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Seven weeks later and Daniel was hard at work in his office, or at least trying to work hard anyway. This was the best he had felt since being shot and he wanted to take the opportunity that a pain-free side gave him to catch up on the mounds of translations and artifact cataloging that had been piling up. Finally free from Dr. Lam's clutches and cleared to work full time, he wanted to get as much done as possible before Sam returned. However, he was finding himself easily distracted and preoccupied thinking about her.

After Teal'c and Mitchell helped to move Sam into her new apartment, Daniel had spent most of his convalescence there so she could help him out. She had taken two weeks of leave right after he was released from the infirmary as the team was put on stand-down until he and Vala were fully recovered. They had spent most of their time together, watching movies and spooning, playing chess or scrabble or just talking late into the evening. It had been one of the best times of his life as they had shared and grown more in their love for one another with each passing day.

Of course, it couldn't last forever and pretty soon they were both back on base again. She hard at work, spending the majority of the next month devising a program to circumvent Ba'al's computer security on his solar flare predicting time machine and he did his best to play catch up on his work. Much to his chagrin, Mitchell or Vala would interrupt him every couple of hours and force him to take a break. He was convinced that Dr. Lam had put them up to it, since he had only been cleared for part-time duties until just a couple of days ago. However, He had still managed to sneak in a couple of extra hours in here and there without anyone being the wiser.

Once Sam had finished her 'Ba'al buster' program, as Mitchell had so eloquently dubbed it, she left with SG-4 back to Praxyon with a team of scientists to unlock some of the mysteries that surrounded the device. Daniel missed her presence, but knew she was most likely having the time of her life studying the new technology and hopefully she could shed some light onto where Ba'al's insane ex-host went. Daniel had to admit that he was curious as well to find out what might have happened to the man.

Daniel picked up yet another document from the piles of papers that littered his desk and began to focus his attention on the writing. Try as he might though, his mind wandered to thoughts of a more carnal nature.

While making love had been physically impossible due to his injury, he and Sam had still found ways to express their passion for one another. He would often find some excuse to come down to her lab or she would come to his office and they would often find themselves embraced in a lusty kiss. However, Daniel was looking forward to furthering their sexual relationship again, especially since he was feeling as close to normal as he had in a long time. He guiltily felt like a horny teenager, daydreaming about her body and the feel of it against his own. The smell of her hair and ... He shook his head and tried to force the thought aside, if he kept it up much longer, he'd have to walk to the gateroom to meet Sam with a book clutched in front of him.

Once again, he looked to the timepiece on the wall and was relieved to see that it was just about time to go and greet her as she came in. He had been anxiously watching the clock for the past several hours, as though he could will time to move a little faster and bring her back to him sooner. He threw the document he had unsuccessfully endeavored to start onto the thick stack of other papers and headed for the door.

Just as he entered the control room, he saw the gate burst into life. They were right on time. Sam and the rest of the scientists along with SG-4 emerged from the wormhole and descended the ramp. Daniel left the control room and met the team as they were coming through the blast doors. Sam smiled brightly at seeing Daniel and he resisted the urge to sweep her up into a big bear hug.

"Welcome home, everyone." He heard General Landry's voice speak up behind him. Daniel nearly jumped, he hadn't even noticed that the general had been behind him the whole time.

"Thank-you, sir." Sam replied for the team.

"Why doesn't everyone go and get showers and physicals then report back here for debriefing in an hour." Landry ordered.

A chorus of 'yes sirs' echoed around as the general excused himself and went back up the stairs to his office.

"Hey" Sam greeted him cheerily as she came up to Daniel.

"Hey yourself." He returned happily and they fell into step with each other as they walked side-by-side down the corridor.

"You look like you're feeling better." She remarked with a grin.

"I feel great actually. Vicodin free for the last four days." He returned her grin "How did it go over there?"

"In a word? It was awesome. The program to get around Ba'al's security worked like a champ and we learned so much the last few days, it'll make your head spin." Daniel couldn't help but get caught up in her enthusiasm.

"So, were you right? Is it a time machine?"

"Yes, in a manner of speaking. It can send a person back in time through the Stargate, but once in the past, there's no way back to the future, except to wait until it happens."

"So, no flux capacitor on a DeLorean to get one home again?" He joked

"'Fraid not." She gave him a tiny chuckle.

"How about Ba'al's host, any idea where he went?"

"Oh, well, it turns out he sent himself back to Earth, 1939."

"Any idea why?"

"Your guess is as good as mine."

"Hmmm, 1939. Interesting year to transport himself back to. It is after all, the year Hitler invaded Poland, essentially beginning World War II. Maybe he thought he could mess with the time line and somehow change the outcome of the war to Germany's favor."

"Maybe, but what would he really gain from that? I mean even if he was to influence Hitler in some way, it wouldn't help him gain any control over the other system lords."

"Guess we'll never know. If he did manage to change something in our past, we wouldn't know it would we?"

"Nope, we would perceive it as a normal part of our past."

"So, assuming that the host went back in time, he most likely is dead by now since there is no way for him to return to the present and whatever he may or may not have done doesn't really matter, since anything he might have done to the timeline would be unnoticeable to us" It nearly hurt Daniel trying to wrap his brain around the concept.

"Basically." Sam agreed with a smile . Before they knew it Daniel found them both at the door to Sam's lab and he followed her inside. She closed the door and they came together automatically like the opposite poles on two magnets. Their lips fused and electricity soared through Daniel. He found it hard to contain himself, but they had both agreed they would never have sex on base. It was just way to unprofessional for both of them. Kissing however, they decided was fine, as long as it was out of sight of all personnel and cameras. News of their relationship had spread quickly throughout the base, but neither one of them really wanted to add any fuel to the already fiery gossip pool.

They had found the blind spot of the cameras in each of their labs to be the best place for a quick moment of intimacy. As they made use of this limitation in the base's security, Daniel almost literally had to pull himself away from Sam, a week without her had definitely made the heart grow fonder. Eventually, they both came back to reality and Sam needed to leave to get a shower and a check-up before her meeting with the general.

"How does dinner tonight sound?"

"Wonderful. After eating MRE's all week, any kind of food sounds good."

"Great. I've got us some reservations at Primo's."

"Primo's eh? Very fancy, I guess I'll have to get dressed up."

"Well, it has been a week since you had a decent meal, might as well go with the best."

"Okay, I'll meet you in your office after our debriefing, it shouldn't take longer than an hour or so." Sam was about to leave before Daniel pulled her back again. He slowly traced a finger down her face and then placed both hands on the side of her face. He pulled her in for yet another kiss, slower this time and she responded by wrapping her hands behind his head, running her fingers through his hair. When their lips finally left each other Daniel drew her in her a tight embrace.

"Did I tell you yet that I missed you?" He asked her.

"I missed you too." She laid her head onto his shoulder and he held her tighter. He didn't want to let go and she made no moves to release him either.

"I should really go." She told him, her voice muffled as she pressed her face further into his shirt.

"Yeah, I guess so." They each made no attempt to move, remaining in their hug a few moments longer, enjoying the closeness of each other's bodies and the strength they found in each other's arms.

"I love you, Daniel." Sam declared as she finally pulled herself away from their embrace. Daniel held onto her forearms and gazed longingly into her eyes.

"I love you too, Sam." At last, Daniel let her arms go and Sam smiled when Daniel gave her a quick peck on the cheek. "I'll see ya later."

"See ya." She promised as she kissed him back. She turned to go and headed for the locker room. Daniel slumped against the wall behind him and blew out a breath. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small velvet box, opening it and examining the ring inside. Maybe it had only been a few weeks since they had first come to terms with their feelings for one another, but he didn't want to wait any longer to give Sam the life she dreamed of and that he had come to consider as his own dream as well. He fingered the shiny gold band and solitaire diamond, smiling as he imagined slipping it onto her finger. Hopefully, tonight would be the night that they turned their dreams into reality.

Unbeknownst to him, Sam had slipped back into the lab to retrieve a couple of reports she had forgotten she would need for her debriefing with the general. She spied Daniel still against the wall, examining the small black jewelry box and the ring it contained. She was nearly faint with excitement as she realized what it was. She meant to leave as quietly as possible so as to keep him from thinking that he had blown the surprise, but suddenly Daniel looked up and noticed her open-mouthed expression.

"Sam!" He reddened, not expecting to see her.

"Daniel is that what I think it is?" She asked still numb from shock. He snapped the box shut and began to stammer nervously.

"Um...Uh...You really weren't supposed to see this yet, it was going to be a surprise. I was going to give it to you in a more...uh..romantic setting. I had it all planned...with dinner and everything.." His face fell, thinking that he had messed everything up. He had spent the better part of the week thinking of the perfect things to say to her to express how he wanted to spend the rest of his life by her side, but now the surprise was ruined. She however, smiled as brightly as she ever had in her life and flew into Daniel's arms, overcome with joy.

"It's okay." she laughed kissing him."I'm definitely surprised and you can do it properly as you planned tonight. That way I can come up with the perfect way to say 'yes'."


Many years before either Sam or Daniel were even a twinkle in their parent's eyes, Colonel Cameron Mitchell of the United States Air Force stood looking out into the vast freezing waters of the North Atlantic ocean. By his side, his own grandfather, a man he had never imagined he would ever encounter, stood in silent reverie. Ba'al was dead behind him, a bullet hole through his brain and Cam prayed that this meant the years he had spent waiting for this moment had changed history back to it's original course.

Life for him now was uncertain. There was no way to transport himself back to the future, he was stuck here. It was worth it, he thought. His world as worth it and the lives of his friends were worth it. He just hoped that they would now have they life they were meant to have. O'Neill would be alive, Sam would be happy, Jackson would have his leg back, Teal'c would be with the Tau'ri again and Vala would be free of Quetesh. As for himself, he could find comfort in knowing that he would be born about 30 years from now and grow up in a loving home with the picture of the man standing next to him on the mantle.

He turned to the man by his side and the older man gave him a grin and nodded his head, clasping him on the shoulder.

"Looks like we have a lot to talk about." his grandfather said, turning to look at the bodies that lay strewn about interior of his cargo hold and the now inactive Stargate, still held within the confines of it's packing crate.

"Yeah, I suppose you deserve a bit of an explanation..." Cam was about to begin before the familiar sounds of chevrons locking caught him by surprise. He motioned for the captain and his first mate at the other side to move away from the hole before the wormhole burst forth again. He trained his weapon back onto the Stargate and waited. Without warning, a figure emerged backward through the event horizon. The man turned around and Mitchell caught the crazed look in the man's eyes. Mitchell immediately recognized the man as Ba'al and before he could raise the weapon he was carrying, Mitchell fired and landed a round right between the eyes of the dark haired man. Ba'al fell to his knees and landed onto the back of the previous Ba'al Mitchell had killed.

The gate snapped off again and Cam stepped forward to examine the bodies. The second Ba'al was dressed simpler, in fact, he was dressed as Cam remembered him on the day he was to be extracted by the Tok'ra. Adding to Mitchell's confusion, he bent down and retrieved the weapon the man had carried with him through the Stargate. It was a P-90. Cam shook his head, he could only guess how Ba'al had ended up with one of the SGC's preferred weapons.

"So, just how many of these guys are there?" His grandfather asked him.

"Wish I knew." The surprised colonel answered him. Getting up again, Cameron turned to look through the hole the Stargate left on the side of the ship. Once again the captain, joined him.

"How about that explanation now?" The older man demanded.

"Sure." Cam began hesitantly. "this could take a while."



Sunlight poured through the window and Sam rolled over, throwing an arm over her eyes to shield them from the bright onslaught of morning. Despite the light, she felt great, having just had the best night's sleep she could recall in a long time. Running a hand over to the space beside her in bed, she found it empty. However, the strong scent of fresh, brewed coffee reassured her that Daniel had not gone far.

She was tempted to just lie between the sheets and enjoy the solitude and quiet, but there was much to do and as much as she hated to leave the warm comfort of bed, she forced herself to throw the covers off and rise. Eschewing her normal bathroom routine for the promise of a cup of coffee, she yawned and stretched as she walked down the hallway towards the kitchen. She rounded the corner and headed for the pot, unsurprised to find it already half-empty. Grabbing a mug from the cabinet, she poured herself a cup.

As she walked into the living room while sipping her coffee, she paused and stopped. She smiled as she took in the sight before her. Daniel was sitting in the rocking recliner with his back to her as he rocked back and forth, singing softly.

"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine." He sang slightly out of tune. He was never much of a singer, but it warmed Sam's heart to hear it anyway.

"You make me happy when skies are grey. You'll never know dear, how much I love you." Sam approached quietly, not wanting to disturb him. She could see that his eyes were only partway open and sleep was trying to overtake him.

"Please don't take my sunshine away." His eyes closed all of the way and the rocking slowly came to a stop. She knelt beside him and kissed him on a stubbly cheek. His eyes opened blearily and he gave her a tired smile.

"Morning, sunshine." She greeted, softly teasing him.

"Good morning. You sleep well last night?" He whispered.

"Yeah, thank-you, it was glorious." She quietly answered appreciatively.

"Good." He yawned and Sam placed her mug on the coffee table. "It was about time you got some decent shut eye." He told her.

"You should get some too, did you get any at all last night?"

"A little." He replied, but the bags that had formed under his eyes told another story.

"Why don't you go to bed, I can take over from here."

"Okay." Daniel stood up slowly and gently transferred the small bundle he had been holding into Sam's outstretched arms.

"Love You." He whispered to Sam and gave her a quick kiss on the lips and then bent down to tenderly place a light kiss onto the forehead of the tiny sleeping infant she now held. "Love you too, Pumpkin. Be good to Mommy or at least be better than you were to Daddy last night." He smiled warmly at Sam then headed down to the bedroom, yawning all of the way. Sam watched him as he disappeared into the bedroom and smiled to herself, sometimes he was just too good to be true.

There was much that Sam needed to do that day. Their teammates and friends would be arriving that afternoon to celebrate the birth of their baby and she really should be getting ready for their visit. Even the newly retired Jack, who decided as soon as Sam announced her pregnancy that he would need to be called 'Uncle Jack', would be there.

Thinking of Jack, she was glad he had decided to move back to Colorado Springs for his retirement. Daniel was obviously glad to have his old friend around, even if he would never fess up to it and she had never seen Vala so happy. She and Jack had been spending quite a lot of time together and not all of it sparring in the boxing ring.

Sam gazed into the face of her daughter as she relaxed into the recliner. She could get started on everything she needed to do in a little bit, but right now she just wanted to enjoy this moment. Sam watched through her balcony window as the sun crept up through the tops of the trees. Life was good. She was married to the most wonderful man in the world, she had the child she always dreamed of, had the best friends anyone could ask for and the world didn't need to be saved for the moment. Yes, she thought, it doesn't get any better than this.

The End :)