Hot Shot's girl: Okay this story has been coming for a long time. I thought of this after watching 'Thrill Of The Hunt' which was a long while back. I had many stories going on so didn't want to do it yet, but that song "Damaged' kept playing and playing and it reminded me of Arcee and Ratchet if you listen to the words so I wrote this 'cause I wanted to. Don't know how long it will be, may be long. Well I hope you like it 'cause I fell in love with the couple once Arcee said 'Ratchet'.

"Hhh, young 'bots . . . can't live with them . . . can't . . . HEY! Bumblebee, get back with that EMP!" cried Ratchet as the young bot ran off with his medical tool.

Bumblebee just giggled to himself as he sped off towards the room's exit, but it wasn't long before Ratchet brung out his his magnets and surrounded Bumblebee in a field of pure magnetic energy. It was then he brought Bumblebee back to him with his EMP and the look on his face wasn't pleasant. Bumblebee knew he was in for it so tried to be as sweet and innocent as can be.

"But I just wanted to see what it can do," said Bumblebee as Ratchet ripped away the device from him.

"I'll show you what it can do!" grumbled Ratchet as he put it on and pointed it at the young one.

"Hey I was just kidding," said Bumblebee raising his arms hoping the doc 'bot wouldn't disrupt any of his sensors.

"This thing is NOT a toy kid!" said Ratchet grumpier than normal. "This thing can save lives . . . or make it like you never have one at all."

"Sheesh, then why do they hand those things out to everyone?" asked Bumblebee placing his fists on his hips.

"THEY DON'T!!" growled Ratchet. "Only skilled medics carry these."

"So . . . you weren't skilled or something?" asked Bumblebee thinking about how Ratchet never carried one till now.

Ratchet gave him an evil look and Bumblebee knew it was time to shut him mouth. Ratchet was always one to frown. He rarely smiled, least . . . around the young ones. Ratchet then sighed and looked down saying-

"I did kid . . . but that . . . was a long time ago."

At that Ratchet turned and left. Bumblebee just stood there confused with all the drama concerning Ratchet's thoughts and feelings about the past. He just stood there scratching his head when the others came in the room and saw Bumblebee looking as confused as ever.

"What's the matter Bumblebee?" asked Optimus seeing him.

"Well," said Bumblebee turning to them. "It's Ratchet . . . it seems he always takes things out on me the most. If you ask me I think the guy's got it out for me."

"Naw, not Ratchet," said Bulkhead coming up to Bumblebee.

"I don't think that's what it is," said Optimus coming closer to Bulkhead and Ratchet.

"Then what is it?" asked Bumblebee. "Ever since we got that EMK thingy he's been acting . . . different . . . for Ratchet."

"It's probably brought up old memories," said Optimus casting his optics in the direction Ratchet left.

"Like what? . . . of the days when dinobots roamed the cyber fields?" asked Bumblebee waving his arms.

"No, not that," said Optimus shaking his head. "You do know he fought in The Great War. I heard it was the toughest time for the Autobots."

"Slag yea I remember it," said Bumblebe tilting his head at the memory. "I had to study it in history . . . man that teacher was so monatone."

"I was facilityschooled," said Bulkhead out fo the blue.

There was a long stare at Bulkhead till Bumblebee turned his attention to Optimus and said-

"What do I remind him of an old war buddy or something?"

"No, it's not that," said Optimus. "I think you remind him of his son."

At that Bumblebee's face went stone cold shock. He stood there for a moment and said as he pointed back in Ratchet's direction.

"That dude's got kids?"

"Yes Bumblebee, he's an ordinary transformer just like any of us," said Optimus with a sigh and a shake of the head.

"Sure doesn't seem like it," mumbled Bumblebee casting his optics away.

"Why don't you ask him about it Bumblebee?" said Optimus. "I'm sure he'll give you a better answer than me."

"What are you kidding?!" said Bumblebee his optics going big. "He's worse than Megatron himself!! Especially if you ask him about ANYTHING!!"

"I'll go with you . . . if you're scared," said bulkhead with a smile.

"I am NOT scared!" grumped Bumblebee as he crossed his arms and looked away from Bulkhead.

"Then go," said Bulkhead straightening.

Bumblebee froze for a minute looking at where Ratchet's room lay. He didn't want to go there, it's the worst place to be in, especially for check-ups. Oh howhe loathed check-ups.

"C'mon, let's go," said Bulkhead pushing Bumblebee towards Ratchet's room.

"This I gotta see," said Prowl as he followed them.

They got up to the door and Bulkhead waited for Bumblebee to knock on the door. He was about to, but as he raised his hand to knock he said-

"I'll do it later."

He then turned and met his face into bulkhead. He looked up and smiled that Bumblebee smile. Bulkhead just stared at him and waited for him to proceed. Bumblebee turned and soon knocked.

"What do you want?!" came through the annoyed voice of grumpy ole Ratchet.

"Duh," was all Bumblebee could say.

Bulkhead just sighed and rolled his optics as he said-

"We've come to ask you about The Great War and your son."

At that Ratchet quickly opened the door and with a twitch of his narrow optics bared his teeth and said-

"Why are you young 'bots interested in them? And who told you I had a son?!"

"Prime," squealed Bumblebee pointing back.

"Why? None of you have any right to know about my personal life," said Ratchet looking at all the young 'bots. "None of you could ever understand what harships I had to go through to just try and smile at life!"

"You're absolutely right," said Prowl with a straight face. "Why would a bunch of young 'bots want to hear about a once great warrior's past anyways."

"We don't mean to intrude or nothing," said Bulkhead. "We just want to know a little more about you. We're a family right? Families don't keep secrets . . . at least mine didn't."

"I don't see the harm in it Ratchet," said Optimus coming up. "You've told me."

"But you understood. How can I ever expect these young 'bots to understand anything when they were just protoforms when it happened?' asked Ratchet with a shake of his head.

"Try us," said Bumblebee with a smile. "Nothin' wrong with a little story. Besides, it's got something to do with that EMT doesn't it?"

"E . . . M . . . P!!" corrected Ratchet grinding his teeth at him.

"EMP, whatever. Now will you tell us the story?" asked Bumblebee.

"If it will get you all to leave me alone," grumbled Ratchet. "I was in the middle of a stasis nap when you interrupted me!"

"Sorry about that," apologized Bulkhead.

"Hhh, don't be. I suppose it had to get out in the open one way or the other," sighed Ratchet dropping his shoulders. "Your lives have so why not mine?"

And so Ratchet came out in the living room and sat down with the young 'bots positioned around him waiting to hear 'His Story'.

"It all started with this thing," said Ratchet looking at the EMP. "I was young, but good at what I did. You remember Lockdown from a while back . . . yea . . . well me and him go back ways back . . ."

And so Ratchet began to tell them about how he was in the middle of a battle when he got this call to go save a spy. He told them her name was Arcee and by the time he told them he put her to sleep with the EMP Bumblebee and Bulkhead's optics were wide as can be, even wider when Lockdown came into the picture. He told them everything that led up to the 'accident' and also . . . what happened afterwards.

"And then . . ." sighed Ratchet casting his optics down in sadness. "She forgot her own name . . ."

Hot Shot's girl: Sorry about the cut :D lol. Just had to do it. The flashbacks will be next chp whenever I get that up. I've good so many stories going on at once I'm INSANE LOL! But I love it and I hope you do too :) I just bought Ratchet's toy 'cause I LOVE him so much. Yep, he's my fav. It's strange that I like him, but hey can't explain it I just do ;D