The Beauty and the Beast

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The Beauty and the Beast

Chapter 1:

Clemrich was a nice suburb of New York. The landscape around it was beautiful. For example there was a little forest which bordered the village in the north. In spring and summer it was a really nice place for walks and in autumn the colours of the leaves were gorgeous. The only way which leaded into the suburb was a road over a bridge in the south. In the middle of the small town there was a church, a theatre, a library, a museum for historical art and a huge school. There was a university in the west, too. At east front of the village a golf court was placed.

But Clemrich was also the secret meeting point for all high society members. They could live here without problems; without having troubles with journalists or the "normal" people. Everyone here was well-bred, knew how to behave and knew the rules of the etiquette. There would be no problems with miss behaving little brats or rebellious teenager. Everything seemed perfect in this world.

It was morning and the birds sang their nice songs. The soft light of the sunset came through the window. The alarm clock made its daily noise and woke the girl who was sleeping peacefully in her big bed. She rubbed her eyes and got up. She looked round. There was her bed in the middle of the room. A desk stood in front of the window and a huge wardrobe was on the left wall. A little cupboard was next to the door, too. Slowly she went into the bathroom where the girl brushed her teeth and took a shower. Then she brushed and dried her long golden hair.

"Rosette!" her brother called from behind the door. "Would you please hurry up a little? We'll to be too late!"

The door swung open and Rosette looked into Joshua's blue eyes. They had nearly the same colour as she had, but hers were a little bit darker, like an ocean blue.

"The bathroom is yours." She said and walked away.

After a few minutes searching she found what she had been looking for in her huge wardrobe and changed from bathrobe into her school uniform, a blue knee-long skirt and a nice white shirt. She also wore here favourite shoes. Rosette looked into her huge mirror for a last time, so she was sure that everything was alright.

The blonde felt hungry and went downstairs. Before she entered the kitchen she checked her posture. Her parents had always been very strict. Joshua and she had had to learn how to walk, sit, behave and even how to speak the right way.

The door went open and she came in.

"Good morning, Sharon, Father." Rosette said with a faked smile which was luckily not noticed by the two adults. The girl doesn't like Sharon. But unfortunately she was her stepmother. Her father Vinsent was a famous star lawyer and Sharon had been one of his clients. He had fallen in love with her and one year later they had married. Rosette was happy for her father to have someone he can love; her real mother had died in a car accident when Rosette was six and Joshua five years old. Now they were 16 and 15. Because of her father they never said a word against Sharon and her daughter Victoria. Victory was such a little brat. Rosette hated her even more than her mother. The 10 years-old girl was such a little brat!!

"Rose, my dear, good morning. How often have I told you to call me "mother"?" The older woman said with a sweet voice.

And I told YOU not to call me Rose. "Sure" NO, I'm Not calling you "mother", "mom", "mommy" or what else there is! Be happy that my father like you and your brat this much!

"Rosette, come and sit down, please." Vinsent pulled her out of his thoughts.

At this moment Joshua and Victoria (the little brat) came and they all had breakfast together.

They had their usual conversations about work, school, the newest designer clothes and the newest neighbourhood rumours.

After 20 minutes the teenager got ready for school and walked outside. One street further Rosette met her best friends Anna, Mary and Clair.

"Hello Rose!" Anna called.

How often have I to say that you shall call me Rosette!! Not Rose! I hate this name! This was that she really wanted to say, but because of her upbringing she wasn't allowed to speak like this. She always had to be a brave, friendly and polite girl. So she said:

"Good morning, my dear friends. How are you today?"

"Really good. Thank you." Mary replied.

Then their normal superficial conversations started. Didn't they have other stuff to talk about? The only topics had been who the richest boy was, who the best looking boy was, who the richest AND best looking boy was, how ugly Laura's new hairstyle was and the newest designer clothes or shoes.

It's so annoying. And when I try to talk about something else, about something normal girls talk about, for example feelings, I receive only the answer "a well-bred girl doesn't talk about her feelings in publicity." Snobs. They are typical spoilt snobs.

But Rosette had no one else, so she had to stand them. Plus it was so boring in Clemrich. Everybody was so brave and nothing interesting happened.

They arrived at the school. The girls went into their class rooms and waited for the teacher.

"Perhaps we're lucky and his stupid punk is sick today." Clair suddenly said.

With punk she meant Chrono. He was different than the others. His hair was long and… purple. Plus he doesn't wore the usual uniform (a black suit for the boys), but his own punk stuff. Sometimes he wore a rivet collar (AN: is this the right name for it?). The only reason, why he was allowed to stay at the school, was that his father, uncle or what ever was one of the best sponsors for the school and had a good relationship to the principal.

"Oh, we don't have luck today." Anna said with disgust.

Chrono entered the room. He always came as late as possible. So he could avoid any annoying students. In classes the teachers don't talk to him anyway and he was lucky about it.

Nobody liked him here and so did he. This town was terrible. All citizens seemed to have a brain wash and be programmed by somebody. Chrono always looked forward for the weekends when he could get out of the town and to his friends who lived four hours away from here.

"Be quiet students. The bell has rung, classes began!" Ms Valentine, the teacher said. Directly the teenagers went silent.

"Here I've your last maths tests you had last week. I'm really happy. Nearly everybody seems to understand the topic."

She went through the rows and gave the tests back.

"I'm sure I've an A." Clair whispered.

"Yeah, it was so easy!" Anna replied.

"Something has to be wrong. Ms Valentine has never given us such an easy test!" Mary spoke with a low voice.

"Y-yeah." Rosette agreed. Actually she had totally messed up. She had had a blackout. Maths was not really her best subject…

"Miss Christopher." The teacher said and gave her the paper.

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