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First Real Love

Chapter 11

She had to. She just had to. She knew she had to go back but she did not want to. How could she be so stupid to forget her jacket at Derek's house? She had to be the person with the worst luck in the entire world. But she had to go.

This is a lot worse than the dress I had considered, Derek thought. That was the best proof for loving his sister more than anything else in this world he had. They were having a tea party and Derek was Mrs. Buttercup. He had a lot of make-up on his (he did not even know Marti had so much make-up) and a really ugly hat on his head. It was the kind of hat your grandmother wore in winter because she thought it was hip (because that was what the youth said today, right?).

When did Grandmas finally understand that it just sounds stupid when they said things were cool or hip? Everything which they said was hip was actually incredibly old fashioned and ugly. Now imagine your grandmother in such an ugly hat saying something like "what's shaking?" in front of all of your friends. Would that be cool? He did not think so.

Suddenly he was interrupted in his really important and philosophical train of thought by the ringing doorbell. Hopefully this is not grandma, she smells so weird.

"That has to be Casey?"

Derek jumped up. "Casey? Why Casey?"

"Because she left her jacket here." Marti should better not mention that she hid her jacket so she would forget. Her brother needed all the help he could get. People always said that children her age did not understand anything. Marti did understand that her brother was too stupid to get a girl like Casey without help. Good that she knew exactly what to do.

Derek already stormed downstairs and opened the door.

When Derek opened the door Casey could not help but laugh. He had a lot of make-up on his face. And this hat was just hilarious. Her grandma in Toronto had the same and she always said it was hip.

While Casey was laughing so hard until she started crying Derek tried to figure out what she was laughing about. Though his thinking was not working too great because he got distracted by how beautiful she looked.

"May I ask what you're laughing about?" Casey was so out of breath that she could not speak so she just pointed at his face. Then he realized what she was laughing about and he blushed, though because of all the blush Marti put on his face it was not noticeable.

"Hi Casey! Doesn't Derek look pretty?" Casey finally managed to calm down and took a good look on to his face. Everything was just a lot too much but it was so cute that he let her do that. He really loves his sister.

"You're right, he looks really pretty."

""Okay, I'm really happy you had a good laugh on my expense. Now I would like to get the colour off my face." Then he stormed upstairs to the bathroom.

"I think your brother is really mad at me." She looked at Marti and felt so guilty for laughing about Derek. He had to be more than just mad at her.

"Yeah. But you have been mad at him before. Now you're even."

"You might not have an idea what I am supposed to do now?"

"How about you help him getting the make-up off his face? The last time we played dress up he could not get the glitter off for two weeks."

"Good idea." So she made her way upstairs.

Somebody knocked on the bathroom door. Derek was trying to wash the make-up off his face but it did not work.


She heard that he was in a really bad mood so she better asked: "May I come inside?"

He had made a complete fool out of himself. Should he let her in so she could laugh again?


"Because we need to talk and I'm a girl."

"How exactly is that supposed to help me?"

"I know how to get the make-up off your face." That was an argument. He had still not forgotten the last time he had not been able to get the glitter off his face. All classmates had been laughing about him for weeks. It had been worse than being called Dereka. That memory was enough to convince him to open the door.

"Hey!" She smiled but he just grunted at her.

"You wanted to talk?" She made a gesture with her hand so he would sit down on the corner of the bathing tub. Then Casey took a towel and put it into the water.

"I know you're really mad at me." He grunted in agreement. "And I was really mad at you for ruining my date. I think now we're even and we should start over. Hi, I'm Casey McDonald. Are you new here?"

"Shouldn't I say this?" Casey started rubbing the make-up off his face gently.

"Fine, but I don't think that you can imitate my voice."

"Hi, I'm Derek Venturi. Are you new here?"

"I'm Casey and I just moved here from Toronto."

"What do you like to do in your free time?"

"I like to dance and I love reading. My favourite author is Shakespeare."

"I love Shakespeare, too." She looked at him suspiciously. "Hey, I admit I didn't before but I tried really hard to impress you. So I tried to understand the sonnets, at least some of them."

"Really? Which sonnet is your favourite?" She wanted to test him and he knew that. So he should just brag with his huge knowledge.

"Sonnet 116. Shakespeare gives a definition of true love. "Let me not to the marriage of true minds admit impediments. Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds or bend with the remover to remove. O no, it…""

"Okay, I believe you. So now that all the make-up is gone and you look so manly again, would you please ask me out?"

Finally, she wanted to go out with him. It was about time.

"Would you like to go out with me tonight, Casey?"

"Yes, now get up and kiss me already!" That was something she did not have to tell him twice. He got up, pulled her into his arms and kissed her. None of them thought that a kiss could feel that way, but obviously they were both wrong. It was the best kiss they ever experienced.

When Marti saw them she only thought: "Finally, it was about time. Without me they would be fighting until graduation. Come on, Daphne, let's find Edwin, he stole Sir Monks-A-Lot again. He is so disgusting."

The End

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