Thinking Outside the Box-

Summery: Hollow Ichigo gets a VERY surprise Guest In Ichigo's inner world.

Rated T For Language!

Hichigo yawned loudly, His voice in the same echo as it always is. He lay on his back in the middle of the Main Building of Ichigo's Inner world, The Building where Ichigo always comes to when he enters. Hichigo was watching The Crooked Clouds pass by like he always did. Ever since Ichigo defeated him and took his power for his own, It had been dull around The Sideways World.

Hichigo was pissed that Ichigo beat him, He snarled, He growled, He grunted, he yelled into the air, Cursing Ichigo. Hichigo had calmed down after a bit, and Just in time to witness some of the amazing battles going on without him, The Battle with Ulquiorra, Grimmjow, Ulquiorra again, and The Big fight with Aizen was how Hichigo got his fun.

Ichigo had won, using his power. Hichigo had watched as Ichigo stood over a dead Aizen, grinning in triumph, Listening to the crowd of Shinigami cheer his name. It sickened Hichigo to the point of actually pucking over the side of the building.

After all that everything started to wind down. Ichigo returned to his Normal life as a Stupid Student for awhile, Hichigo remembered listening to the conversation between Ichigo and The Raven haired girl about him becoming the New Captain of 5th Company. It was funny to Hichigo how Ichigo quickly said 'Yes'. Hichigo had listened to his thoughts at the time, Being inside Ichigo's world meant that you could listen to his thoughts, Ichigo had thought of all the chances he would get to be with Rukia and Had said yes only for that reason.

Ichigo was in love with the girl, Hichigo knew. Ichigo had dreams of the girl, He would think about her all day, It drove Hichigo nuts. Rukia This! And Rukia that! Hichigo had given up on listening on Ichigo's thoughts all together.

But soon after Ichigo became a Captain, It got really dull and Boring. Hichigo was left alone in this large Sideways world. Old man Zangetsu was gone for good, Only coming out when Ichigo truly needed him. Hichigo was left high and dry, No one to talk to, No one to play with, He was alone. And Hichigo was a lot like Ichigo, Meaning he got lonely easily.

Hichigo sat from his laid back position and sighed sadly. He felt like a small child without a single friend in the world, Actually he was in a even worse position than that, At least a child can talk to Others even if they weren't friends, Hichigo had No one around him, A child could cry to its parents if it got sad for being alone, Hichigo was a Monster. It pained him to think he'd live for all eternity like this, Alone in this world.

He could actually cry from loneliness. All he could ever do all day was just lay back and think to himself, Or Just swing around his blade in a Pitiful attempt at training for the day that Ichigo might actually let down his guard for Hichigo to take control, But he knew that would never come, Ichigo had grown so powerful that if he ever did let his Guard down it wouldn't be enough for Hichigo to seep through.

Hichigo wished that He could just die, To be set free of this torture, But No such Happiness was to be bestowed upon The poor Hollow. He couldn't just die, If he jumped off the cliff he would just Survive the Impact and then would just be hurt slightly, If he stabbed himself He would just regenerate instantly. He could only truly die if Ichigo died, which wouldn't be for a long time seeing as how Powerful Ichigo was now.

Hichigo stood with a depressing sigh. He slowly walked around the building, Looking out into the world. It would seem so incredibly Peaceful to those who lived in such a noisy world, But to Hichigo, The Peace was his Silent hell.

He felt a strange gust of wind and lazily looked back to see a figure out into the distance. His Lazy Depressed eyes widened to the size of Dinner plates as the figure walked briskly to him, He couldn't make out who it was, But it was someone familiar he could tell, The size and shape of the Person reminded him of someone whom he knew.

He Jumped forward with all his might to the figure, Using speed that would put Yoruichi to shame, He stopped only a few feet away from the person with Wide Shocked eyes, mouth agape as he stared at the face of His guest.

"Stop staring, Your making me Blush" A Female voice spoke followed by Evil Laughter similar to Hichigo's but more girly and giggly. Standing in front of the Ichigo Looked alike was a small girl, Pure White hair, Pale White skin, Black and Golden eyes, A small stature But still able to be called beautiful, A Green tongue similar To Hichigo's But with a Lighter tint. At Her side was a Pure Black blade with a Black Ribbon to match. It was Kuchiki Rukia's Hollow He concluded.

"Y-Your-" He was speechless, When did the Raven haired women get a Hollow?! And how the Hell was she in Ichigo's Inner world?! "Nice to meet you Hichigo, You can call me Akiru-chan" She introduced, Hichigo blinked. "'Akiru'? What a Retarded Name" Hichigo snickered. Akiru fumed and jumped kicking Hichigo in the head sending him into the near wall behind him. "What The Hell you bitch!" Hichigo found himself sounding like his King.

"Well Saw-ry That My Name doesn't fit as 'Hrukia' like you name, I moved Rukia's Name around to fit me You Arrogant bastard and I sure as Hell won't be called 'Hollow Rukia' Its to demeaning!" Akiru bellowed. Hichigo snarled and stood walking back up to the fuming Hollow-Girl. "Whatever, When the Hell did Rukia get a Inner Hollow, and More importantly how did you get here?" Hichigo asked rubbing his sore head.

"She got Me when the Humans went to Hueco Mundo during that 'Winter War' thing, Being Inside our world of Origin had an affect on her which resulted in me, I grew in her world as you must of here with her Zampakuto Sode No Shirayuki, The Bitch told Rukia of me before I could attack and then the bitch suppressed me into submission. I lived inside Rukia for months before I made a Friendship with her Zampakuto and she told me about Ichigo Kurosaki and you, I spent the Past year trying to figure out how to meet you and Here I am" Akiru explained her whole Life story.

Hichigo nodded his head. "Why did you want to find me?" he asked raising a brow. "Because This 'Ichigo' is constantly on Rukia's mind, so I figured if she Loved him so Much that I might like you" Akiru explained. Hichigo sputtered suddenly and shook his head "What the hell?! Your here In Hopes that you might get with me!?" Hichigo shouted. "Yes, I might be a Hollow, But I'm still a girl, and girls want Love, and unless I go lesbian, WHICH WON'T HAPPEN, I will have to get it from you" She crossed her arms.

"Whoa Whoa! What makes you think That I'd get with you out of Nowhere?!" Hichigo crossed his own arms. "Because I went through Rukia's memories and Its obviously clear that Your King Likes My Queen, So Its obvious that you will Like me at some point" Akiru stated smugly. "Like hell!" Hichigo Flashed away.

Hichigo was flabbergasted by The appearance of this new being, And she wanted to be with him?! Such crap! They just met, and plus they're Hollows for gods sake! Hollows don't need love! They need To devour souls and They need Violence! But Not Love! It disgusted Hichigo to think of such Crap.

He stopped abruptly seeing the small Hollow step in front of him from out of Nowhere. "You can't get away from me Big Boy" She Giggled loudly, Hichigo suddenly knew how his enemies felt when he let out His signature laugh. He Flashed away again with his full speed going in the opposite direction.

He stopped this time by a foot tripping him. He looked up with a small bruise on his face and snarled. "You...Bitch.." She smirked down at him. "You can't get away from me, This world is small, And your to slow to hide from me" Akiru smugly said. Hichigo sighed sadly and gave in "Fine, What do you want me to do?" He asked as if he was a Servant talking to His Master. "Though You better keep that Kind of thinking in mind, Right now I want you to be yourself But just with me" She said.

Hichigo groaned. Just great, I got a Psycho Bitch Trapped inside this world with me and Shes gonna drive me to the brink of Hell ordering me around- NO! If I'm gonna be with This girl I gotta show her I'm the Man! "Fine, BUT I'm not gonna be ordered around like a Dog! Your gonna do as I say, When I say!" He stood and pointed at the girl. "Oh Your Cute when you think your in charge" She patted his cheek making him blush in embarrassment. He snarled "You Know what-" He flashed away again.

"Oh this will be fun..." Akiru mumbled grinning.


Hichigo was going as fast as he could, He didn't want to be the Horse all over again. If he got with this chick then He'd surely be the horse instead of the King, Story of his life, He scowled in a very Ichigo like fashion and stopped in an alleyway at the bottom of all the sideways Buildings. He looked around and snorted in triumph as he saw No one around except a few oddly placed Trashcans...Wait...Trashcans? "What the..?" He eyed the Trashcans intensely then jumped with a yelp as the Trashcans transformed into the Hollow Girl "How The Hell?!" He yelled, His echoing voice spreading through the whole world.

"Its an ability I can do, Transformations Is simple" She said matter-Of-factly which made Hichigo fume and he flash away.


Hichigo had his arms crossed and sat criss cross with his cheeks bulged out filled with air as he sat at the bottom of the small little fountain located at the bottom of the largest skyscraper in Ichigo's world. He had slight bubbles escape his mouth as air tried to gush out of his tightly closed lips. He was scowling deeply and was glaring across from him. He sat for a few moment before realizing something very important; He can't hold his breathe for that long! He swam up needing air and bust through the surface taking in a sharp breathe of much needed air, He heard the evil giggling and groaned as he looked over to see the center of his problems crouched down in front of him and grinning maliciously.

"Have a good swim?" she laughed. Hichigo glared then flashed out of the water and up the building.


Hichigo was Now at the top of the building and could feel the evil wench coming for him. He thought quickly and just jumped in the air and stomped down with all his boy weight thus destroying the glass window and falling into the room below. He had never thought to go inside one of the buildings before, But now wasn't the time to think of what would come.

Akiru stopped and looked into the broken window only to jumped back as a loud Hollow cry pierced her ears, But it wasn't like the usual Cry, It was more terrified and shrill. Hichigo jumped out of the window and ran for his life off the cliff. Akiru blinked then looked into the room finding Pictures of Rukia all over the place, every square inch was covered with Rukia, It reminded her of all the Picture of Ichigo she had found over her time.

"Thats so sweet that its disturbing" Akiru thought for a moment before chasing after Hichigo.


Hichigo was now perched up against a wall atop another building, Panting and having his eyes closed. This wasn't happening! He wasn't being stalked by a female Hollow who was going to attempt at ruining his Eternal Life in this rat hole you call a world. It was not going to happen! Not again!

"Hey Cutie" Akiru was also perched on the ledge above Hichigo. He growled menacingly before standing and drawing his white blade and pointing the giant thing at His tormentor. "You wanna fight?! Bring it!" He barked. Akiru laughed loudly, More of a resemblance of Hichigo and drew her own blade. "Fine, Lets have a round!" She jumped into the air and slashed downwards into Hichigo's larger blade.

Hichigo smirked pushing up back and then charging forward bringing in a sideways slice to the womens side, It was shallow but still an injury none the less. She hissed and lunged forward slicing upwards only to be blocked again by Hichigo's blade. "You made It seem as if you were stronger! But now your being pushed back like a Speck of Lint!" Hichigo let out a Heart filled laugh, something he hasn't done in years.

"Don't get to cocky you bastard" she snarled bringing up her foot to kick him in the shin, She landed the kick and successfully knocked him back a bit giving her an opening. She drew back and then lunged forward and landed a nice clean slice up his torso. He howled slightly but smirked as he regained his balance and brought down his Giant Butcher blade. Akiru jumped back in time to dodge and watched as Hichigo lodged his blade deep into the ground.

He snarled trying to dislodge his blade only to fail miserably. Akiru used this opening to do her attack "Second Dance-" Hichigo's eyes widened as he started to franticly try to pull out his blade "Black Ripple" she called in the mirror version of Rukia's 'White Ripple' Do we all have to be the opposite? Hichigo thought before a black ice cannon was shot at him. He thought quickly and jumped out of the way letting his blade take the hit. The white Zangetsu flew back a ways landing blade first into the near building side. Hichigo desperately jumped to reach his blade but was surprised to find Akiru standing in his path, She smacked him with the hilt of her blade sending him far back over the edge.

Shit! Akiru thought, She didn't actually want to kill him!

Hichigo felt like he was falling in slow motion. This might actually be it. He could feel his life flashing by, Memories of the past passed before his eyes, The day he was created, The day he first met Ichigo during Zaraki's fight, The fight with Byakuya The days he spent trying to take over Ichigo's mind, The fateful fight he and Ichigo shared, His last words to His King, all flashing before his eyes.

He could easily stop himself from falling, But he felt that this was a good time to die, He didn't care to live anymore, A Hollow's life is filled with nothing but pain agony anyway, Not what he wants obviously. As he fell He took a good look at his surroundings, Nothing but Buildings and clouds, There was the Old waterfall, That was it, That was his whole life in truth, These Blue Sideways buildings were his home for his whole life, He was born here and was about to die here.

The only real regret he had was; Not being Loved.

He only now realizes what Akiru meant, Wanting to be loved, No one has ever Loved him, Of course he didn't care, all he wanted was to take over Ichigo, But why? He obviously didn't want to be the horse, He wanted to be king, But King of what? A sideways world with nothing in it except the soul of a single Orange haired idiot, Was that His life goal? To be king of a empty world? He would probably be killed by a group of Shinigami if he was in control. So why?

Now that he falls with his life before his eyes, a realization comes to mind, Humans live to the fullest so they could be happy, Hollows go beyond the fullest so they could live, Humans live on to find their true love, Hollows eat Those who love, So what would happen if a Hollow loved? The pain in the heart for Humans is mostly because their lonely, So why couldn't Hollows heal their aching souls with Love?

Maybe thats what he always wanted, Love. The feeling you get in your chest when you hold her, The sensation of kissing her, The way your skin tingles when you hear her laughing, The joy you feel when she smiles at you. Maybe That was what he wanted after all.

His world started to fade into black as he knew the ground was only mere inches away, His life finally ending.


Hichigo felt weird, Very weird, This was a new sensation for him, But he sorta liked it. He slowly opened his eyes to see a strange green light blinding him. He flinched slightly when he realized his situation; His body hurt all over, But it was slowly healing, How could he be healing? No one was- Oh Yeah...

"You OK?" Akiru asked in a soothing tone. Hichigo snarled slightly "Why're you healing me?" he asked bitterly. "Because I don't want to be alone, You must know" she answered honestly. Hichigo knew perfectly, The feeling of loneliness, It wasn't a feeling he liked. "At least you had that womens sword" He replied. "And you didn't?" Akiru hadn't noticed that there wasn't anyone other than Hichigo in the world. "No, I took him out a long time ago, hes alive though, But he only comes out when the King needs him" He explained.

Akiru patted his head in sympathy "Must of been lonely" she said. Hichigo snorted "Yeah" he whispered. "And Not to mention about the Freakin' King. Hes spent years trying to repress me" He vented. He started to explained his life problems to this women as she cradled him in her lap. It felt good to tell someone his problems, and he felt comfortable with this girl, He now understood why Humans felt the need to be loved...

Nothing could compare to the Feelings you get when your with the One You Love.