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Life Or Something Like It

Annie was brought out of her sleep when a chill swept over her. Opening her eyes she seen Dean propping himself up on his elbow, the covers slightly pulled from her, as he talked quietly on the phone.

Letting out a groan, Annie rolled onto her side and cuddled up to Dean's side.

Dean grinned and hung up the phone. He rolled onto his side and pulled Annie to his chest.

"Sam's going to be here soon, we should probably get dressed. I don't think his innocent heart could take seeing you naked."

"Sam? Innocent?" Annie gave a snort of laughter. "He may look like a kicked puppy but that boy is far from innocent."

"Okay. So maybe he isn't innocent, I mean he does watch porn." He mused.

Annie held the sheet to her as she sat up and fumbled around for an article of clothing-- any article of clothing she could get on before Sam walked in the door to find the two naked.

"You watch porn, Dean."

"I have never--" At Annie's arched brow he grinned and shrugged. "Well I don't need to anymore, I've got you as my playmate."

Finally finding an piece of clothing, which happened to be Dean's shirt, she shrugged it on and buttoned it up.

"Yeah well, playtime's over." She climbed from the bed and stretched the tense muscles in her back.

Dean swallowed as he watched his shirt rise and a portion of her thighs came into view as she stretched.

"Maybe we could play a little more." He grinned and reached for her, but frowned when she shook her head and slapped his hand away.

"I'm going to get a quick shower. Get some clothes on and try to clean up a bit, okay?"

Dean pouted and called out to the now closed door, "I didn't go through Hell for just two hours of sex!"

~: Earlier that Afternoon :~

"I don't think you should be eating in here Dean." Annie spoke as she tugged her clothes from the dryer.

Dean looked up from his meatball sub to find an angry looking Chinese man looking his way.

Taking a huge bite of the sub he grinned around his mouthful at the angry old man before turning his attention to Annie. Catching sight of the article of clothing she was folding his mouthful of sub quickly lodged itself in his throat, throwing him into a coughing spell.

Annie dropped the pair of panties she was folding and started beating on Dean's back.

"I'm good." Dean finally spoke, voice rough and eyes prickling with tears as the burn in his throat slowly started to subside. "I'm good."

Annie watched him cautiously for a moment or two before going back to folding her laundry.

How the guys could stand going without washing their clothes as long as they did was beyond her.

She was brought out of her musings at the sound of Dean chewing rather violently. She turned to face him when she swore he growled.

"Are you sure you're okay, Dean?"

"Perfect." He grinned before taking another bite violently.

Perfect? He was friggin' peachy. Sure he hadn't had sex in what? ...Well since Cassie--No way had it been that long.

Dean took another bite of his sub and chomped away loudly as Annie folded another pair of her panties.

How many pairs did a girl really need? God, did he sound horny.

Another huge bite went into his mouth.

Nope, so not horny.

But when another pair of panties, this time with a bit more lace and less actual panty, came into his line of view he growled and threw down his sub with a mumbled, "Fuck it."

Annie barely had time to grab her laundry basket when Dean's hand grabbed onto one of the belt loops on her jeans and started to pull her in the direction of the exit.

Once seated in the Impala properly-i.e. not having her laundry basket practically one with her ribs after Dean all but shoved her into the passenger seat-Annie stared at her boyfriend in concern.

"What?" Dean asked, a little more forcefully than intended.

"Are you okay, Dean? Like seriously?" Annie watched him carefully. "I mean you dropped your sub--your meatball sub."


Annie looked up when the Impala rolled to a stop and her brows furrowed to find that they were parked, haphazardly, in front of a Wal-Mart.

Dean climbed from the vehicle and motioned for Annie to do the same. To which she complied and met him at the font of the Impala and hesitantly placed her hand in his.

"You dropped your food so you could go to Wal-Mart?" Annie looked at him worriedly. "Seriously, are you okay?"

"I'm fine."

She nodded but kept a watchful eye on him. "So what are we doing here?"

Instead of answering he gave her hand a squeeze as he read the aisle signs. Finding the aisle he was looking for he tugged Annie along with him down the 'Aisle of Hell'.

Annie's brows shot up and she turned to Dean. "You're serious?"

Dean nodded with a grim look. "Just...point to the ones you want."

Pointing to the ones she wanted she watched in amazement as Dean grabbed it and started back down the aisle.

"Are you coming or staying here?" He asked her as he looked around nervously.

Annie smiled and quickly followed him to the check-out.

The male cashier, 'Brant' his name tag read, looked up as the box was thrusted into his view.

"Playtex?" Brant smirked at Dean, seemingly not noticing his customer wasn't alone. "You look more like a Kotex guy."

Annie stepped around Dean with an arched brow. "Excuse me?"

The young man's smirk instantly fell as he stuttered for an excuse.

"Could you please ring us up so we can leave?" Annie frowned at him.

"Yes ma'am."

Dean grabbed the bag from him and gave a smirk of his own. "Laugh all you want Kid, at least I'm getting laid tonight."

~: Present Time :~

Stepping out of the shower Annie could hear Sam's laughter coming from outside the door.

Quickly drying off and dressing, she stepped out of the bathroom quietly.

"Seriously Dude?" Sam asked through his laughter. "I can't believe you bought tampons!"

"Dude, so help me..."


Dean grimaced as Sam chuckled quietly again. He had been doing this for the past couple of days since he figured out what Dean had bought.

Annie cleared her throat when she caught Dean casting glares at his brother over the table.

"So...I'm going to be leaving for a little bit."

The two brothers stopped what they were doing and turned to Annie with arched brows and shocked faces.

"Thanks." She smiled at their waitress when she placed their breakfast on the table. "I won't be gone long. A few days, maybe a week. Two weeks absolute tops."

"Why? Where are you going?" Dean frowned, wondering if he screwed up or said something without realizing it.

"Lexie called and said she needs help with a hunt she found." She looked between the two brothers when neither said anything, she continued. "Just a few spirits. With the two of us teamed together we should have the hunt done in a week or so. Piece of cake."

Dean gave a quiet sigh of relief, knowing he wasn't the reason for her wanting to take off.

"So you and Dean, huh?"

Annie laughed and tossed her bags onto her bed, coming out to the main room of their large hotel room.

That was one of the many pluses with hunting with Lexie. No flea infested motel. It was Hilton, Howard Johnson, or Ramada--all of which would be paid for legally.

"Yes, me and Dean." Annie smiled and rolled her eyes. "What's with that face? You're the one that had a thing for him back in '01."

"That was before I found out he didn't have a brain." Lexie spoke as she set up her laptop.

"Dean has a brain...he just doesn't use it all the time."

Looking down at the ring on her thumb Annie smiled softly.

Annie sat on the bench, waiting for the train to Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, where Lexie would pick her up, to roll in.

Dean was seated next to her on the bench and was fidgeting nervously.

"You know I'm coming back, right?"

Dean looked up from his hands and gave a tight smile and nod.

"Of course you're coming back, look at me."

Annie smiled and rolled her eyes. "You? Sweetie I'm coming back for Sam. Have you seen him without a shirt?"

"Okay...I'm gonna go get a bottle of water."

With that said Sam took off in the opposite direction, leaving Annie and Dean to themselves.

Annie sighed when people started to line up with their luggage, the sound of a whistle and a roaring on the tracks could be heard.

Standing up she grabbed her bag before turning to Dean. "You know, I think I kinda might miss you."


"Honestly...A little bit." Annie smiled teasingly as he stood with a smug look on his face. "Well who's gonna leave the seat up or let their dirty boxers lay where they were dropped? Oh! How about when I wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and trip over your big-ass boots, because someone likes to throw them randomly about the room where you know other people will trip on them."

Dean smirked and pushed some hair behind her ear. "That's life with a man, Sweetheart, you knew what you were getting into when you decided to hunt with me."

Annie just shrugged and stood on the tips of her toes to press a quick peck to his lips. "Who knows, maybe I can break you. You know, Geld the Stallion."

Before Dean could reply the whistle sounded again as the train rolled to a stop in front of the station. Annie pressed another quick kiss to his lips and turned to leave.


Dean hurried to catch up to her as people started to board the train. Grabbing her arm he pulled her back as she stepped up to the platform.

"Dean, what are you doing? I kinda have to go." Her brow furrowed when he handed her the silver band that usually sat on his right hand ring finger. "I told you--I'm coming back."

"I know. But I don't have a pair of dirty boxers with me and I kind of need my boots."

Annie smiled softly as she placed the ring on her thumb. "Thank you, Dean."

Dean nodded and then cleared his throat uncomfortably. "Hey...I, uh..."

"Yeah. Me too."

She shifted her bag to her shoulder, pressed a soft kiss to his lips and then she was gone, leaving Dean to stand there and watch as passengers hurried to board as the train gave a final howl as its last-call.

"Annie? Hello?"

Lexie's voice broke Annie from her thoughts.


"I asked if you were ready to head over to the Royer place? Mindy called and said she'll meet us there." Lexie watched her friend closely. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah. I'm great." Annie gave Lexie a genuine smile though she was feeling homesick. Funny, seeing as none of them had even that. A home.

Both girls grabbed their jackets and left to meet up with the woman from Blair County Historical Society.


Climbing from the car Lexie and Annie walked up to a young blonde girl leaning against a BMW.

"Lexie." The blonde smiled and hugged her. "How are you?"

"I'm good, Mindy." Lexie smiled and then nodded in the direction of Annie. "This is my best friend Annie Poole."

Mindy's eyes widened and she shook Annie's hand quickly.

"I've head so much about you! Do you really know Dean Winchester?"

Annie frowned slightly at the way the young girl said her boyfriend's name and the far-off look she got in her eyes.

Lexie noticed her friend's reaction, so decided to speak up.

"Yes, actually, she does. Dean's got a leash on him now."

"Oh." Mindy's smile dropped. "So you two are...dating?"

Annie nodded. "About three or four months now."

"And he's been faithful??"

Annie actually laughed at the comment. Mainly because she was as amazed as Mindy.

"Well here's the keys. Just please lock up when you leave." Mindy smiled and handed the keys to Lexie before climbing into her car. "Let me know if you need anything else."

After watching the black BMW leave their view both girls walked up the lawn to the big stone house.

"So what do you have on this place?" Annie asked as they walked into the large foyer.

"Umm..." Lexie closed the door and pulled out her EMF reader. "All I know is what Mindy told me: Some things disappearing and then ending up in a completely different area of the house. The sound of Furniture scraping on the floor. Sounds like someone's running into things and running footsteps."

"That all?"

Lexie nodded and looked around while Annie gave out a heavy sigh.

"Research is gonna be a bitch."

"You can say that again." Lexie muttered.

Walking through the downstairs rooms Lexie's EMF jumped quite frequently, but only up a notch or two.

"Whatever it is, isn't that strong or alarming."

Annie nodded and went to speak but closed her mouth as the sound of small running footfalls could be heard followed by Annie letting out a loud 'Oof' as her gut set aflame with pain and she fell backwards to the floor as though someone had ran straight through her. The sound of very faint giggling could be heard soon after.

"What the Hell was that??" Annie asked breathlessly from her spot on the floor.

"I have no idea, but that was--"

"You say 'awesome' and I'm putting my foot up your ass."

Annie groaned and slowly climbed to her feet, one hand placed gently against her stomach as she willed herself to try and breathe properly again.

"Oh God." Annie whimpered softly as her stomach muscles clenched and unclenched angrily. "I think we should leave and hit the library and web."

"Ditto." Lexie agreed and looked around as she helped Annie gingerly out the door, making sure it was locked when they got outside, and then helping her into the passenger seat of her Dodge Dakota.


"Okay, here we go..." Lexie clicked on a link and read over the page, "Royer Mansion. Blair County, Pennsylvania--The original house was burned to the ground in the early 1800s. Samuel Royer moved into the house in 1821. His wife Sarah died in 1832 after giving birth to six kids. Samuel then remarried in 1835, Martha, his second wife, gave birth to four children. He then added onto the house because he had such a large family. Samuel then died in his house in 1856 at the age of 65."

"You think he's doing it? Samuel?" Annie frowned slightly. "Doesn't sound like he was a maniac or anything. He freaking re-did his house for his children."

Lexie nodded in agreement. "Umm...The wife of Samuel's grandson, Carrie Hartman, bought the house. She lived there until she died in 1965."

"Does it say anything about her?"

"Apparently she had a great love for her husband's family mansion. She loved entertaining people, especially children--she never had any children of her own. Apparently she was known to be a very kind and trusting woman and was well respected in the Williamsburg community."

Annie frowned and moved to look over Lexie's shoulder at the laptop screen.

"The mansion was sold and bought not even a year after she died. They planned to tear it down, but plans fell through? The mansion stood empty until 1984 when the Blair County Historical Society bought it...for ONE dollar??" Annie's jaw dropped. "Shit."

"Shit is right." Lexie nodded.

"You think maybe..." Annie gnawed on her bottom lip as she read over the page. "What knocked me over and the giggle we heard was the children?"

Lexie nodded but her mouth set in a thin line. "Damn it."


"I think I just figured out the case." Lexie hit the print button and stood from the long table to go to the printer on the other side of the room. "Let's go."


"So do you planning on letting me in on why we're here, or do I guess and get a prize if I'm right?"

Lexie laughed and rolled her eyes as she walked into the sitting room. Pushing one of the printed pages into Annie's hand Lexie pointed to the antique table by the fireplace.

"Are you serious?" Annie whined.

On the page was an antique table with a vase sitting in a bowl placed on the table. There in front of Annie was the same exact scene.

"That vase and bowl set were in the kitchen on the counter, that's where Mindy kept placing it, and she'd no sooner turn around and it'd be back in here."

"Carrie's just keeping her house the way it always was. And it's just the children playing." Annie sighed with a pout. "There isn't a hunt."

Lexie sighed as well and shook her head. "Nope."

Leaving the house the two stood on the porch and looked around.

"So now what?"

Annie smiled at her friend. "Well...you could come with me to meet up with Dean and Sam."


"Come on, Lexie, you can drive! We'll road-trip to them!"

Lexie bit her lip as she thought it over and then nodded. She missed her friend and a road-trip with her would give them a lot of time to catch-up with no hunt as a distraction.

The two got into the Dakota and had started out of the driveway just as Annie's cell started to ring.

Her brow furrowed but she answered genuinely happy. "Bobby--"

"Annie, there's been an accident."

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