet locks were distinct against the white and blue striped tank she had chosen. Slipping on her shorts and flip flops, she gathered her trunk and headed out the door. She only lived a mile or so from the train station and it had come naturally that she walk there every time she went to get on the train, you see, her sister needed her parents to do things for her and they didn't have time for Lily, Petunia made sure of that. It was about a 15 minute walk, and while she walked, she pondered her thoughts on why she was so nervous to come back this last year.

She approached the train station and looked through the crowd to see if she could find her best friend, Fess. Just as she had given up, she got pummeled to the ground, by none other than the very person she had been looking for.

"Lils! Ok, I've been looking for you for the past…. Well, forever. What took you so long, Oh wait, don't tell me. Little miss perfect had to have the parents drive her to her engagement party with her pig of a boyfriend." Fess said the last part in a snotty voice, talking through her nose.

Lily laughed as she got up from the ground. "Well of course, don't you know she made mom take her shopping to find the perrrrrfect dress for this occasion."

"What dress is perfect for her? She looks like a horse" They both laughed at this and headed for the platform.

"Oh, I forgot to tell you, I got head girl." Lily said enthusiastically.

"Wow, really? That's awesome! This should be a verrryyy interesting year." Fess replied, smirking.

"Why is that?" Lily said wearily.

"Oh, you'll see." Fess started smirking like she did when she knew something Lily didn't.

"Um, no. Tell me now! Wait" Lily stopped in her tracks. They had reached the platform and were about to get on the train as Fess turned around to look at Lily's shocked face. "You've got to be joking." Lily said almost in a whisper.

"Cousin!" said a voice behind Fess. It was none other than the infamous James Potter.

"Cousin!" Fess said hugging her cousin. "How was summer?" She said with a grin.

"Well let's see, pranks, reading, pranks, hanging out with the guys, oh yeah and writing you of course!" He said laughing. His best friend Sirius came up beside him.

"Hey guys, long time no see. What do you say we get on this train?" He said. James followed Sirius and Remus onto the train, without a word said to Lily.

"Um, Lils, you coming? Or you going to stand there all day and not get on the train?" Fess asked her. Lily had not moved since the Marauders came up and talked to Fess.

"He's.. he's… wait. He didn't say anything to me." Lily said coming out of her daze.

"Maybe he's realized you won't go out with him and is growing up. Come on, lets go get a seat." Fess said climbing onto the train. Lily followed her down to the very last compartment, which happened to be the only empty one. James had tried to get them to sit with them, but Lily wanted to talk to Fess. Fess threw herself onto the long chair in the compartment, laying down and taking out a magazine from her bag. Lily shut the door and turned around with a furious look on her face.

"Talk, scream, shout, let it out" Fess said nonchalantly.

Lily screamed, at the top of her lungs, and fell to her knees on the compartment floor.

"Well Lily, I think there's a few people in America who didn't hear you, try again." Fess replied, not even looking up from her magazine. Lily pounded the floor with her fist.

"Breathe. In, 1, 2, 3, 4. And out, 5, 6, 7, 8" Fess said. She was used to Lily's rantings about her cousin by now that they had devised a plan to calm her temper down.

Lily breathed like Fess said and got up off the floor. Sitting in the seat across from Fess she buried her head in her hands.

"The nerve! How the hell did he get head boy? What is the idiot of a man we call headmaster thinking? Is he crazy? Does he want me to kill myself? I just don't understand." Lily said

"Maybe he's thinking that you will keep him in line more than his friends will. I think there's only about 3 people James listens to, and the main one is you. He'd jump off a cliff if he thought you really meant it." Fess told her.

"Then why hasn't he?"

"Lils, think. What would you do if he was dead? You'd be a fly on the wall. No one to compete against in school, no one to yell at, and more importantly, no one that cares about you like that, that much." Fess explained.

Lily thought about this for a minute. It was true, she would be lost if James Potter was not in her life. 'Wait, what the hell are you thinking, you should jump for joy if he was gone.' She mentally hit herself for even thinking such thoughts. Then the compartment door opened, it was James.

"Evans, were needed in the prefect compartment. Something about explaining what the prefects are to do and such." He said this and left. 'Wow, maybe Fess is right, maybe he is growing up. No, this is Potter, he doesn't know the meaning.' Lily thought and followed him out of the compartment, leaving Fess to her magazine.

When she got to the compartment, she found James already explaining to the prefects their duties. She sat down at the opposite end and let him work. He was really taking this seriously, and he explained everything so well, so delicate. He talked with his hands, those hands, those hands that were the type of hands you wanted all over you. Lily found herself staring at his arms, for he had on a tight fitting shirt that his muscles shown right through. 'Thank Merlin for quidditch.' She thought. 'Whoa, what did I just say?' She shook her head and went to looking at the floor.

James talked to the prefects about all the things he had learned from Moony and Dumbledore. He wanted to impress Lily without seeming like he was trying to impress her. Over the summer, he had thought a lot about her. About how much he loved her, and about what she said to him every time he made her mad. He was going to try to change, show her he could be different, the guy she wanted him to be. Then and only then, would he ask her out. While explaining, he noticed her walk into the room, but didn't want to make it obvious so he kept talking. Every now and then he would glance her way. Once he swore he saw her staring at him, then she shook her head, so he didn't know what to make of it. By now he was finished explaining everything and told the prefects just to go monitor the compartments, make sure no mischief was going on.

He was done talking. Lily looked up from her hands. She didn't want to be alone with him, for fear of yelling, or something worse.

"Nicely done Potter." She said.

"Thank you. How was your summer?" He asked.

'Potter? Asking about my summer? Ok, this is weird.' She thought. "It was ok, just getting ready for my sister's wedding."

"Oh, when is that?"

"Its in October, I wasn't invited." Why was she telling him this? She mentally slapped herself.

"Not invited? To you own sister's wedding? Wow, what a prick."

"your one to talk." Lily said.

'Here it comes' James thought. "What do you mean?"

"Coming back to school and not talking to me, trying to make me think you've grown up some, Potter you make me sick. What are you trying to pull anyway?" She said sternly.

He looked at her shocked. "I'm not trying to pull anything. I am trying to change. I have changed." Wrong thing to say.

"You? Potter? Changed? No, you cant change. You're an arrogant prick. You couldn't change if you wanted to. I see right through your little charade. Trying to make me fall for you because you think you can change. You're as bad as Snape! Change my ass! You're still the same arrogant, pig-headed, jerk who has asked me out everyday for the past 6 years. People like you cant change. Ill bet you'll have 3 girls in your bedroom tonight just like you always do. Don't try to change for me Potter, it wont work. And who the hell had the bright idea of giving head boy to you! A jerk like you cant handle the responsibilities! You make me sick Potter!" Lily was red and crying by now. She didn't know why she was crying, or why she was even yelling at him. Seeing the hurt look on his face, she walked out of the compartment without another word.

James slumped down in the chair, putting his head in his hands. The compartment door opened.

"James, you ok?" Fess asked sitting beside him.

"Yea, sure." He didn't even look up.

"Have you seen Lils? I figured she would still be back here, we're almost at the school."

She heard a sniff. "James, look at me. What. Is. Wrong."

He turned to her and she saw a small tear come down his face. He quickly wiped it, hoping she hadn't seen. "What the hell did she say to you? She never makes you cry." Fess said quickly.

"She told me I could never change and that I was the same arrogant bastard I had always been. Fess, I swear, I didn't do anything. All I did was ask how her summer was. I mean, I ignored her today in hope that she would see that I didn't need to ask her out all the time and then when I do talk to her she yells at me out of spite. I don't even think she knew why she was yelling." He explained.

"Well, if I know Lily, she didn't know how to take the new, improved James H. Potter. Trust me, you've changed. I wouldn't lie to you. And you know that. I tell you when you're being an arrogant ass. She will realize that she hurt you. I don't think she ever realized that she may have hurt you in the past, but there's nothing I cant handle." She said with a wink to James.

He laughed. "If there is one thing you are good for, it's a laugh."

"Ha, don't make me start singing!" Fess said standing.

"No!" James said laughing.

She started singing. Its not that Fess had a bad voice, she actually really could sing, she just loved doing it entirely too much. But only in front of close friends.

She pulled her Ipod out of her pocket and then put a loud charm on it so that James could hear the music as well. "So what are we singing? Slow? Fast? Old?"

"Hmm, I think I-"

"Got it!" Just as she started to sing, the compartment door opened again, Sirius this time.

"Prongs, mate, where have you been? Step into my office." Sirius said, completely ignoring Fess and talking to James. "Prongs, are you coming?" he asked again.

"Sorry mate, I'm still talking to Fess. I'll meet you later." James said seeing Fess's hurt face.

"oh, right. Later then." At that he left.

"You have got to be freaking kidding me!" Fess yelled throwing herself on the floor. James laughed.

"Kill me now, here, just do it." Fess said handing James her wand. He laughed.

"What's so funny? You want me to start laughing when Lily ignores you? Wait, maybe you ignoring her will drive her as crazy as he drives me." She said sitting up.

"Fess, have you ever looked at the girls he dates? Or screws? Or actually notices for that matter?" James asked.

"Yea sure, big-boobed bimbos, that dress in their underwear at all times. Well, maybe not all of them are idiots, there were a few smart ones in there that he got hold of" She said without giving a second thought.

"Well maybe you should get implants and start dressing in your underwear." Fess hit his arm at this.

"All I'm saying is, unless you make him notice you, he's not going to know you as anything else other than my cousin. Show him how much fun you can be. You know whenever he's around you don't joke or sing or dance or anything. And that's what makes you so much fun. Just break out in song in the middle of the great hall or something. Wear a mini skirt and not sweat pants. Do something drastic." James said.

"Drastic. Yeah, ok. I think I can do that. What about you? How are you going to make the future Mrs. Potter melt?"

"Ignore her? And walk away if she starts yelling at me. Do what Sirius does to you. That should work." James said shrugging.

"All right sparky, here's the deal. If you want to court the little lady, ya gotta be a straight shooter, do ya got it?" Fess joked, putting on her sunglasses and mimicking a scene from Aladdin. James burst out laughing.

"What. Was. That?" he said in between breaths.

"Aladdin! The Genie! Come on James!" He laughed even harder when she said this.

"Wow, and that is why you are the best person to talk to when I am down." He laughed. The train had stopped by now and it was time for James to find Lily so they could do their head boy/girl duties.

"Later?" James asked.

"Later, definitely." Fess said as she herself got off the train and headed to the carriages.

James eventually found Lily trying to sort out the first years and lead them to the boats.

"James you could help. They are scared to death." She said sternly to him.

Sighing, he turned and rounded up some first years and took them to the boats, where he met Hagrid. He greeted him and then turned back to get the next group. After about 10 minutes, all the first years were in the boats and Lily and James were left to get their own carriage up to the castle.

They walked in silence, got into the carriage in silence, and started the ride in silence. It was Lily who broke it.

"Potter, why aren't you talking to me?" she asked.

"Because you don't want me to." He looked at the lake, trying to ignore her.

"I never said that." She said innocently.

"Really? Well then why have you been telling me that you hoped I died everyday for the past 6 years then for? Because I kind of got the impression that you hated me."

"I don't hate you, you're just annoying."

"Which is precisely why I am not talking to you." They were almost to the castle now.

"Potter, we are head boy and girl, we have to talk."

"Ok, we can talk about business. That's it. I don't want to bother you any more than I need to."

"Why?" Lily asked. It was about the stupidest question she had ever asked.

"Why? Why Lily? Oh I don't know, maybe to stop our fighting and maybe have a peace between us. Dammit Lily, you don't understand what you do to me. You yell at me to leave you the hell alone. Never talk to you again. And when I don't talk to you, you wonder why. Well it must be a game to me right? No, it isn't a game to me. You aren't a game to me. You just- you don't understand what its like. You make me feel like a ball and you're just tossing me in the air, playing with me. I hear that you hate me every time we fight, then you're going to say that you don't hate me? Which is it Evans? Because from where I'm standing, I'm confused as hell." He yelled this at her, getting frustrated.

Sniff. "Leave me alone." She whispered, looking up at him. He had made her cry again. She rushed out of the carriage before he could say anything to her. Kicking himself, he walked up to the great hall to greet the rest of his friends.

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