A young woman was laying down on her bed. Her long indigo hair spread around the pillow like a spider web, her eyes closed and her chest heaving regularly as she battled inside her mind.

"He's dangerous."

"He's a monster, a demon."

"Don't trust him, don't go near him. He'll hurt you."

"He has no feelings, he killed his own father and mother…"

"That boy… he's not human."

Hinata shook away the voices in her head. She didn't want to believe it, no, she wasn't going to believe it.

"You'll get hurt Hinata." a husky, concerned voice rang out.

No, I won't. she denied this, her eyebrows furrowed.

"Hinata, he doesn't care for you." another voice spoke out loudly in her mind, this time it was a manly soft voice that belonged to a completely different person.

You're wrong! He does care! He does! Even though she was only thinking this, Hinata was inwardly screaming this out loudly.

"You don't know that… you don't know him. Hinata….stop trying. He's unreachable."

"He doesn't love you the way we do Hinata."

She turned her head to the side, upset.

Then a velvet, rich voice entered her mind, along with the owner's face.

His raven black hair tied back into a loose ponytail. His well defined featured face, light skin tone, flawless complexion, his sharp nose, impassive face expression, soft lips, strong jaw line and beautiful dark eyes that resembled the color of ebony, but in the sunlight gleamed ruby red, adorned with dark eyelashes.


She smiled to herself.

It was odd, with all those negative voices clinging inside her head, speaking out so loudly that it made her ears ring painfully, it took only one voice to clear them all, that one voice she loved to hear over and over again.

That one voice that belonged no other than to, Uchiha Itachi.