Epiloge Part 2:

Epilogue Part 2:

Bells rang loudly over the whole little village. Super happily the fresh married couple came out of the church and climbed into the car on which's back stood 'Just married'.

"And don't forget to invite us to the baptism of your first kid, okay?!" A German redhead shouted after the car.

"Calm down Sathella! It's not like we don't see them anymore. They're just living down the street." Azmaria said who stood next to her. "Finally they have a happy lifeā€¦"

"I'm so happy for them!! Could it even be better!!" Sheda jumped beside them and pulled them all into a tight hug. "Hey Florette! You haven't said anything? What do you think?"


"WOW!! This book is great!!" A little boy with blonde hair shouted.

"Yes, and so romantic!!" His sister agreed. She was one year older than him and had a strange purple hair colour. The door opened slowly and at first a border-collie came into the room and the dog sat next to the kids. An about 30 years old woman followed it.

"What are you reading there?" She asked interested and sat down next to them on the couch while she stroke the old dog lady's head.

"We found this old book at the attic! It was totally dusty, but it seemed interesting. We opened it and saw that it was all hand-written. Afterwards we began to read it. It was so interesting!!" The boy babbled. The woman took the book in her and examined it. Softly she ran her hand over the cover. Memories of a long forgotten adventureā€¦

Then she heard the front door open and close. "Daddy's coming back!" Her daughter cheered and rushed out of the room. The others followed her slowly. The woman hugged her husband.

"Chrono, guess what the kids have found." Rosette whispered into his ear.