Sinfully Beautiful


He was gorgeous, no, he was breathtaking. His gorgeous mess of black hair and his shocking green eyes that shocked you to your core and then there were his lips...sigh...they looked so soft and inviting. God! What was I thinking? He wouldn't look twice at me. I mean seriously he could have any girl he wanted and I mean any girl he wanted.

UGH !! Stop thinking about him, he doesn't even know who you are and probably never will. SIGH


Uh, could my day not get any worse. The stupid thing was, I was one of the best dancers/gymnasts in the state, yet, I was an absolute klutz. I know hard to believe. I had just tripped over my own feet right in front of a load of people including of course the Greek God.

"Oh God," I muttered to myself.

"Erm, are you al right? Do you need a hand?"

I looked up and was met with yep you've guessed it those shocking green eyes, I instantly felt the blush rising.

"I'm fine thanks," I mumbled, whilst trying to get up without embarrassing myself further.

"Are you sure? That was quite a fall?" He questioned.

"I'm fine thanks. It happens all the time. Trust me, it could have been worse," I said.

God, he was even more gorgeous up close. I could feel the blush rising as he smiled a breathtaking crooked smile at me. Look away, look away, I was screaming in my mind.

"If your sure, then I better be going. I've got football practise."

"Yeah, I'm sure, besides I need to be somewhere too."

"Okay then, bye," he said as he walked off.

"Bye," I mumbled.

I checked the time, shoot I was late. I ran across campus towards the school gym. It was my first year and I was trying out for the dance squad. I loved dancing, it was so exhilarating. The best part was when you finally nailed a routine or new trick. I prayed I made the squad, I needed dancing it was my passion besides writing, reading and English in general.

I changed into my outfit, it was and emerald green dress that I had specially designed for myself. It was a halter neck with a plunging neckline that went to just below my belly button, it was backless, the skirt was short but consisted of lots of different lengths of material, it had a silver glitter trim down the neckline and back. I had put my tights on and just quickly threw my shoes on, I grabbed my bag, cd and a water bottle and headed outside to where the try outs were being held.

"You have got to be kidding me!" I groaned under my breath.

The football team were practising exactly opposite the dance try outs. UGH!

I could see the Greek God warming up with the rest of the team and god he looked hot!

Stay foccused brain, I'm here to dance not ogle him.

But, he looks sooo good.

Listen to yourself, you don't even know his name, he's obviously popular, forget him, he will never be interested in you. Plain jane Arrabella Swan. Sigh!

Thats it, I'm not listening to my brain anymore it just makes me depressed.

I walked up to the table where the coaches were seated and signed in and told them the song I would be dancing to.

"Ah, Miss Swan, glad to see you here. We could use you on our team big time," said the head coach.

I blushed and mumbled a thank you, then walked off to warm up.

The head coach walked up gto us to instruct us to as what we were doing.

"Okay everyone, those of you who were on the squad last year go stand on the left you will be observing." She ordered.

They mumbled a yes coach and walked off.

"Right the rest of you, you each have a five minute slot thats it. We will go in alphabetical order. Miss Swan you will be going last, ok?"

I nodded and walked off to warm up. I watched the other dancers audition and noticed that even the best of them would still need a lot of work.

"Miss Swan your up."


All the other dancers had left except for those who were on the squad last year.

"Ha, I bet this is going to be a laugh, she completely fell over her own two feet earlier." A blonde girl cackled. The coach interrupted her.

"Actually Lauren she is the best dancer out of everyone here and in the state."

That shut her up, but she still looked very doubtful. The coach walked towards me

"Ummm Miss Swan would be possible if you could perform another song after your first? One of a different style perhaps? Just to show them what your really made of."

"Sure." I replied.

For my first dance I was dancing to Look Through My Eyes it was a Diseny song but it was a good song to dance to. I plopped my cd in told them the track, turned the volume up and made my way to the centre of the astro. I looked up just as the football coach came over, he rambled on about how his daughter was a huge fan and that he had been very impressed when he had seen me dance, and would it be possible if him and the team watched, he wanted to hopefully teach them something. What I didn't know, but I agreed anyway.

Oh God, calm down, forget they are there, don't freak out know, besides you need to show Lauren what your made of and impress him. I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and signled for the music to start. I felt myself get lost in the music and almost as if my body was programed I started to dance. I forgot about the people watching and let myself get lost. I felt my body move smoothly threw each move, I felt alive, all my moves and tricks were as close to perfect as you could get.

I raised my eyes to check my position, I was a couple of meters in front of the football players and I was met with their faces, some shocked and spme of awe. Stay foccused, show that beautiful man what you can do. I completed the routine with ease and was greated with a round of applause.

"Miss Swan what is your other song and what number track is it?"

I was strapping on a pair of pair of silver stilettoes, Lauren was starring at me in disbelief, the others looked confused and interested.

"Toxic by Britney Spears, track 8."

She nodded in response as I walked back into the center of the astro and looked at the football players. They all looked puzzled by my new foot wear. They were in for a shock, I was sure of that, especially after my previous quite, calming routine. This routine was more bold and out there, it was sexy yet not slutty. Hopefully this will capture his attention.

Oh God here goes nothing I thought as I took my position and signled for the music to start. I loved this routine, it showed a side of me that I very rarely revealed. The sexy and in control me. I again looked up and my eyes locked with those emotion pooled eyes, they were darker than normal, I couldn't be certain but they looked lust filled. Everyone else was either shocked, impressed and there was definetley lust in there. I finished the dance a rupture of appaluse greated me.

The dance coach walked towards me

"Well done Swan, you are deffinetley on the team, and you are deffinetlet going to have to teach this lot how to dance like that and shoes like those," she said whilst looking down at my foot weat.

I smiled.

"Thanks." I laughed.

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