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Correcting Mistakes

Chapter Nineteen

Full Circle


Six Years Later


George and Luna sat at the breakfast table, George going over his books as was his custom on Saturday mornings while Luna attempted to shovel peas into their eighteen month old twins Poppy and Iris. Off in the distance, Daisy, Annie and Freddie could be heard playing loudly in the swimming pool outside.

George looked up from his books and laughed at the look on Luna's face. Her tongue was firmly stuck between her teeth in frustration and she looked near to biting it off, while Poppy and Iris, both mirror imagines of their mother, laughed merrily at her attempts to feed them the nasty green goo.

"You're getting more on their faces than in their mouths." He observed with a grin.

"Well, if you can do better." Luna shot him a small glare. "Feel free."

George rose with a laugh and scooted Luna out of her chair and took the spoon. Luna stood back, rubbing her eight month pregnant tummy while their baby boy kicked away madly.

"Hello my lovelies." he cooed to his daughters "Shall we show mummy how it's done?"

To Luna's indignation Poppy and Iris immediately accepted the offered peas.

"See..." George said smugly "It's a simple matter of..."

He cut off however as both girls chose that moment to blow raspberries, splatting him in the cheek and causing their mother to laugh so loud she snorted.

"Showed me, didn't you?" Luna grinned as she picked up the baby cloth and wiped off his cheek.

George knew he should probably be annoyed at being so shown up, but he couldn't be. After all they had been through, he couldn't deny Luna anything that made her laugh like that.

Besides, she was never more beautiful than when she was laughing.

It had taken a long, long time for her to be able to laugh like she was at the moment, years of healing and rediscovery of who she was without the threat of Rolf Scamander hanging over her. It hadn't been easy, in fact it had been damned rough in spots and George had come damned close to losing her to her fear.

But slowly, the girl she had once been had reemerged from the wounded woman she had become.

It had taken two years from the day that Luna had first said she loved him for her to be able to bear to hear him say it too. By then, they had already been sharing the house on Vector street two years and George was itching to get on with his own life. But Luna was still afraid and it had taken months of careful assurance to convince her to marry him.

His family was overjoyed when they finally married, after all...as Molly was fond of saying...she already had a Fleur, a Rosie and a Lily, she needed to add a Daisy to her garden. Luna had loved the little joke so much that when she became pregnant this time, she had wanted to name their son to be Dandelion...but George talked her out of it by saying he had always hoped for a namesake son.

With the birth of Poppy and Iris, Molly now had a very full garden and George and Luna were incredibly happy.

Life for the Weasley's was good.

George had opened another shop in Hogsmeade, this one run by Lee Jordan who was also announcing for the new womens league Quidditch team, the Hogsmeade Hexers. They too had added on, a son named Aniston and a daughter named Melandra. Annie had done well with her specialist, and while she had obviously never been happy about George and Angelina divorcing, she did come to accept it...along with Lee, Luna and Daisy...and the whole slew of new brothers and sisters.

Daisy and Annie had in fact become friends as they had learned they had quite a lot in common and they shared the pain and confusion over losing the familiar, though for Daisy she was happy to be rid of it, it had also meant no longer having a father and gaining a new identity. The two girls had become inseparable the summer after their respective parents divorces and their friendship had only grown when George legally adopted Daisy and they became sisters.

Freddie was no where near as happy about this as Annie was however. His rivalry with James over Daisy's affections had become family lore over the two years between Luna's divorce and her marrying George. The two cousins had nearly reached the point of loathing one another, and fought constantly to be the one to capture Daisy's favor. But typically, all they ever captured was Annie and Daisy rolling their eyes and agreeing that the two were total gits.

Freddie however had been greatly heartened when Lee informed him that since they weren't biologically related, they could still legally marry...something Harry, Ginny, Angelina, George and Luna thanked him for with a dirty look and a great amount of waving of wands.

With Lee and Angelina living in Hogsmeade, Freddie and Annie now spent their weekends in Diagon Alley with their father. In the fall, Annie and Daisy would be leaving for their first year at Hogwarts. George was dreading the end of summer...he was going to miss his older children, all three of them.

He thanked God daily for bringing Luna and Daisy into his life. The life he lived now seemed like it was a million miles from the life he had lived six years before. Six year ago he had stood in the freezing snow, a bottle of Excessum potion in his hand, on the verge of ending his life. Had he died, he would never have known this happiness. Poppy and Iris would never have been born, he wouldn't be happily waiting the birth of his youngest son...and Luna...Luna might still be living a hellish life with Rolf Scamander.

He shuddered now...thinking of all that would have been lost had Luna not been a part of his life.

"Well..." Luna said with a smug grin as she turned from the sink "That will teach you to act like you know everything."

She bent down and kissed the girls "Good girls, teaching daddy a valuable lesson!"

"Very funny." George said with a smirk "The only lesson to be learned here is that our little angels don't like peas."

"Wash off their faces." Luna laughed and held out a clean rag."And they need to eat their peas, they're good for them."

George rolled his eyes and took the rag."So are green beans, and they like those."

"George." Luna shook her head "They can't eat green beans everyday."

"Why not?"

"Why not." She mimicked "They'll get sick of them, that's why not."

"Then give them fruit. They like fruit." George began mopping the girls faces off. "Don't you sweethearts?"

"Really George." Luna sat down at the table and began flipping through the mail that Felix had brought earlier "They need more than fruit. They need a balanced..."

She stopped, her eyes and fingers frozen on a letter. Her face had gone horribly pale.

"Luna?" George looked at her, his face worried. She looked up at him, her eyes wide and afraid. "Hey...what's wrong?"

"I have a letter...from Azkaban." she shook herself, trying to bring some warmth back into her body.

George's eyes snapped open in surprise. They had not seen nor heard a word about Rolf Scamander since Luna testified at his trial. He had been found guilty and sentenced to life without parole.

"You don't think..." Luna swallowed hard. Even after all this time, just thinking about Rolf Scamander could scare her to the point of cold hard panic. "...you don't think he's escaped."

George lay the towel on the table and slid over closer to his wife, taking her shaking hand in his.

"No. There is no way he's escaped."

"But...people have escaped from there before." Luna said nervously, her voice shaking. "Sirius Black...Bellatrix Lestrange..."

"Sirius was able to escape because he was an animagus and Bellatrix Lestrange escaped because the dementors betrayed the ministry. Things are different now. The dementors are supervised by witches and wizards and besides..." He looked gently into her eyes, his own soft and reassuring. "If he had escaped, Harry and Ron would be here...you wouldn't be getting a letter by owl."

Luna took a deep shaking breath...that was logic she couldn't argue with. But still...

"Why are they writing to me? What could they possibly want?" She brushed her fingers nervously over the envelope, afraid of opening it.

George shrugged. "I don't know."

Luna took a deep breath, then she tore the end off the letter. She looked at George nervously as she pulled out the parchment.


Dear Mrs. Weasley,

My name is Robert Collin's, I am the chaplain at Azkaban. I am writing on behalf of your former husband, Rolf Scamander. Unfortunately, the news he has asked me to share with you is not good. There is no easy way to say this, so I hope that you will forgive my bluntness in advance.

Your former husband has been diagnosed with a brain tumor and it was discovered too late for treatment to be an option. He has been moved from Azkaban to the prison ward of St. Mungo's and is expected to live only short time, likely less than a few weeks.

His only request is that he be allowed to see you a final time before he dies. He has asked me to make clear that he does not wish to cause you any hardship nor does he wish to intrude upon your daughters life and so will not ask to see her .

It would be perfectly understandable for you to deny this request, nobody would blame you in the least. However, I must ask you to please consider it for I strongly feel it could be healing for all involved.

Best Regards,

Pastor Robert M. Collins


Luna looked up at George, he looked as if he were on the point of exploding. He pushed away from the table, brushing his fingers angrily through his hair.

"That son of a bitch!" He ground out through tightly clenched teeth.

"George..." Luna felt choked, unsure how to react to the news that Rolf was dying.

"You aren't seriously considering this!" he yelled, his face turning red.

"George please..." Luna looked at him with pleading eyes "...you'll scare the girls."

George glanced over at Poppy and Iris, they had just fallen asleep in their twin stroller. They looked so beautiful...peaceful. As usual, watching them in sleep calmed him. He nodded and slid back into his chair, burying his face in his hands. Luna said nothing, she was fixated on the letter she held...her eyes reading a single line over and over again...

'Your former husband has been diagnosed with a brain tumor...is expected to live only short time'

In the deepest part of her heart...Luna knew that she couldn't say no. Rolf had hurt her badly, he had nearly destroyed her. But he had been her husband, if not for him, she wouldn't have Daisy. And in a weird way...if it weren't for the fact that she had been so miserable, she would never have needed George, and if she hadn't...they might never have found one another.

"You're going to go..." George looked at her, his eyes wide, amazed and someone angry."...aren't you?"

"Will you forbid me from going?" She looked at him defiantly and a part of George hurt. Even after all this time, there was still a part of her that was afraid of him, afraid that he would change into a cruel monster like Rolf had. It wasn't his fault she still held this fear, and it wasn't her fault. It was Rolf's fault, and that was why George couldn't be angry about it.

"No." He shook his head "You know I won't forbid you to do anything. That's not my place."

Luna took his hand in hers, twining their fingers tightly together. "But you don't want me to go."

George looked at her incredulously and gave a derisive snort. "Damned right I don't, and I think he has some nerve asking."

"You're right of course. But..." She stopped and took a deep breath. "He's dying George."

"Yeah, I got that from the letter...good riddance I say." George said angrily, then he looked up again into Luna's eyes and nearly choked on his words. Her eyes were bright with tears and she was struggling to hold them back, struggling so hard she looked as if she could die with the effort.

"I'm sorry." He pulled on her hand until she was in his lap and he wrapped his arms tightly around her. "I'm being an insensitive wart."

Luna buried her face in his neck, allowing his scent to calm her nerves. "You're not being insensitive." She said softly

"It's just...when I think about all he did to you...what he did to Daisy..." George tensed in anger again, his entire body rigid with fury "Why should you go? Why should you sit by his death bed?"

"Because..." Luna said, her voice making it clear that she had given in to her tears "Because he gave me Daisy, because he's dying...be...because he's all alone and I remember what it's like to feel lonely!"

She lifted her face so their eyes met. "Don't you remember George? What it felt like before we met? To be so sad, and so alone that dying would be a welcome release from it? Well that's what it's like for Rolf now! And that makes me really, really sad!"

"But Luna..." George did remember, he remembered it only too well. The loneliness and wishing for death...he remembered feeling as if he were the earth bound Pluto and that was something he wouldn't wish on another living being ever. No, there was ONE living being he would wish it on, had in fact wished on already."Luna...have you forgotten, he brought it all upon himself."

"No, I haven't forgotten." She lay her head on his shoulder "I don't think that I could ever forget if I tried. But that time is over now, we've moved on, we have our own family now. We have Daisy, and Annie and Freddie, and Poppy and Iris, and this one..." she rubbed her hand over her swollen belly.

"When you say it like that, it makes me realize..." George grinned "We have an awful lot of kids."

Luna grinned for a moment before her face turned serious again. "George, we have each other, and I love you more than I ever thought it was possible to love someone besides Daisy. He has nothing."

George took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Luna was playing dirty now. She knew that hearing her saying those three words would win him over every time.

"For once I wish I had it in me to forbid you." he grumbled.

"Well, you could try." She said, kissing his cheek as she slid off his lap. "But I would just do it anyway." she turned away with a saucy wink.

George laughed. He loved this feisty side of his wife. It was the Luna that the others remembered from school, and so, it was the Luna he wanted her to be.

"But I'm going with you." He said firmly

"Not sure that's a good idea George." Luna said nervously, remembering the last time George and Rolf had seen one another. Rolf had managed to get away from the guards at his trial and jumped on George, getting in several blows before he was pulled off.

"I'll wait in the hallway." George conceded "But, I am going to be close enough that I can get to you in less than ten seconds."

Luna opened her mouth to protest but George put a finger on her lips to silence her.

"That's my son your carrying." He leveled her with a look "I think that gives me some rights."

He took her hand and pulled her back into his lap.

"I love you so much." He said softly as he nuzzled her neck "I couldn't stand it if anything happened to you."

"I'm sure he's heavily guarded." Luna said softly "It will be perfectly safe."

"For my peace of mind then."

Luna bit her lip nervously. She had to admit that George had her there. Luna nodded.

- - -

Luna's hands shook as they passed the fourth check point of the prison ward of St. Mungo's. Despite her determination two days previously with George, she was unsure whether or not coming was the right thing. Really, did she owe Rolf Scamander anything? She had asked herself that question for the past two days, and always the answer was the same.

She owed Rolf Scamander nothing. So why then, had she agreed to come?

She found the answer when she looked at Daisy. Luna knew one day Daisy would ask why Rolf had wanted to see Luna before he died, and she wanted to be able to answer that question honestly. She also knew, she would always wonder herself why Rolf had wanted to see her.

Finally they came to a stop just inside a door marked "Top Security" and their escort vanished to be replaced by a small bald man wearing wire rimmed glasses and a black muggle suit.

"Mr and Mrs Weasley?" He asked, stepping forward to shake their hands. "I'm Pastor Robert Collins."

"Hello Pastor Collins." Luna said as she accepted the hand.

"It's good of you to come." he said kindly as he reached in his pocket for his wand. He turned to another set of doors and tapped out a code on a security panel. The doors opened and he waved them through. The ward was blindingly sterile white on all sides, and unlike the other wards, there were no pictures of famous healers adorning the walls, no patients walked up and down the halls or visitors meandering about. . Pastor Collins stopped by a doorway at the very end of the hallway.

"Just this way."

"Is there a waiting room?" George asked "I won't be going in."

"Of course." Pastor Collins waved his wand and a set of comfortable looking chairs appeared next to the wall. "Please have a seat Mr. Weasley. I'll join you in a moment."

George squeezed Luna's hand "I'll be right here, if that bast..."He cut off as he remembered that a man of God was present "If he makes one false move..."

"I'll be fine George." She kissed him quickly and let go of his hand. Pastor Collin's smiled and tapped out a code, vanishing the door, and waved Luna in.

Luna realized immediately that George had been worried for nothing...for she quite obviously had nothing to fear from Rolf Scamander.

The man Luna saw in the middle of the huge bed was a stranger to her, barely recognizable as the man she had been married to for six years. He was waisted, wax like, pasty skin over bones. His eyes were sunken into his skull and his once straw colored hair was now nearly gone, what little remained had gone snow white. His lips sunk over nearly empty gums and what teeth that remained were badly rotted.

"Rolf..."Pastor Collins said as he stepped up to the bed. "You have a visitor."

His eyes opened slowly and he looked around until they stopped on Luna. Rolf began to sob.

Pastor Collins patted him on the shoulder, then waved his wand to conjure a chair for Luna. He helped her sit, then excused himself. Luna sat quietly, unsure what to say.

Rolf quieted and opened his eyes, he turned his head to look at Luna again.

"I'm sorry." He said, his voice was very weak with a slight drag. Luna imagined it was the brain tumor effecting his speech. "You're more beautiful than I remembered."

Luna shifted uncomfortably, wondering if this was some sort of joke. Rolf looked away.

Luna began to feel uncomfortable in the silence and she said the first thing that came to mind. "I'm sorry your sick."

Something like a smile ghosted over Rolf's face. "You were aways so sweet Luna. So much more than I deserved."

Rolf began to sob again, his body shaking with his tears. Luna slid her chair closer to the bed and picked up his hand in hers. He was heavily shackled and Luna was surprised to find that this made her incredibly angry.

"Shhh." She said gently as she patted his hand "Don't cry...shhh."

"You shouldn't be so nice to me." He shook his head "I don't deserve your kindness."

"I can be kind to whomever I chose." Luna smiled a little "And today I chose to be kind to you."

Rolf opened his eyes and laughed a little. "You remind me now of how you were when we met. You were so tough. So stubborn."

His eyes filled again and he looked away. "I had to see you Luna...I needed to know..." He looked back at her "If you and Daisy are happy now."

Something clenched inside Luna. Was he blaming his illness on her? Was he expecting her to take some pleasure from his approaching death?

"No..." Rolf squeezed her hand, her face having given away her thoughts. "That's not what I meant. I need to know...if...if you've found the happiness that I stole from you both. If your happy now..."

Luna smiled a little as she realized Rolf's true intent. "Yes, I am very happy now."

"Do you have a picture of Daisy..."Luna nodded and he ask "may I see it?"

Luna pulled out her wallet and took out her most recent picture of Daisy.

"She's so beautiful." Rolf smiled as a tear rolled down his face again. "Pastor Collins told me you married George Weasley...and you're going to have a baby."

Luna nodded "Yes, in another month and a half."

"Do you have others?"

"Twin girls."

"What are their names?" He looked embarrassed "if it's okay for me to ask."

Luna smiled again "Poppy and Iris."

"Poppy, Iris and Daisy." Rolf smiled again and something that Luna thought looked like regret passed across his face. "You have a garden of daughters."

Luna laughed "That's what their grandma says. She has a Lily, a Rosie and a Fleur too."

"He adopted her then?" Rolf looked sad "Weasley's Daisy's legal father now?"

Luna felt angry with herself for bringing it up. She felt she had been quite cruel...once again Rolf picked up her thoughts. "It's okay. I'm glad he did. I've never been a father to her. Tormentor maybe...a part of her nightmares." He began to cry again "Oh God...I'm so ashamed of the things I've done. I know that you have no reason to believe me...but I am so sorry for all the pain I caused you both."

Luna looked at Rolf closely. In the years they had been together he had used his strength against her, he had used charm, and rage and magic...but he had never cried, not once had he used tears to fool her or trick her. Because of this, she was able to accept that his tears now were real.

"I believe you." She said softly.

"I need you to know something." He said with a deep breath. "Do you remember when I said that I never loved you...that I only married you to get my hands on the Quibbler?"

Luna nodded sadly "Of course I do."

"I want you to know Luna...When I said that..." Rolf looked deeply into her eyes. "It was a lie."

"What?" Luna said, her eyes huge.

"I lied...I was such an arse Luna...but, you need to understand why..."

Luna just looked at him, unable to say anything.

"It started with my grandparents I suppose."He began "They had doted on my mother, even though they were sickened by the fact that she was a witch, they stood by her, you know. When she lost her mind they blamed magic, and me being a wizard...well...they thought I was something less than dirt. They were quite sickened by the thought that their precious Ophelia had given birth to something like me. They told me that I would never measure up to what she was...that compared to her...well...you get the gist of it.

"My mother was a strong, brave woman...she loved to laugh and she liked things a little on the...offbeat side. She was very much like you." He smiled a little "I imagine that's what drew me to you in the first place. I admit, I lied about believing in the same things you did..., I wanted you to like me you see?"

Luna nodded

"But once we were together...Luna, you don't know what it was like for me, living in your shadow."

"In my shadow?" She said "I don't..."

"Luna!" Rolf shook his head "Have you forgotten all you'd done?You were a war hero! You were at the right hand side of Harry Potter! People adored you, you charmed them with your eccentricity and your sweet nature...you made people love you.

"So much so that I became jealous. My friends use to ask me; 'what's Luna Lovegood doing with a loser like you?' I don't know...I guess it started subconsciously...my trying to change you, to make you more boring. But nothing worked, people always loved you more and always they wondered what you were doing with me. Who was I to be with the great Luna Lovegood? All I had ever done was be born to the son of the man who wrote a book."

Luna felt a horrible sadness sweep through her. She'd had no idea that Rolf had gone through all that and it made her feel horrible now thinking about how much he had suffered.

"You were a better wife than I was a husband. I had affairs to bolster my confidence...but it only served to make me feel like I was even less than you were. Hell, you were even better at parenting than I...Daisy always cried when I tried to take care of her, she always wanted mummy...she even looks like your mirror image, not a trace of the lesser man who fathered her." Rolf smiled bitterly "I was so jealous...that's why I refused to have another child with you."

"Oh Rolf." Luna felt tears on her cheeks as things clicked into place. She had begged Rolf for three years to have another child after Daisy but he had said it was too risky, than the next one might be like her too...he'd said that having two Luna's in the house was more than plenty.

"I thought...maybe since publishing was in my blood...running the Quibbler might be something at last that I could do better than you." He shook his head sadly "But that day I saw your cover art I knew...I could never be as good as you. Your design blew me away Luna, it was magnificent.

"I knew that you were in love with George Weasley...and why shouldn't you be? I had done so much by then to make you hate me...I had no right to ask, much less expect you to ever forgive me. But it didn't matter by then...somewhere along the line I had convinced myself that I hated you, that everything was your fault...that you were less than me. I'd even convinced myself that I hated my own child...that she was...was..." Rolf was sobbing again, his voice shaking as he took deep rasping breaths "…I convinced myself that she was nothing to me."

"I'm so sorry Luna." Rolf said at last " am so sorry for all I did to you and Daisy."

Luna looked at the shell of the man who was once her greatest fear. He was broken, almost like he was the personification of what she use to be like inside. She would have given anything if she could have erased all the ugliness that had happened between them, but she couldn't do that. But there was one thing she could do...she could forgive. She could allow Rolf to die with his conscience clear...and maybe he could find peace in death.

"Rolf..." She said with a soft smile "... I forgive you."

Luna put her arms around him the best she could given the heavy shackles and he wept on her shoulder.

Luna was woken two days later by a early morning visit from Pastor Collins. Rolf had passed away a few hours before.

He handed Luna an envelope containing Rolf's sole belonging.

Inside, was a picture of Luna and Daisy.




-September First-

Heavy sheets of rain pounded the Weasley's as they crossed the street to Kings Cross. An unwelcome fall thunderstorm had rolled in that morning, and they were all drenched to the skin.

"Okay Daise" George said "Coast is clear, just don't hesitate, okay?"

"You're going through with me, right daddy?" Daisy shifted nervously from foot to foot.

"Of course I am." He turned around "Mum will be right behind us."

Luna nodded "And Annie will be waiting by the train."

"Okay Daise...on three" George nodded

"wait Daddy...on two or..."

George grinned and bopped her on the head. "Threes three Daise. "Now go...One...two..."

Luna grinned as she watched her husband and daughter disappear, then she slipped through herself with Poppy, Iris and George Jr, aka, GJ.

"I don't see her Daddy!" Daisy said nervously as they stood by the train but before George could answer they were joined by Harry and Ginny, James sauntered up next to Daisy.

"Hi Daisy." He said with a small blush "Ready for this?" He nodded to the train. It was James first year too.

"Yes." She said with a deep breath "But, I'm a little anxious for the sorting. Mummy and Daddy have a bet you see. Mummy says I will be in Ravenclaw, like her and Grandpa, but Daddy says I will be in Gryffindor."

"A bet?" Harry said with a raised eyebrow

"Yeah." George grinned "Loser gets nappy duty for two weeks."

"What if I'm in Slytherin?" she said nervously

"If any of you is going to be in Slytherin it will be James." Freddie said as he came to a stop next to her. He put his arm over her head on the side of the train and leaned in. "Hey Daise, how you doing?"

Daisy and Annie looked at each other and giggled while James turned a fantastic shade of puce.

"I am not going to be in Slytherin you great turd." He spat at his older cousin. "Daddy says I am sure to be in Gryffindor. ALL the Weasley's are sorted into Gryffindor."

"You're not even a Weasley!" Freddie smirked "You're a Potter!"

"I'm half a Weasley you prat!" James said as something like smoke began to boil behind his angry eyes "Besides my dad was a Gryffindor , and my dads mum and dad too!"

"Sometimes it skips a generation you know." Freddie said smugly.

"You don't have to be in Gryffindor James....Victoire's a Weasley, and she isn't in Gryffindor." Annie said "She's in Ravenclaw."

"Freddie! Annie!" Angelina said as she and Lee finally caught up to her children "I told you to wait once you got through!"

"Sorry mum." Annie said "Freddie wouldn't wait. He saw Daisy talking to James and was afraid of getting cut out." Annie rolled her eyes at Daisy and the two giggled.

"As if he could ever cut me out." Freddie rolled his eyes "Git."

"Prat!" James countered

"James...relax" Harry said calmly, trying not to laugh.

"Fart face." Freddie gave James a little shove

"Freddie..." George warned

"Want to duel vomit breath?" James was now so red he nearly blended into the Hogwarts Express.

"That will be enough of that." Ginny said as she pulled James back "And if I catch word of you dueling with anybody I will send you a howler everyday from now until summer holidays. Understood?"

"Yes mum." James looked properly cowed while Freddie gloated.

"And if I hear your baiting your cousin at school, I shall be doing the same." Angelina rudely cut into his euphoria

"And she'll find out too." George warned with a twinkle in his eye. "Your mum finds out about everything."

"Yes mum." Freddie rolled his eyes

The whistle blew and Luna looked at the clock. "Oh! You lot better get on, it's nearly time!"

One by one, trunks were handed up, owls were loaded and finally kisses and hugs were doled out along with promises to write and send care packages.

"So, you'll be sitting with me of course, right Daise?" Freddie said

"No, she said she would sit with me." James said hotly

"Come on Daisy." Annie and Daisy looked at one another and giggled."Let's go find a car with some NORMAL people in it and leave these two gits to each other."

With a triumphant grin the two girls wandered off to find a compartment, leaving two thunderstruck boys staring in their wake. Then, they looked at each other and made a beeline to follow. The train began to move, and George along with it. He walked along and waved until the train disappeared from view.

"It's good of you to come all the way down to send the kids on the train." Luna smiled

Lee said "Would be easier to just send them on the carriages, but, we'd rather they get the whole experience, riding the train and all."

"How you dealing with all this?" Angelina asked Luna

"It's not too bad." Luna sighed "George is taking it harder than I am actually. He's gotten use to having all the children underfoot on weekends."

They grinned as they watched George staring longingly down the tracks.

"He's still got the three." Angelina smiled at George as he turned back around to join them. "They must keep you busy."

"Oh they do." George said, scooping GJ out of Luna's arms.

He grinned, looking down at Aniston and Melandra in their little twin stroller "Your pair are getting big."

"Our families keep growing." Angelina smiled widely "Bigger all the time."

Luna laughed "Your pregnant again aren't you?"

Angelina nodded "Yep."

"Jeeze." George laughed "You're just so competitive, we have one, you have one."

Lee laughed loudly "We have one, you have two."

"Like that was planned." Luna rolled her eyes and bent down to put on Poppy and Iris's little rain bonnets.

George laughed. He couldn't help but marvel at the way his life had turned out. Six years ago, he and Angelina had loathed one another. They had been bitter, angry, hateful people and she had hated Luna more than it was possible to imagine hating another human being. Now, they were friends. They spent time together, had blended their families for the sake of Freddie and Annie to the point that Angelina and Lee were like an Aunt and Uncle to Daisy, Poppy, Iris and GJ...just like Luna and George were Aunt and Uncle to Aniston and Malandra.

Their lives had come full circle.

"Are you in a hurry to get back?" Luna asked as she stood "We were hoping you might fancy lunch."

"Who's buying?" Lee asked with a cheeky grin

"Actually, I'm itching to try out the new BBQ Ron, Harry and I built."

Lee's eyes lit up with excitement "Playing with fire? Count me in!"

"You have fire insurance, right?" Angelina rolled her eyes

"I'm married to George Weasley, aren't I?" Luna grinned "Of course I have fire insurance."

They laughed and walked out into the bright September sunshine...

...the clouds had cleared at last.



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(Still untitled)

A horrible illness is sweeping over the wizards of Ottery St. Catchpole! One by one the people George Weasley cares about are falling deathly ill.

When Luna's father falls to the illness, they find a potion that can cure them...the only catch...the magical herbs and minerals can only be found on

a dangerous and mystical Island where time stands still! George and Luna must team up to reach the core of the Island where the mysterious

minerals are protected, but first they must collect the herbs and brave the four seasons, winter, summer, spring and fall which protect the core

from intruders!

(Yeah, thats kind of a crappy summary...but, I will have a better one soon!)