Title: The Truth in The Lies

Summary: Kris Furillo is a famous jockey who lives the perfect life to many. But what happens when Kris' life gets turned upside down and she goes to court. When an unexpected meeting changes everything in her life, will she just run or will she face the truth in the lies?

Of all the moments we in our hearts desire,
Surely it's of this that we most dream:
To bare our arms while covert eyes inquire
What passions are revealed within their gleam.
To touch, to hold, here more than arms embrace
For caresses gently gesture, "Guards, dismissed!"
And silent lips accept with trembling grace
This sweet surrender, signaled by a kiss.
-Gary Boone

Chapter 1-Broken

Kris sighed loudly. It's wasn't like anyone could hear her, they were all pre-occupied. This wasn't the best thing for her to do with her Saturday night, she knew that. She should have been at home working on her new training regimen or at least trying to get some sleep.

She could feel the alcohol pulsing through her brain, matching the rhythm of the music. She momentarily wondered why it was that she could be in a room filled with people and still feel so alone. Dropping the small straw of her drink back into the glass she reached in and gently plucked out an ice cube, placing it into her mouth.

As the cool liquid slithered down her throat, Kris looked over at her best friend Dani, who was obviously not paying attention. It was Dani's birthday and hence the reason Kris was in this god-forsaken club. She could feel the sweat running down her neck and she reached her hand behind her head and quickly wiped it away.

Kris was 2,000 miles away from home, visiting friends, and yet all she could think of was work. Kris really didn't mind the trip, or the company. She minded the pounding that was becoming increasingly larger by the second. Her throat felt like it was closing up and all she could think was that she needed out.

Kris slowly slinked out of the crowd and made it outside in one piece, Dani would surely understand, wouldn't she? She hailed a cab, hopped in, and headed back to the hotel. As they drove the curvy roads she could feel the alcohol hitting her system making her dizzy. Why in the world had she drank so much?

Something was wrong, something was bothering her, but she couldn't put her finger on it. Kris sighed again. "Were only here for a few days take a break you're over working yourself" she mumbled to herself. She looked out the window and realized they were at the hotel. She paid the driver and practically ran up to her room.

She sat in her bed staring at her laptop oblivious to the world around her. A single picture had captured her attention and had made the hair on the back of her neck stand. She placed a small finger on her screen and traced the image. Had she really ever been that happy? She couldn't recall.

Opening her email, she scanned the list looking for a particular email. Finding it she double clicked the name opening the message. Her eyes locked on a single sentence, one that she had memorized a long time ago. "Surely this is what I lived for, I'm so proud of you."

Kris tried to breath but she couldn't. She sat staring at the screen blinking back the tears as she remembered her life so many years ago.

"Mother, Mother" Kris screamed loudly forgetting that her mother was out for the night. Frantically she searched the house looking for her mother, who was nowhere to be found. Sitting on the stairs Kris lowered her head into her hands. Then she remembered and frowned.

"I'm only seven mother I can't be perfect," Kris sighed. "I'm going to be a writer when I grow up mother how great is that?" she whispered to herself. I guess it's not that great, Kris thought, mother would despise the idea. She slowly laid the story on the table and slinked upstairs and cried herself to sleep.

Kris slowly re-opened her eyes, she wouldn't remember, she promised herself she would forget about that. She slowly closed the email and the logged off her computer. No matter how many times she tried, she couldn't erase the email, couldn't erase the memories.

Kris picked up the small frame next to her bed and gently ran her fingers across the picture of her beloved horse, Wildfire. Kris was proud of the work she had accomplished even if her parents weren't. She looked to the bed next to her and noticed that Dan had returned at some point in the night.

Leaning over Kris grabbed her cell phone and slid out of the room. She had to work out some details with her manager, she needed a brake or she would explode from all the stress. Hoping for the best, Kris slowly hit the programmed number and took a deep breath as the phone rang.

Kris pressed her hand to her head and tried to stop the pounding in her head. The alcohol had definitely been a bad idea. "What do you mean no?" Kris screamed into the phone, "Your my manager not my parent, I need a brake, you can't do this."

Kris couldn't believe this, not only did her manager refuse a break but he threatened Kris. Kris hoped no one could hear her, but knew they probably could. 'Great make a scene that's just what you need' Kris thought. "You can't do this to me." She cried out.

By now several spectators had gathered in the doorway, silently watching her closely. "NO, no I won't I CAN"T," she cried into the phone. 'What have I gotten myself into' she wondered. When her manager didn't say anything she broke. "How dare you treat me like this," she hissed "I'll see you in court." Kris slammed the phone closed and stared at it for a second before chucking it against the wall.

She slowly closed her eyes trying to regain composure but no matter how hard she tried she couldn't. With tears streaming down her face she looked at everyone around her and ran. She had to get out, get away; she just couldn't deal right now.

Running down the stairs she made her way to the lobby and quickly exited the hotel. Looking around she didn't see a cab or any other type of transportation so she just took off running down the street away from the hotel. Away from everything she ever knew and didn't want to see.

Kris walked the streets in a daze, not quite sure where she was headed. She was lost, upset, and confused. 'Not a good combination' she thought. She didn't have her cell phone anymore so she couldn't call Dani. "Not that she would understand." Kris mumbled.

Seeing a payphone a block ahead, she made the decision that she should call. She didn't want her friends to worry. She slowly dug in her pockets for the change coming up short. "Great, Just great." Kris practically screamed. She dug deeper and found the coin she was looking for and sighed.

She stood with the phone pressed against her ear pondering who to call. After a moment she finally decided.

A deep and groggy man's voice answered, and she immediately could tell that she had awoken him. Kris let a gentle sigh escape her lips as she thought slowly for a minute before speaking. Kris momentarily considered hanging up, but stopped herself. He could be trusted, couldn't he?

"Hey, it's me Kris." She whispered slightly into the phone.

"Kris?" The man asked softly and she could hear a rustling as he made his way out of bed. "How are you? It has been such a long time."

"Yeah it has," Kris replied as a gentle sigh escaped her lips "I know I woke you and I am sorry but, well I need a major favor…."