Hot Shot's girl: Okay guys if you haven't noticed yet this is kind of like 'The Notebook' which is such a sad movie by the way :( Anyways here's the last chapter which may be a little short. Hope you enjoyed and all :) even though this was a angst which I tend to write a lot XP Anyways enjoy the end, it's been fun.

Years past on earth and finally the trouble with the Decepticons was over. They all were gone and done with. The Autobots had a choice on whether or not to go back to Cybertron, of course most of them stayed like Bumblebee, Prowl, and Bulkhead, but Optimus Prime had been called back to the Elite Guard to rule like his father before him. Ratchet would have stayed and all, but he was homesick and hadn't been their, back on Cybertron, in over 18 millenniums.

He wanted to go back to see old friends and perhaps, Arcee. So he was taken back with Prime to Cybertron and he smiled seeing how little it had changed since last he remembered it. Sure there was no war, which was a good thing, but things and places still seemed the same. He was greeted by Ironhide once he came and he was proud to see how much his son had upgraded.

He was quite a strong warrior, just like him when he was younger. The first thing Ratchet did was embrace his son in a tight hug. He hadn't held him like this since he was a sparkling which was a little odd for Ironhide seeing how he hadn't really been near his father for so long. He only knew him from speaking to him on the monitors and hearing courageous stories about him which he greatly admired, mostly the one about him spending so many years as a prisoner of war.

"It's good to see you again—son," said Ratchet with a soft smile as he placed his hand on the back of Ironhide's head.

"It's been that long huh?" said Ironhide.

"You have no idea," sighed Ratchet letting go of Ironhide and giving him some space knowing no mech likes to be embarrassed by a creator.

"So what would you like to do first?" asked Ironhide holding out his arms. "Cybertron's yours for the takin'. I've heard you've earned a good welcoming party."

"That's nice and all," said Ratchet holding up his hand. "But what I want to do . . . is see your mother."

"Oh—okay," said Ironhide a little disappointed seeing how he hasn't really known Ratchet that well and he wanted to start to get to know him, oh well he can always do that after he sees Arcee. "Follow me, Cybertron's changed a bit."

"Not as much as you think," said Ratchet a small smile.

And so Ironhide led Ratchet to the same Disaster recovery place they kept Arcee and once he walked in he was surprised that some of the staff even remembered him. They all sighed seeing him again. All remembered very well on what happened so many years ago between him and Arcee. It was the tale to tell around everyone and even the new staff knew about it and were fascinated by it.

They'd all tell about Arcee the elderly femme who's been there for so many years waiting for her lost love to come back. They all knew Ironhide who visited as much as he could just to see his mother wishing she could tell him about his father or sister which he's heard of, only to find she has no memory whatsoever of anything. All knew who she was once and that her life was one of the saddest. Some called her cursed by Primus, yet blessed by having a sparkmate who loved her so much he'd still come back to her even though she would never remember him.

All smiled seeing Ratchet come in with Ironhide. It was true. Ironhide was the spinning image of his father. It was, in a way, nice to see them together again.

Ironhide checked in and so did Ratchet, his memories going back to the first times he spend with Arcee when she could remember him each day and not forget the next. He gave off a soft smile as he walked off towards her room which was the same from so many years ago. When they entered it they found she wasn't there. Ironhide asked where she was and the staff only told him she was outside enjoying the sun light.

Ratchet didn't leave right away, instead he sat on her berth for a moment just taking everything in. He scanned the room seeing Arcee had made it quite a lovely home. Chimes hung near her window that would reflect the sun and shine many colors in her room. She had many things in there, a lot from Ironhide when he was little and made things for her.

Ratchet shook his head and sighed. He got up and followed Ironhide outside. Ironhide let Ratchet go on without him seeing how he deserved the alone time with her. Ratchet just walked along the path and soon decided to enter that same maze they used to meet in.

He just walked it through never expecting to find Arcee sitting on a bench in the middle of it looking up at the sun that shinned so softly as it began to set. Ratchet's spark softened seeing her again. She was still as lovely as ever. Still so soft and kind to him.

She gave out a sigh as she let her head fall down. Ratchet then walked up to her and sat down next to her. He was surprised she didn't notice him at first, but didn't mind it at all. He just sat there till she noticed him.

"Oh hello," she said with a kind smile. "Are you new here?"

"No," said Ratchet with a smile as he shook his head.

"Oh, I'm sorry if I interrupted you then," she said turning away finding her spark oddly attracted to him.

Ratchet then came to touch her hand next to his and it sent a jolt through ever part in her body. She turned to him and tilted her head to the side a little and asked—

"Do I know you?"

"Yes," said Ratchet softly as he pulled her closer and wrapped his arms around her to where she laid on his chest.

Arcee didn't seem to mind. She was too old to mind. She was so tired and weary of things and yet so young at spark. For some strange reason though, this person who held her made her feel, if she had ever felt it before, at home.

Ratchet just sighed as he placed his cheek up top her head and watched as the sun vanished over the maze. Arcee let him hold her like this until she asked—

"What is my name? . . . I can't seem to remember today."

Ratchet's spark began to emit sadness, but he refused to give in. He kept his kind smile and love with him and said—

"Arcee . . . Your name is Arcee."

"Arcee huh," she sighed to softly. "And yours? What is your name?"

"It's Ratchet," he said looking down into her optics.

For a moment Arcee stared into his optics blankly, but soon gave off that kind smile he loved her for and placed her head gently back on his chest and sighed—


It's not that I don't want to remember, it's that I have to . . . for those who can't—Ratchet.

The End