This is just some random crap that has been running through my head. I may extend this in to a fuller chapter; but who knows. This chapter isn't nearly as funny as the others but it has potential so we will see. Hope ya like. Much love for you all. Keva


Kagome put her fingers to her temples and began rubbing heavy pressure circles. Why was it always her that had to suffer such irritating issues with her hanyou companion? Really there were three others in the group; four if you counted Kiara, that he could annoy with his behavior, why was it always her that suffered the brunt of his ipersonality/i?

She gave off a very annoyed sigh before she cast her eyes up to the being standing next to her. "In a minute Inuyasha." She sighed out.

Inuyasha huffed as he crossed his arms over his chest. "You always say that but your iminutes/i…" He drawled in irritation. "always take twenty minutes."

Kagome narrowed her eyes upon the hanyou then turned back to her bag sitting on the shelf next to Kaede's herbs. "You will just have to wait then." She nearly snapped at him as she flipped her bag open and stared inside. She spotted an item that she knew for a fact she didn't put in there and reached into grab it at the same moment Inuyasha continued his little fit.

"You said that you would make me as much ramen as I could eat when you got back." He gave her a haughty stare down his nose; a stare he could have only acquired from his elder brother, and snorted. "Here you are and look at my hands." He held his hands out to her and turned them both over. "Do you see any ramen in my hands?"

Kagome turned to her hanyou friend and held up the object her brother had so kindly put in her bag with a quickly written sticky note that said: iFor Inuyasha/i. "Here Inuyasha how about this instead? Do you want it?"

Inuyasha eyed the purple rubber ball in her hand and shrugged his shoulder. "It's just a ball but if you want to give it to me I will take it."

Brown eyes stared at the hanyou with a facetious glint before she squeezed the ball in her hand and made a high pitched squeaking sound. When the hanyou's ears perked she had him. "Do you want it Inuyasha?"

Inuyasha stared at the ball. "I told you I would take it; didn't I?" He snapped.

"No really Inuyasha; do you want it?" She shook her hand around keeping him focused on the ball.

"Yes; I want it." He said with a nod of his head.

Kagome smiled evilly; a smile Naraku would be proud of, and pulled her arm back aiming for the door. "Okay Inuyasha go get it." The ball went flying and she watched as Inuyasha turned and walked off after it. She rolled her eyes then giggled at how easy it was to get rid of him and returned to her unpacking.

A short moment later Inuyasha returned with ball in hand and held it out to her. "Here"

Kagome looked down at the ball in his hand then locked stares with him. "What? I thought you said you wanted it."

"I did and now you can have it back." He stated like they were discussing the weather.

She reached out and took the ball from his hand. "Why did you say you wanted it when you don't?" She bit out.

"I didn't say I don't want it now did I!" Inuyasha snapped back as he stared at the purple ball in her hand.

"Then why did you bring it back and give it to me?!" She was so close to wrapping her hands around his thick neck and squeezing the life right out of him.

"Keh!" He grunted. "It's just a stupid ball!" He growled with a pointed claw at the object in question.

Was it her or was Inuyasha acting particularly stupid today? "Well do you want the ball or not?!"

"Of course I want the ball!" He bellowed into her face.

"Fine!" She hissed then threw it back outside.

Inuyasha turned and stormed out through the door, retrieved the ball, and brought it back. "Here" He bit out.

"I thought you said you wanted it! Why are you giving it back if you want it?!" She pointed a sharp finger at the stupid purple ball.

Inuyasha narrowed his deep golden eyes. "Why do you keep throwing it outside? What am I supposed to do; just leave it out there?!" He growled.

Oh how she was tempted to bang her head against the wall. "Fine Inuyasha if you don't want it; that is just fine!" She bit out, took the ball from him, and stuffed it back into her bag.

Inuyasha just stood there staring at her bag expectantly. "Well?!" He growled low in his throat when she closed her bag up and turned to face him.

"Well what?"

He huffed in extreme annoyance. "The ball!"

Kagome narrowed her eyes at the hanyou. "What about it?!"

He widened his eyes at her like she was the slowest person he had ever met. "I thought you were going to give it to me!"

"WHAT?!" She cried with hands on her hips. "I have tired to give you that stupid ball twice now and you keep giving it back!" She threw her hands up in annoyance. "Do you want it or not?!"

"I SAID I DID; NOW DIDN'T I!" He nearly screamed in her face.

Her eyes narrowed to deadly little slits. "Ouswari!" She watched as he hit the ground with a loud bang causing the hut to shake under the force. "You are such a jerk Inuyasha!" She flipped her bag open, plucked the ball out, and threw it at his head; hitting her target dead on. "Here is your stupid ball!" She screamed then stormed out of the hut.

Inuyasha pulled himself off the floor when the incantation wore off and picked up the ball. "Keh; stupid wench!" He growled then followed after his friend.


Kagome stood by the pond trying to cool down from Inuyasha sudden bout of stupidity when he came up behind her.


She spun around and came face to face with the purple ball. She cut her angry eyes up to his golden and narrowed them to deadly little slits. "What do you think you are doing?" She hissed between clenched teeth.

"I am giving you your stupid ball back!" He bit out with a jerk of his hand with the ball towards her.

"You. Said. You. Wanted. It." She bit out each word in a low deadly tone.

His own eyes narrowed to match her glare. "I did; now here."

She stared coldly at him for a few seconds before she snatched the ball out of his hand. "Alright Inuyasha you want the ball go get it." She hiss curtly, cocked her arm back, and sent it flying forward. When he turned to see where it went; she quickly stuck the ball under her shirt behind her back.

"I don't see it." He stated as he turned to stare at her.

She arched her brows as she stared at him. "Well I did throw it. See it went over there." She pointed in a random direction towards the forest. "Go find it."

Inuyasha shrugged his shoulder, turned, and went in search of the ball.

Kagome watched him go with narrowed eyes and when he was out of sight she pulled the ball from her shirt and scowled at it. "Stupid ball!" She hissed then threw it as hard as she could towards the forest; away from Inuyasha, and turned back to the pond.

As she was trying to clear her head and forget about Inuyasha and the ball she felt a tap on her shoulder. Turning with tongue ready to fly thinking it was Inuyasha with the wretched ball; she came face to chest with a completely unexpected being. "Sesshoumaru?"

"Here miko; I believe this is yours." He held out the purple ball to her.

Kagome stared at the damn thing and scrunched her nose in disgust. "Keep it Sesshoumaru." She stated with a curt nod. "It has caused me nothing but problems."

Sesshoumaru stared at the thing in his hand for a moment then cut his eyes back over to the girl. "Iie miko." He grabbed her hand and forced her to take it. "This Sesshoumaru does not desire to keep the ball."

She narrowed her eyes as she stared up at him. "What part of i'I don't want it'/i are you not understanding?" She lifted her arm and without breaking eye contact with the demon lord chucked the curse-ed thing back into the forest.

Sesshoumaru watched it go then as elegant as ever and without a word went off after it.

Kagome watched him go and scowled. "Oh he had so better not bring that damn thing back to me." She hissed to herself. She was going to kill Souta for this when she went home next; the little twerp deserved it for making her life hell.