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I felt a need to do A Fanficiton off this game and Im a total supporter of YukixAtsuma. Yeah. :-D

Ever since Toya was being controlled by the Queen of Ice I've been nothing but a.. shell. And I never understood why Karin was so bent on making me happier. Also she once tried to cook for me, something I will never try again. But I understood why she wanted to help me… I was depressed. And now Yuki was here at the resistance base. The freaky golem hunter. (A/N: My sister calls her a witch because she thought that golems where animals and yeah…)

She seemed sad, and a little bit mad that the leader thought she was a spy. I would too if I was just searching for treasure. Of course someone like her couldn't be a spy as much as she wanted to. I heard she was on the roof, so here I am, now going to talk to her.

I find my way up to the roof and staring at the stars for a moment before I search for her. To my amazement, she was just sitting there, also looking at the stars. She looks around to spot me and just stares.

"Atsuma?", she asks, getting up at dusting off the dirt on her shorts. She came up to me and just looked at me. "What are you doing here?"

I thought for a minute then answer. "I came looking for you." She smiled at this.

"Did you come to take money from me?", she asked grinning like a child. I chuckled at this.

"No no no….", I said continuing to try and stifle my laugh. She can act like such a child sometimes. She stopped grinning.

"Atsuma, lets battle", she grinned. I owed her, we never did get a chance to finish that battle from before…. that time. I sighed, but then smiled.

"Sure", I replied. We got situated in our battle positions and battled it out. Of course, I never expected myself to win, but I did. I looked at her clutching at her side.

"Are you alright, Yuki?", I asked, concern plastered on my face. She looked up at me and nodded.

"You know, I always thought the right one for me would be stronger than me", she smiled, happily. I just stared at her confused. I sighed.

"What?", I asked.

"Don't you know what I'm saying Atsuma? Im saying that I…lo-", she said being cut off by snow flakes cascading down from the sky. What was amazing is that they where out of season, and the where not from the Queen of Ice. They where natural.

"Atsuma, Look at the White snow, its so beautiful…", Yuki smiled, it made her happy to see something so pretty and natural.

"Doesn't your name mean snow is Japanese?", I asked, thinking a bit more than I usually do. She chuckled.

"Yes, it does"

"White Snow…. White Yuki. Its pure and pretty, like you", I said. I hoped this cheered her up a little. She smiled and nodded, obviously blushing. She quickly ran to hanger.

"Come on Atsuma, or I'll make you eat Karin's cooking again", I grimaced from her words and she chucked, as we lowered down into the base.

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