stanza I, line I : Go and Catch a Falling Star


"So, the fish people say that some crazy-ass falling star hit their lake and set the waters into an imbalance?"

Sakura nodded.

"And that this star is actually your feather, but they don't know that?"

She nodded again.

Kurogane ran a hand through his hair.

"Alright, then." This was the part where he took over. Talking with inanimate things and find out the trouble: Sakura. Coming up with a goofy, overly elaborate plan to surmount their not-so-difficult difficulties: Fai. Placate the creatures while the plan went into motion: Syaoran. Actually do the damn thing: Kurogane.

"Ah!" She called to him as he approached the murky water. "Kurogane-san, I asked the mermaids if they would let someone in, but they sounded like they might not like you visiting them..."

He shrugged. A lot of people he came to didn't like him visiting them. They learned to deal with it pretty quick.

"So, you're absolutely certain the feather's in there, right?" He asked, one last time. No way was he taking a fun trip down to underwater-land if he could avoid it.

Fai called back instead. "Saa, it's our best bet. Most of this world is water and the nation of merpeople control pretty much the entire thing. If it fell in the water, then chances are it's ended up somewhere down there."

Tsh. Damn fish people. They could at least throw the stupid thing out of the water instead of letting it sit around down there.

He glanced back at the shore. They were lucky that one of them had learned how to swim. Two kids from a desert world, a magician that had spent his days locked in a castle, in a pool, apparently...

"Hey! Why the hell aren't you doing this?" He yelled angrily back at Fai.

"You offered so sweetly, Kuro-rin! I just couldn't refuse you your fun! Besides, " he pointed out, "you're already half in."

Damn it.

Kurogane waded into the water further, squinting unhappily at the surface. He'd left his cape on the shore, but had taken Sohi along with him. He could just about make out a light, blurred by the dank layer of film that covered the lake, somewhere deep below. Alright, he had his target.

As he dove in, he hoped that the fish people didn't give him too much trouble, for their own sakes. He smiled wickedly, eyes still closed. After all, he hadn't gotten to make sushi in a long time.

Author's Note:

This is just a series of drabbles, some KuroTomo, about Kurogane that follow John Donne's poem, Song. It's one of my favorites, and I felt like it suited him. Enjoy!