Here It Is!! The Future of Our Couple Together-

Hichigo yawned loudly, his voice in the same echo as it always is. He lay on his back in the middle of the main building of Ichigo's Inner world, The building where Ichigo always comes to when he enters. Hichigo was watching the crooked clouds pass by like he always did.

A hand moved up to his chest and Akiru laid her head down on his shoulder. They both sighed in content. It has been over 3 Months since they met and they couldn't be happier. "Aw you tired?" Akiru asked sweetly after catching his yawn. "Naw. Just a bit bored Akiru-Chan" He grinned. She grinned back and kissed his chin before standing up stretching.

He stood along with her and walked along the edge of the building thinking back upon his life. He had thought that he'd die alone in this world. But now he has Akiru. His Hollow heart swelled with joy. He even started to listen on Ichigo's thoughts again enjoying his daily fantasies about Rukia. The poor idiot hasn't said a word yet to the girl and Hichigo had decided to make comments on it.

"What're you thinking about?" Akiru asked while flexing her tired muscles. "Everything" He replied. Akiru blinked at his care-free answer. He wasn't usually like this. He was more the psychotic freak that loved doing weird things which she loved so much. "Whats up?" She asked. "Nothing, I'm just happy" He answered honestly. Akiru smiled and walked over to him and held his hand.

"Me too" She smiled.


Hichigo was snickering evilly as he ran along the snowy forest. This was his second time in Rukia's inner world and he was having a blast tearing things up! He slashed off a few trees and heard Sode No Shirayuki giving chase. "Hichigo!" She yelled angrily. Hichigo laughed louder. He could hear Akiru laughing along with him in the back round. He couldn't stop laughing in delight. In his world there wasn't anything that much fun to destroy, but here theres nothing but destruction all around!!

Out of no where a foot kicked him in the face knocking him out. Akiru gasped loudly as Zangetsu fumed above Hichigo. Sode No Shirayuki was panting and stopped running to breathe in. "Akiru..get..him...OUT OF HERE!!" Sode yelled. Instantly the two Hollows were back in Ichigo's world.


Akiru was taking her daily 'Beauty Nap' on the side of Ichigo's main building. Hichigo felt that she didn't need it. She was beautiful enough! He could barely stand it as it was! So he decided to play a game called. 'Wake the crazy lady'. Its where he goes and wakes her up and then runs like hell! He thought it up when Renji in the real world decided to wake up Rukia while she was asleep.

He crept silently towards his Hollow spouse. He smothered his laughter and stood above her as she snored mutely. He then covered his mouth with both hands and then released his hands and along with the hands came his loudest and most evil Hollow cry. Akiru jumped up in shock and spun to see Hichigo standing over her grinning like mad. "What-" Hichigo flashed away quickly.



Akiru giggled as she silently stalked around the corner. She had decided to help Hichigo learn how to search for reiatsu when its been substantially lowered. And of course she had somehow turned it into a hide and seek game. Hichigo, she knew, was pissed that he couldn't find her though, which made it even more fun for her!

Hichigo was looking all around for his spouse. "Akiru! Akiru!" he called. He sucked at finding reiatsu as it was, but now he couldn't even find a speck of anything from Akiru. He suddenly felt a spike in her reiatsu and howled with joy as he finally found her!

Akiru cursed under her breathe as she clutched her foot. She accidentally knocked into the building as she tried to jump off. She froze as a hand came and touched her shoulder. She turned and saw Hichigo smirking at her. "Damn..Ya found me.." she murmured. "Yeah! Now its yer turn!" he called and then ran off trying to lower his reiatsu as much as he could.

Akiru counted off with her fingers then instantly flashed off behind Hichigo who was under water. They both surfaced and Hichigo bellowed. "How did you find me so quickly?!" Akiru scoffed. "Your massive reiatsu is easy to find. Even when you lower it its still so easy to locate" Akiru explained. Hichigo fumed but calmed down when Akiru smiled at him."You'll learn, don't worry" she reassured.


Hichigo was snoring loudly as he lay lazily on the edge of the water fountain. His arm and leg were dangling in the water and flowing peacefully as he slept. He stirred a bit as he heard a faint noise in the distance but kept on sleeping. "Hichigo!!" the voice was far away and distant. He made no movements as the voice got louder but was still so far away. "Hichigo!!" he snored still. "Hichigo!" The voice got louder and he stirred. "Hichigo wake up!!" He jumped as Akiru was next to him. He fell into the water and splashed violently in confusion.

He came up and sputtered water out of his mouth which missed Akiru by only a inch. "What?!" he yelled in aggravation. "Take a look at what your King is doing right now" Akiru commanded a bit to enthusiastically for Hichigo's still sleepy taste.

He grumbled but complied. He closed his eyes and concentrated for a moment then snapped his eyes open in shock. "Holy crap!" he shouted. "I know!" Akiru agreed. Hichigo checked again and smirked maliciously. There in the darkness of Soul Society was Ichigo and Rukia making love in the middle of the woods.

"NICE KING!! IN THE WOODS!! SO FREAKING KINKY DUDE!!" Hichigo called into the air. Akiru giggled and then concentrated on talking to her Queen. "MAKE SURE TO RAVISH HIM!! DON'T LEAVE A SPOT UNLICKED!!" Akiru and Hichigo both laughed loudly. "What you just said actually turned me on.." Hichigo said with a perverted grin. "Hows about we show 'em how its done?" Akiru grinned back with a wink.

"Come here you!"


Akiru jumped through the portal as she did so often. She ran down the building and towards Hichigo's new favorite place to sleep by the water fountain. She found him not sleeping though. He was playing with something. Something that had two squares touching each other and was completely red from her point of view. She walked up to him and looked down at the contraption.

"Whats that?" She asked. He didn't look at her as he still pressed buttons on the small toy. "Its something the King got in the human world while on a date with Rukia. Its called a Game Boy SP apparently. And man is it addicting!" Hichigo clicked more buttons and some weird beeping noises sounded from the device.

"Right. How'd you get that in this world anyway?" Akiru asked in a bored tone not finding the big picture of the thing. (Girls just don't get it) "The King is also obsess with it and it manifested itself in here since its somehow becoming apart of his mental thinking" Hichigo said. Akiru mulled over it for a moment then scowled slightly.

"Well, now I'm here, so put down the thing and lets have some fun!" Akiru dramatically exclaimed. "Meh" Was the oh so great Hollow's reply. Akiru stared at the pale man for a few seconds before trying again. "Wanna train? Or you wanna continue learning to hide your massive reiatsu? Or maybe we could go to my world and tear up the place?!" She asked not receiving anything from the Hollow man. Hichigo just kept playing the game ignoring Akiru's requests.

Akiru started to fume but then decided to use the one thing she knew he couldn't resist. "Or, maybe we could go and have a hot make-out session all over the building?" She cooed. Hichigo flinched for a second then continued his game. "After this level" Hichigo 'promised'. Akiru twitched but complied and sat down next to him and silently waited.

4 levels later:

Akiru's pure white face was now becoming pure RED. "What the hells so great about that stupid game?! Whats it got that I don't got?!" Akiru yelled taking the game away from Hichigo, who yelped like a scared little fan-boy who just got his video game stolen from him (Which just happened) "Give it back!" He tried to grab it but Akiru blocked him with her palm.

"This is retarded" She muttered before crushing it. Hichigo froze. Akiru rose a brow. Akiru widened her eyes in shock. TEARS?! Hichigo was crying?!

"My game..." Hichigo wined in a sad lonely voice. "Oh get over it!" Akiru yelled. Hichigo ignored her and held the broken pieces, silently praying for a safe after-life. Akiru sorta felt bad now seeing her lovers sad disposition. "Uh...Sorry?" she muttered before a hand grabbed her arm. "Your getting it now." Hichigo seethed.

7 hours later:

Hichigo walked off with a smirk as Akiru twitched on the ground with her pelvis smoking.


Hichigo stared blankly at Akiru as she beamed. He was in her world today and she had news to give him. "What did you say?" Hichigo asked not registering what she just said. "Pregnant" she repeated. Hichigo nodded in a very logical way of thinking. "Hm." He hummed. "Is something wrong?" Akiru asked scarcely. Hichigo looked at her sternly and said. "I think I need to change my pants and I will need to heal" he said. "Heal what?" Hichigo suddenly fell on the ground with a loud 'CRASH' on his head.

"Ow" Akiru breathed.


Hichigo watched as three little Hollows roamed about his feet. All of which looked like him in some way. He felt a pride in which he had never felt before, seeing the kids play 'Shinigami slaughter'. God did he love these kids. Akiru sighed as she wiped her forehead. She had just got done with some training and was now gonna take care of the kids.

Hichigo watched as his lover played with his children. He never would of guessed that any of this would happen. He had thought that he'd take over Ichigo and rule the world. Then when that went away he thought he would die in a million years or so when Ichigo died. But now...

Akiru changed his world.

There you go. I'm sorry for the long wait. I had other things to take care of. And sorry if it felt random and or stupid. I worked hard through about half of it. Then I got a bit high (Not literally) and did a few paragraphs. And now I'm tired as hell.

So sorry if it sucks!