I got this idea in the middle of the night - as usual, that time (and when I'm showering) seems to be when I get my best ideas.
Anyway, it's kind of like a missing-moments thing. Not original, I know. Originally, I declined it, because it is so not-original. But then I got these sentences in my head that just wouldn't go out.

Takes place in the episode The Popular Kids, with the 'satanic cult' killing people. Also the episode where Reid tells Morgan about his nightmares, and Morgan says something along the lines of 'I'm not the right person to talk to.' I immediately drew some conclusions (wrong, I know) - though, later on, the conclusions were kind of proven wrong. At least in that episode. I can't really talk freely, but I think most of those who watch CM (and who understand my weird babbling) know where I'm heading.

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Reid was surprised when Morgan had told him about his own nightmares. He definitely hadn't expected someone like Morgan to wake up on sheets soaked from the sweat, entangled in the blankets and disoriented.

He guessed it was stupid to think he was the only one – he knew everyone had nightmares. It was normal, even good in a way. And in their profession, when they saw the worst of what humanity could do, who wouldn't get nightmares?

Yet Morgan seemed so strong, the toughest guy, a man who could overcome any obstacle.

That's probably why he was so reluctant to talk, Reid thought. Morgan hadn't wanted to destroy his image, just like Reid hadn't. Telling someone else was hard to do, but in a way he was glad he was in a team of profilers. They could see the signs themselves, and he didn't have to tell everything. It was a blessing, even though he knew talking helped. He just didn't feel like exposing.

A soft voice shook him out of his thoughts.

"Reid…" Gideon, seated opposite him, held up his wallet. It showed a photo of a family.

"Deborah Louise Edison, her husband Tim, the kids …"


Morgan stared ahead of him, hearing his music only in the distance. Since his talk with Reid he'd been back to where he'd been before, afraid to sleep because it would make the nightmares come back. So, instead of sleeping, he was desperately trying to stay awake, even though his body screamed for sleep. When he was home, he'd take a sleeping pill and be ensured of a dreamless night.

He had talked to Reid to help the young man, because he knew what he felt like. He wanted Reid to know there were things you could do about it, that talking helped. Reid was too shy to just go to someone and start talking, so he'd told Hotch and Gideon, the latter having helped himself as well. He knew Gideon could help Reid. Gideon and Reid had a father-son relationship that was obvious to anyone. Heck, Gideon was a father figure to anyone, but it seemed Reid and Gideon connected unusually well, maybe because of their shared passion for chess.

He shook his head to clear the thoughts whirling around in his mind. Stating the obvious wouldn't help him get anywhere.

He hoped he had somewhat helped Reid, even though he had only send him through to someone else. It was true, Morgan wasn't the person to talk to about nightmares.

Because he hadn't told Reid or anyone else about the other nightmares he had, in which a wholly different victim starred.


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