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The Zodiac Curse

A curse of the ages,

Brought upon this family,

Carrying the pain and,

Desires to be free.

Except Akito,

For he bears the full curse,

Giving the others freedom.

Highly becoming worse,

In being free and is the,

Jester of the court.

King of the zodiac.

Lonely is Akito,

Making juunishi miserable.

Nobody can defy him,

Or else have their memories erased.

Prolonging the suffering.

Queen Tohru is ,

Ready to be the,

Savior of the family.

The day she stood ,

Up to Akito,

Vesting inner stregnth,

Welcoming his sorrow into her heart,

Xerophytically surviving,

Years of suffering.

Zodiac that is now happy.

Oh yeah that was cheesy! This is by far the worst poem I've ever done...not to mention, the hardest.

1. Xerophytically- (adj.) strongly

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