This story is a two parter that came to me when I was trying to learn the codes at my research placement. This chapter is pretty stand-alone, but I thought a second would help to finish it nicely. The rating might go up if I decide to include a lemon in the second chapter. As I am currently undecided, I thought I would rate it at T for now.

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha. As far as I know West Hill is a fictitious facility. If it does exist then I'm sure they abide by all the rules and guidelines set out for research.

Kagome shifted uncomfortably in her office chair. Blinking twice, she stared at the computer screen and attempted to absorb the words.

Code Red. Fire in the building. After stating the code, specify the location and…

Kagome groaned and let her head fall on her arms crossed on her desk. It was her first day as a graduate student in the research department at West Hill, a prestigious psychiatric facility in the heart of the city. Already she'd been rushed through a tour of the maze-like compound, introduced to a thousand faces, and now she was suffering through the tedium of online tutorials for the various code systems used.

A masculine chuckle drew her from her misery. "First day is tough, but it gets easier." Hojou, her officemate reassured her. He was in his third year of his degree and apparently his research was very promising. Handsome enough and obviously intelligent, many of her fellow students envied Kagome's desk situation.

"There are so many codes." She whined. She knew she sounded about five years old but she couldn't help it. "I'm never going to remember all the policies and procedures. Besides, way down here in the basement, we have no contact with patients. Why should I have to know this?"

Hojou laughed again. "You should probably read through the whole tutorial." Hojou gave her a thoughtful frown, and then sighed in resignation. "You know you can just skip ahead to the end though. There's an easy quiz." He leaned over the back of her office chair and tapped a hyperlink on the screen. "You'll still get the certificate that says you finished the course."

He moved away to his desk, rifling through the papers. Kagome felt the breath she didn't know she'd been holding refill her lungs. "Besides," Hojou looked over his shoulder at her, "I'll be here to help you if they ever do call the code." He grinned earnestly at her and resumed his paper shuffling.

Kagome frowned and returned to reading the tutorial. She hadn't gotten this far in her studies by relying on someone else to know the code. Pursing her lips and squinting her eyes, Kagome tried to shut down all outside thoughts. C'mon girl. You can do this. Just pay attention.

A shaking on the back of her chair prompted her attention. She turned with an annoyed look to Hojou, who appeared to not notice her countenance. "I'm going to head home Higurashi." He checked his watch, "you shouldn't stay much later either. If you want to leave now, I'll walk you home?"

Internally, Kagome balked at the idea. Hojou was nice, but he tended to be a bit dense and he made her feel uncomfortable. "Um… no thanks." She fixed him with her brightest smile "I want to finish these codes so I can put it all behind me."

Hojou nodded and exited the small office. "I'll shut the door. Wouldn't want any of the…um…clients to wander in." Pulling the door shut snugly, Kagome could hear him whistle jauntily to himself as he approached the elevator that would take him topside.

Kagome let out a breath of relief before turning back to the computer. Code Red. Fire. Okay, get yourself out of the building as fast as possible. What's there to know…maybe I'll just skip ahead…just on this one…

Kagome grinned as she passed the end tutorial quiz with ease and printed her certificate of completion for the ethics board. What's next?

"Code Yellow. Privacy ward." Announced the PA system. Kagome started, and flicked an eye to her completed tutorials. Code Black, Blue, Green, and Red were completed, but no Code Yellow.

"Goddamn Hojou. Leaves for the one code I don't know …" with some quick mouse clicking, Kagome attempted to get back to the main page to select the Code Yellow Tutorial for some hints. Nothing doing, the internet was too slow. Everyone was probably trying to read the same code information I am.

She tipped back in her chair to logic out some possibilities. Code Yellow. What's yellow? Pee? Kagome snickered. Though she hadn't been on any of the ward floors, she knew some of the patients here were not on the best of terms with their bodily functions. Probably not. What else would everyone need to be warned about? Chlorine Gas? Kagome's eyes flew open. Someone had leaked chlorine gas? Why the hell did they have that anyways?

Panicking, Kagome grabbed her keys and ID off her desk, but she staggered with uncertainty under the foreign situation. What to do? When her eyes strayed to her ID, she whapped herself in the head with relief. A cheat sheet of the codes was happily displayed on the back of the badge bearing her smiling face.

Code Yellow. She grinned Missing Patient.

Well, that wasn't really her problem now was it? The research floors didn't house any patients, and certainly a psycho on the run would go to the ground floor, not down to the basement with no avenue for escape. She plopped down in her chair with relief. Glancing at the clock, she figured she'd might as well tune out the ruckus and get back to work.

Deeply entrenched in the mystery that was Code Purple, Kagome barely heard when the office door opened and closed. Without looking up, she called over to Hojou "Forget something?"

She heard the turning of the door lock as a response. Frowning at the monitor, she pushed with her legs to turn the chair. "Hojou, why are you locking the door? Is that part of…"

Turned all the way around, her eyes finally caught the intruder. Garbed in the soft blue of a patient, a man leaned heavily against the door, a syringe still sticking out of his left arm. Her eyes bugged out as they trailed over his sharp claws, his long fangs, and his…doggy ears? A snarling sound came from his mouth and his gold eyes sharpened on her in hostility.

She opened her mouth to scream. He flew at her with inhuman speed, wrapping an arm around her and pinning her body to his chest. One claw glinted in the fluorescent lighting, hovering dangerously over her jugular.

"Who are you?" She panted. He growled low in response, the claw making an indent in the delicate skin at her throat.

Kagome let out a low moan of terror and started trembling as her mind raced. I only just figured out what Code Yellow was! I didn't want to be part of it! It's my first day! Feeling a surge of anger from the injustice, Kagome bit out at him "Leave me alone, you jerk." She wiggled, trying to make it clear she wanted to be released. "I don't have anything you'd want. Please just leave me alone."

His arms tightened and the growling grew louder. Kagome could make out his fangs in the corner of her eye and his expression did not look pleasant.

Listen to him Kagome. He's a crazy person! With claws! Kagome allowed her body to go still but she tensed when she heard some odd breathing. Is he…smelling me?

With strength she didn't know she possessed, Kagome shoved her elbow into his gut. More out of surprise than pain he released her, and she scrambled away from him. Sprawled on the floor, she desperately sprung to her feet and raced towards the door. The handle jiggled uselessly, and just as she remembered that it had been locked, the crazy man was upon her.

Tossing her against the wall, he used his arms to pin her there. She glared at him defiantly. Despite the obvious tremor in her frame, she forced out "I am not afraid of you."

His gaze, which had been locked on the door, turned to stare at her. A smirk pulled at his lips and a fang slipped out between them. He got uncomfortably close in her face, his narrowed golden eyes causing her thoughts to scatter like dropped marbles.

His ears twitched twice and his gaze shot from her to the door. A moment later Kagome also heard the noise. It was the telltale clatter of high heels on the tile outside her office. She could hear hushed female voices that increased with clarity as they neared the door.

"I can't believe they're making us do this. You know it's just because we're the newest students. Code Yellow is a waste of time down here." One of the voices, Kagome recognized as Yuka, complained. She would bet the farm the other sets of shoes were Ayumi and Eri. Those three were always together.

"Relax. We just have to walk up and down the hall, make sure all the doors are closed and locked, and then put tape on them." Ayumi's comforting tone replied. "Besides, I'm glad to do a favour for our coworkers."

"You would be…" sniped Eri. "Quit gripping my arm so tight Yuka."

"I can't help it, it's creepy down here. And the escapee was from the Privacy Ward." The slight quaver of fear was surprising, as Yuka always seemed so brave. "Besides, where is Kagome? Shouldn't she be helping?"

Kagome's eyes widened with hope. She flicked her gaze around trying to find a way free. They would save her! Never mind they were three comparatively small girls against one snarling…dog-man. Forget that, she could do this! Eyes trailing down, she calculated if her foot could connect with a delicate part of his anatomy.

Before she could even swing he brought his body flush with hers, crushing her against the office wall and restricting all movement. His snarl disturbed the bangs on her forehead and she was pretty sure she heard him growl "Bitch."

The door handled jiggled again as the girls tried to open the office. There was some incoherent mumbling then a sharp rap and three voices calling her name. Kagome felt the tears forming as hope left her. She couldn't respond. She couldn't move. She was trapped, and help was just on the other side of the door.

"Guess she left." Ayumi sounded confused "But I would have thought she'd stop by to say goodbye."

Eri's response was sly "I saw Hojou leaving earlier." Kagome could already picture the look on her face "Maybe they left together. I heard some other grad students say he was already interested in her."

More growling issued from her captor, but astonishingly it was directed at the door and not towards her. Kagome stilled in confusion, and he turned his head to look at her with a matching expression. This startled gold gaze was very different from the looks she had been thus far receiving, but that didn't make it any easier to meet. Why did it feel like this guy was trying to look through her, rather than at her?

"Well anyways the door is locked." The sound of masking tape ripping came through the door. "So I guess we just tape it up and call it a day. Although I think Kagome needs to get her vent looked at, I can hear some weird growling noise."

Her captor's face bunched into an annoyed glare at the comment and Kagome surprised herself from having to stifle a laugh. She couldn't help it, he looked so cute with his ears pinned back like that.

Cute?! Kagome, get a grip. Now is not the time to be checking this guy out. She eyed the ears in speculation. Although, the ears are cute. I think I want to…touch them. Luckily her arms were too busy being squashed between her and the guy, so resisting the temptation was a relatively easy feat.

Their voices receded as the girls returned to their office. Upon their exit, her captor let out a breath of relief and stepped away from her. Kagome rested her hand on the wall, the other on her chest, in order to get her breath back and to calm down. Surprisingly, she didn't feel very afraid. I guess this is what they meant when they told me I stayed calm under pressure.

Her captor prowled the small, shared office. Kagome wasn't too sure what he was looking for or what he expected to find. He ripped the phone and internet wires out of the wall, looking satisfied at his destruction. Kagome stared at the ruined chunk of wall dangling from the chords in disbelief. He did it so easily. Shit. I'm dead.

Backing up against the wall, Kagome let her shaking knees falter and she fell down on her bum. He looked over at her curiously, before shrugging and hopping up on the filing cabinets in the opposite corner. Sitting with his arms and legs crossed, he glared down at her from his upper perch. Kagome sighed.

Today was going to be a long day.

They had only been sitting there 20 minutes and it felt like an eternity. From her captor's total lack of movement the fear had left Kagome but the adrenaline remnants made her ache to move. However if she so much as uncrossed her legs, his sharp gaze went back to her and she could see his muscles tense in a pounce. Sighing, Kagome returned to picking at a pull in her sweater.

No one had been by to check in awhile. The Code message was still playing through the PA, but no further instructions had been given.

How long am I going to be stuck here? Kagome shifted in agitation. A growl from the corner drew another sigh from her lips. Surrendering to the situation, Kagome turned to look at the dog-man and gave him a friendly smile. He looked startled and his spine stiffened in surprise before his customary scowl returned to his face.

"Look, I'm Kagome." She gave him a little wave. "And since you seem to intend to keep me in here, how about you do me a favour and talk with me a bit?"

He growled again, but it sounded more…desperate than intimidating. Was he still worried about being heard? "There's no one there." Kagome was getting frustrated "I'm bored okay and you're the only one here so you better start talking, Dog-boy." She clapped a hand over her mouth in surprise. Did she really just call him that? You're an idiot! You're going to get yourself killed!

Glaring at her, he opened and closed his mouth a few times. One of the times a strangled noise came out, an uncertain sound. Kagome couldn't help the giggle that came from such an odd sound from such an intimidating man. He flushed and turned his nose up at her, letting out a "Keh, Bitch." He looked pleased that he had produced the term and his smirk returned, goading her.

For once Kagome's self preservation kicked in and she didn't rise to the bait. She was always getting in trouble for arguing with the wrong people. I'd say this is more than trouble. This could be deadly.

But she didn't really believe that either. The more time she spent with him, the less afraid she became. He was very boy-like in his manners. Certainly rude, but nothing hostile. Kagome felt her heart soften a bit and the tension leave her shoulders. She would make it out of this.

A gurgle broke through the awkward silence and Kagome let herself laugh a bit. The blush returned to his features, which Kagome noticed were finer than she had expected. With that face and that hair, she might even call him handsome. Certainly better looking than Hojou.

"Wha…what're you…lookin' at, bitch?" his voice was rough and husky, like he had just woken up. He cleared his throat a few times and glared at her while rubbing his noisy stomach.

She shrugged. "Nothing." Kagome gingerly rose to her feet, careful to avoid a head rush. Looking down to brush off the dirt, she started with surprise as he appeared soundlessly in front of her. The size of his body was intimidating at this proximity and she felt a touch of nervousness returning. Squelching it, she straightened and tipped her head up to meet his gaze. "And my name isn't bitch. It's Kagome." She poked him on each syllable "Ka.Go.Me."

He grabbed the offending digit and glared at her. "Whatever. Sit back down, wench."

Kagome let out a huff of frustration and pushed him away. Ignoring his indignant "Hey!" Kagome walked over to her desk and pulled open the bottom drawer. Riffling for a minute, she smiled with success at finding her prize. Gripping the granola bar, she returned to where her confused captor stood and held it out to him.

"What's this?" He bent to bring his face close to it, and yet his hand made no movement to take it from her. Sighing, Kagome grabbed one of his hands and smacked the bar into it. He stared at her in surprise, his hand remaining as wide open as his mouth as he gaped. When the bar looked like it was going to fall out, Kagome closed his hand for herself.

"It's a granola bar." She continued as he decided the bar was more interesting than her and began sniffing at it. "You eat it."

He eyed it suspiciously, sending glances between her and the foil wrapped bar. Sniffing it again, he slowly brought it up to his mouth. When Kagome saw he was seriously going to eat the foil, she shouted at him "What are you doing?"

He recoiled in shock, dropping the bar and flying back to the top of the filing cabinet. He shrunk away from her as she stared at him before he caught himself and uncoiled to glare at her.

Understanding that was not a good reaction to comment on, Kagome picked up the bar and opened the foil. "You need to open it first." She explained, showing him the exposed granola before she slowly approached the cabinet. "Now you can eat it."

He plucked it out of her fingers, sniffing it a few times before noisily eating it while completely ignoring her. "hmph" Kagome glared at him "You're welcome."

Once he was finished, he brought each of his clawed fingers up to lick it. One motion caused the syringe to jostle in his arm and he looked at it in shock. Before Kagome could blink, he was back in her face.

"What the fuck is this bitch?" he barked at her. Well I'm so glad he's talking now so he can swear at me instead of just growling. Kagome restrained the urge to roll her eyes.

"Why are you yelling at me?" She resisted the urge to lean away "How should I know? I'm guessing they stuck it in your arm while you were escaping."

He advanced on her, causing her to stumble back against the desk. "They stuck it in me" his lips drew back in a sneer "Or you did?"

Kagome let out a huff "Does it look like I have some of that stuff lying around here, dog-boy?" He glared at the nickname but his eyes fell out of focus and started darting around the room. Shaking his head, he leveled his glare back at her.

"I have a name bitch. It's…" He swayed uneasily on his feet. "It's…." Kagome reached out her hands to stabilize him and he automatically recoiled from her touch. The over compensation caused him to stumble backwards slightly but Kagome caught his arms to hold him upright. His eyes were clouding over "…Kagome…? What's happening…?" He toppled over onto her, his dead weight causing her to fall heavily to her knees. His body slid down hers and his head fell to her lap.

In his new position, his arms wrapped lazily around her middle and his cheek rubbed against her stomach. "Kagome…" he breathed as he snuffled at her shirt before his whole body relaxed.

Kagome stiffened in surprise. "Hey…" she pulled his arms, shook his torso, and poked at his cheek. "Hey…you. Wake up!" Nothing would wake him up, but his chest still rose and fell with the steadiness of breathing.

Looking heavenward, Kagome sighed. Why me? It's my first day and I have a psycho patient sleeping in my lap. The peaceful look on his normally morose face was distracting and Kagome couldn't help staring at him now that he was asleep. Feeling something pull on her sweater, Kagome swiveled her upper body to see something on his wrist caught in her knit.

Pulling it free, and ruining her sweater, Kagome eyed the hospital bracelet. A name! Her face brightened, though she wasn't sure why she was so excited to learn her captor's name. He certainly didn't use hers. Hanyou Inuyasha. What an odd name. She looked at him. He is a pretty odd guy. Guess it suits him. Privacy ward? What's he doing there?

The Privacy Ward was so named as patients there needed to be isolated due to their…afflictions. It had been well impressed upon Kagome that it was dangerous for untrained staff to enter those corridors, and such an act was heavily discouraged from all levels of management.

Inuyasha didn't seem crazy. Rethinking his behaviour, she amended Okay maybe crazy but not THAT crazy. Already forgetting that he had essentially threatened to kill her on multiple occasions, Kagome frowned as she tried to riddle out his behaviour.

Maybe he has one of those psychoses that only show in certain situations? A split personality, where one is dangerous and the other boyish? Possible. Recalling the incident with the granola bar, Kagome continued her attempted diagnosis Well he obviously has some paranoia issues. Schizophrenia? When she went to bring her hand up to tap her lips in thought, Kagome realized she had been softly petting his ears in her lap, an unconscious habit she'd picked up from stroking Buyo all these years.

Since he hadn't stirred, Kagome grinned to herself as she diverted her attention to the temptation that was puppy ears. She played with them for a minute, but without any reaction besides regular breathing, the game was rather dull. Her attention shifted to his long hair and she slid her fingers through it. It wasn't very well cared for and her digits became ensnarled in a quite a few knots. If I can ever move again, I'm going to brush out this hair. Despite his negligence, it was still beautiful. Kagome glared at him in envy, her thick hair had to be constantly tamed to look half as good.

Grumbling again about how unfair her life was, Kagome didn't hear the footsteps in the hall until they were right near her door. A far cry from the clattering high heels, these shoes had the solid step of business shoes.

Guards! Kagome's face lit in elation. Flicking another glance down at her captor, although it was hard to call him that anymore, Kagome opened her mouth to call out. But something choked the words in her throat.

"Why did we get stuck searching the basement?" A deep male voice complained. "He's obviously not here. Not even a hanyou would be stupid enough to run below ground when he was trying to escape."

Another man answered, "Just following orders Bankotsu. Besides, it's kind of peaceful down here. None of the screams in the Privacy Ward."

The other, presumably Bankotsu, chuckled, "Who do you think you're kidding Jakotsu, you love the screams." Kagome felt a chill brushing across her. "Those fucking Youkai, think they're so tough. Well we brought them to their knees. We show them their place in this world." A punch against the outside wall shook the one Kagome currently rested against, causing her to start in surprise and barely withhold a shocked gasp.

"It's no fun without Inuyasha around." Jakotsu made a pouting voice "His blood is so delicious. I can't wait until we get him back…his punishment is going to go on for days."

Kagome's eyes widened in shock. Days…she mouthed to herself. She hadn't even noticed she was clutching at Inuyasha until she felt her hands ache where they were fisting the fabric. How could they? How could anyone…?

"Be silent, you fools." A cold female voice cut through the two men's devious planning. "This isn't a secure area."

Bankotsu made a sound of disbelief "Aw c'mon Kikyou." He teased "You're always so uptight. Relax. We sent everyone out of their office an hour ago. All the doors are taped. There's no one around."

Jakotsu chimed in "No one is coming down to this basement without a good reason. Besides, once the message came out that it was the Privacy Ward, everyone was practically running to the safety zone."

Kagome groaned. Safety zone? There was a safety zone? Right now she could be huddled with her friends, sipping some calming hot chocolate and whispering about how annoying it was to be trapped there. Instead she was cowering in her own office, protecting a man she didn't know from people who were supposed to be her colleagues.

"It is still unsafe. One of the ward nurses managed to inject him with the serum that subdues his Youkai, so I can't sense him." Making a sound of obvious frustration Kikyou started walking away "I'll see if I can't find a…volunteer to sniff him out."

Remaining still until Kikyou left, the two men's footsteps quickly followed hers. Kagome let out of a sigh of relief and looked down at Inuyasha still huddled in her lap. Only he wasn't asleep anymore.

Finally allowing a noise of surprise, Kagome flung her body against the wall as she met the violet gaze of the now black haired Inuyasha. He stared at her with an intensity that made her uncomfortable but she knew better than to look away. Seemingly satisfied, he turned away to glare at the door before rising unsteadily to his feet. Kagome shot up beside him, ignoring the protest in her sleeping legs to stabilize him. He brushed her off and staggered over to the filing cabinet, pulling himself up and back into his cross-legged formation. Kagome sighed and fell back into her office chair.

"Inuyasha?" she ventured. His head turned slightly towards her in acknowledgment. "What does…Hanyou mean?"

He stiffened and turned away sharply, upsetting his balance with the sudden nature of the movement. After a few minutes of silence, Kagome figured that no response was coming. Sighing she let her head hit the backrest.

Today was going to be a very long day.

Kagome had grown tired of sitting and had decided to lie down on the floor, far from the PA speaker still droning Code Yellow. Lying on her back like this always worked when she was stressed out in her undergrad. Just the simple knowledge that there was a solid earth beneath her was enough to calm her down. She looked unseeingly at the ceiling, her mind awhirl with what to do.

She obviously couldn't send Inuyasha back there. That much was clear. But would it cost her this graduate placement if they found out? Although, she wasn't so sure she wanted it anymore. To be associated with a facility like this? She hadn't even wanted to do grad school anyways. Mama would understand if she pursued something else.

"Mama…" she whispered to herself. Kagome doubted this incident was being reported on the news. Her mother would be frantic with worry, as this was probably the longest the two of them had gone without speaking. She always called if she was going to be late. Souta…his soccer practice would be over and he would be back at the shrine. Would he be worried too? Gramps would fret in his own way, using an ancient story to explain her sudden disappearance. The thought of her grandfather's crazy stories brought a smile to her face.

"What are you smiling at, wench?" Inuyasha asked while coming down off his filing cabinet. He fell into a defensive crouch and his head tipped to the side in curiosity. Even though his look was completely human, the impression of curious puppy was not difficult to create.

Kagome tipped her head away from looking at him to stare back up at the ceiling. "Nothing."

He growled in frustration at her, and then lay down on the floor in the same way. He was far enough away that they weren't touching, but Kagome felt warmth in her chest just the same.

He craned his neck to look around, but all that was there was the spotty sub-ceiling. "I don't see anything."

Giving in, after all he was pretty cute, not to mention persistent, Kagome confessed "I was thinking about the crazy stories my grandfather tells."

"Grandfather…" Inuyasha tried the word out. "He is…family?"

Kagome made a sound of assent. "I live with him and my mother and brother at a shrine." Her smile turned wistful. She'd only been locked in this office for a few hours and she already missed it. How pathetic.

"Family…" He seemed rather fixated on the idea. "A shrine huh. Does that make you some kind of priestess?"

Priestess came out of his mouth in a funny way. Is he making fun of me? A boy with dog-ears is mocking me. "I'll have you know I'm currently working on a graduate degree. I am not a priestess, I am a scientist." Never mind the fact I'm blowing my graduate degree and don't really want to be a scientist.

Inuyasha scoffed. "I'm not sure which I hate more, Priestesses or scientists."

Kagome felt anger swill in her blood and she sat up to yell at him. "Well I'm sorry Hanyou Inuyasha if you are so upset with my life. Maybe you should just leave and remove yourself from it if it bothers you so much."

"I ain't leaving until I stop being a pathetic human and the Code is over." He sat up too, his torso still allowing him to tower over her. The blue top did nothing to hide the wiry muscles underneath as he leant on his forearms to glare at her. He raised a fist that, while devoid of claws, was still intimidating, "And never call me Hanyou."

She impatiently pushed his hand away from her face. "I think we're passed this whole 'you're-going-to-hurt-me' thing. I know you're not going to do it." He looked surprised and then scowled at her but said nothing to the contrary. " It says Hanyou on your ID bracelet. I thought maybe it was your family name?" She was grasping at straws, hoping for more information.

He snorted. "I guess you could say that."

When nothing further was offered, Kagome puffed out air. This guy is the most frustrating person on the planet! She tried to gather her unraveling patience. "Well then what is it?"

He looked as though he was debating answering. Mentally Kagome cheered. "It's complicated, and you're probably not going to believe me" Inuyasha started. When he opened his mouth to keep talking, Kagome held up a hand to silence him.

"Hang on." She lied back down, cushioning her head by folding her hands beneath it. He tilted his head in confusion. "Okay, go ahead."

Frowning, Inuyasha copied her pose so he also stared at the ceiling. "So…there are Youkai…"

Kagome frowned. He was right she didn't believe him. "Look I know you might not want to tell me the truth, but c'mon. My gramps has been prattling on about Youkai for years. No one has seen one in centuries."

"That's because they've all been locked up in here." Inuyasha looked both smug and sorrowful at the same time. "You heard those guards. Guess what's hidden in the Privacy Ward."

Remembering the conversation of the guards, even though it was definitely something she wanted to forget, Kagome admitted that they had talked about Youkai. "Okay, well for argument's sake let's say that there are Youkai…" she would concede the point, if only to find out just how far gone he was. It was difficult to debate with a man who was previously sporting dog-ears.

"Anyways a couple hundreds of years ago all the Youkai started fighting each other for land. They were getting nervous because humans were taking over everything and would quickly overwhelm them. Instead of banding together, they fought each other like a bunch of idiots and were quickly defeated." Kagome rolled to her side so she could better see him. His eyes were lost in the past, unseeing of her position change. "Most Youkai that were left went into hiding but were rounded up and pushed into jails that a traitor Youkai had designed to contain them."

"How…long have you been locked up?" Kagome was almost scared to ask the question. Had he been away from the sunlight for centuries?

"Not too long. I'm not actually that old. I was only caught about five years ago because of…" his hands clenched into fists "…I was betrayed…"

"Oh…" Kagome felt bad for pushing him into this, it obviously caused him pain. Rolling back onto her back, she considered changing the subject.

"Anyways, before you distracted me, bitch, I was going to tell you what a Hanyou was." She knew he was doing it to get a rise out of her and she obliged by rolling back onto her side to glare at him. Kagome saw him glance at her from the corner of his eye, making sure she was paying attention to him before he started talking again. "A Hanyou is a half-demon."

Some how that wasn't as momentous as Kagome thought it was going to be. What's the big deal? Half-demon? What's the other half? Eying Inuyasha's current male form, Kagome could have smacked herself for even having to ask. Half-human, half-demon? How?

Inuyasha's lips turned in a bittersweet smile. "My…mother…" his hands came up to toy with the hem of his shirt. The movement was so boyish that Kagome felt the need to reassure him, so she scooted closer and laid a comforting hand on his arm. "She was a supporter of the Youkai, even though she was in a powerful human family. She hid my father and I guess they fell in love and…yeah…" He blushed and turned away, but not so far that her hand would be dislodged.

"Oh…" Kagome wasn't quite sure what to make of this. The story of his parents was interesting, but it was all a bit to take at once. Her curiosity was chomping at the bit about what betrayal had led to his incarceration, but one look at him and she knew she had worn him out.

Feeling the odd need to be near to him, Kagome was too emotionally fatigued to argue with the impulse and she scooted even closer to rest her head on his arm. She felt his muscles tensing and the sound of his heart echoed through where her ear pressed against him. When he made no indication of moving her, Kagome let her body go slack and her mind fuzz out. Her last thought before falling asleep was that this day couldn't last long enough.

Kagome awoke, groggy and uncomfortable with a terrible crick in her back from sleeping on the floor. The floor? What am I doing on the floor? She shifted around to try to see what was happening but it was pitch black in her office. The auto lights. She groaned, it must be really late if the energy-saving lights had already shut themselves off. Her pillow was unhappy with all her movements and made a sound of protest that was muffled from where it was buried in her hair. Still half asleep, Kagome debated just drifting off again when she noticed it. Or rather, she noticed the absence of it.

"Inuyasha…" she poked at his chest. More grumbling came from above her head. "The Code is over."

His grumbling ceased and he became still, waiting to see if the announcement occurred again. When none was forthcoming, Kagome sat up.

"Are you… yourself again?" Kagome peered into the dark, trying to find his face. When she came in contact with his hair, she held in against her fingers for the contrast. Still black.

"Still human." Inuyasha sat up, close enough to her that his movements caused a breeze.

Oh man, how much longer will we be trapped here? Kagome stretched her arms back and winced at the pops in her spine. Well at least when he is Hanyou I will be able to see his hair again. That iridescent silver would shine in anything. Kagome's eyes widened and she quickly got to her feet.

"Inuyasha!" She hissed in an excited whisper. "I have an idea!" She bent down to find him but apparently he was already on his way up and he smacked his head on her chin.

"Ow. Fuck." Kagome could barely hear his swearing over her own head spinning. "Kagome? Are you okay?" She felt careful hands on her forehead, reverently touching the skin. Her eyes slid shut as his touch trailed down the curves of her face. She could feel the fingers trembling as they passed over her eyelids, toying with the long eyelashes before continuing down. They hesitated ever so briefly on her lips, the pad of his index finger lingering slightly after the rest, before his hand found her chin. Sliding his fingers along her jaw line, he apparently inspected the damage while Kagome felt a shiver of excitement.

What the hell is the matter with me? Could this happen at a possibly worse moment? Sighing happily, she drowned in the moment before reaching up and ceasing his hands. "Inuyasha, I have an idea."

His fingers tightened slightly on hers and Kagome couldn't suppress her grin. She wondered if he could see it in the dark. "We should get you out of here while you're still human."

"Keh, that's a stupid idea, wench." His voice changed direction as he spoke, his head turning to the side in thought. "If they shoot at me, I'll have no chance. At least if I'm hanyou I can take a few bullets." She felt him tense his hands and a few of his joints pop "and at least take a few of them out with me."

Suppressing a shiver at the sound of his excitement Kagome barreled forward "But if we leave when you're human, maybe they won't even shoot at you?"

"Kagome, they know what my human form looks like. I change this way…every once and awhile…" Kagome frowned at the obvious obscuring of some information, but now wasn't the time to dwell on his lack of trust in her.

"Listen, I can't even see you in this dark, so they probably can't either. You can sneak out while you're still like this and then when you transform out of here you can run away." Kagome was getting excited. This was honestly sounding like a good plan. Well not really a good plan, but the best that she could come up with.

"…I don't like sneaking around. I ain't a coward. I want to fight." Inuyasha sounded conflicted. Kagome tightened her grip on his hands, stepping closer so he could feel her body heat.

"You can't help the other Youkai if you're dead. Get out of here and work on a way to set them all free." Impulsively she pressed a kiss to his palm, trying anything to convince him this was the right thing to do. He hissed in a sharp breath, his body tensed to run but his hands held tighter.

"I can feel my Youkai stirring." He shifted with indecision. "Alright, we'll start sneaking but if we don't make it out in time then I'm letting the change happen."

"What do you mean, we?" Kagome was confused. "Your odds are better if you are alone. With the two of us we're easier to detect."

Using her hands, Inuyasha yanked her towards him. Falling against his body, Inuyasha crushed her to him. "Forget it, bitch. You're leaving with me." Kagome was glad it was dark so he wouldn't see her incredulous expression. "If they found out you were hiding me…and they would find out…you're so innocent…"

Kagome shivered. Suddenly losing her graduate placement didn't seem so bad. But she also realized with startling clarity that if she had to do that for Inuyasha's freedom, she would. A man she had only met today. She would go through anything for him, if only to see him free. The power of the emotion stole her breath, and she forcibly pushed it to the back of her mind to focus on the task at hand.

"Then we'll get out together." Kagome nodded against his shoulder, giving him a quick squeeze around the middle before withdrawing.

He grabbed her hand. "Let's go Kagome. We don't have much time."

Inuyasha popped the lock but Kagome could barely hear it over the sound of her heart pounding. Inuyasha closed the door carefully behind them, trying to make the tape look like it hadn't been broken.

It suddenly occurred to her that she had no idea where the exit was.

Inuyasha seemed to come to the same conclusion "Where the fuck are we?" he whispered out in desperation.

"I don't know…" Kagome started trembling. It was easy to be brave in the safety of her office, but out in the hallway was a different story. Where the hell were they? Were there people with guns waiting for them in the dark?

Inuyasha suddenly pushed her against the wall. "I hear someone."

Kagome tried to see the office door to get them back in but it was no good. She could hear the footsteps too, and Inuyasha tensed. She heard his hands pop in the dark and she threw up a silent prayer he wouldn't need to fight. A flashlight beam shimmered down the hallway, the lone owner of the shoes seemed sure of their path.

As the flashlight trailed along the wall and neared their position, Kagome knew they had to cover Inuyasha's face and patient outfit incase it was a guard that would recognize him. Throwing herself on him, she grabbed his head by his human ears and forced his mouth down to hers.

The kiss started as a part of the plan but it sure didn't stay that way. Inuyasha's clenched fists opened and his hands threaded into her hair, tipping her head back as he stole her breath and plundered her mouth. Kagome barely withheld a moan as she took in the heat of his mouth, his soft, warm lips delightful against hers.

She fell from Cloud Nine like a rock when they were interrupted. "…Higurashi?"

Kagome whirled around to greet Hojou. Inuyasha was cast into her shadow by the flashlight that Hojou had thoughtfully pointed at the ground near her feet rather than at her face. "Hojou!" she could have kissed him, were she not sure Inuyasha would have torn him to shreds, human or not.

"What are you still doing here?" He looked with confusion at both of them but no recognition dawned on Hojou's face when he looked at Inuyasha. Kagome's heart leapt with hope.

"They called the code…and I didn't know what to do…so I was just hiding and then…um…Souta here found me and he was…calming me down…" Kagome could have smacked herself. Lying wasn't her strong suit, especially under pressure.

"Isn't Souta your brother's name?" Hojou looked even more confused then before. Kagome was losing her patience. He finds me making out in the basement after hours of Code Yellow and this is what he wants to talk about!

"Yes it is a strange coincidence." Deciding to steer the conversation her way, Kagome struck her best pleading pose "It's still my first day Hojou and I'm afraid I don't know how to get out in the dark. Could you please help us out?"

"That's why I came down here Higurashi. To find you." He looked proud of himself. "Your friends told me you never turned up at the safety zone and I knew it was because you hadn't studied the code yet so I came to save you."

"No one saves Kagome but me." Kagome felt Inuyasha forcibly grab her hand. Hojou's face fell a bit, but Kagome had to salvage the situation before it became ridiculous.

"Thank you very much for coming Hojou." She fixed him with another smile that seemed to remove his despondent posture. She heard the startings of a growl from Inuyasha and squeezed his hand as hard as she could to get him to shut up. "Now if you wouldn't mind…I'm kind of tired of being in here…"

"Then I shall lead you to safety." He grinned again and started walking. The journey took longer than expected through the pitch black and there were so many twists and turns, they never would have found their way out were it not for Hojou.

"Hojou." The cold female voice at the open stairwell made Kagome and Inuyasha freeze with recognition.

"Kikyou." A pained whisper came from Inuyasha, one that Kagome decided to analyze later. Kikyou frowned into the dark, trying to see their faces. Hers was a thing of cold beauty, illuminated eerily by Hojou's flashlight.

"Did you find the girl?" Kikyou's face looked pinched with stress.

"Yeah, I found Higurashi." Hojou glanced back at them. "And some guy was with her."

Kikyou's eyes widened. "A man, you say."

Kagome shoved Inuyasha into the dark, hoping that Hojou was dense enough to pull this off. "What man?" She asked in her most innocent voice. This would be okay; it technically wasn't a lie, since Inuyasha wasn't really a man…

"Souta. He was with us Higurashi." Hojou turned to look at her, clearly doubting her sanity. A nagging hint of failure tugged at her but she sallied forth.

"Souta is my brother Hojou. I am sure he's still at the shrine. Perhaps you were confused by the dark?" While Hojou scratched his head in confusion Kagome sent an appealing look to Kikyou, who met the glance with an appraising eyebrow. When her gaze flickered to Hojou and back, a judgmental frown on her features. Kagome hoped Kikyou had heard how dense he was and was trying to weigh who was telling the truth.

"Perhaps you are right Higurashi, it has been a long day." Hojou smiled at both women, though only Kagome returned it.

"You're telling me." She groaned.

"Take her out of here. Quickly. I have better things to do with my time than baby-sit graduate students." Kikyou snapped, scaling the stairs. She paused after the first step to look meaningfully into the dark. "I am sorry, Inuyasha."

Kagome's blood froze in her chest and she felt Inuyasha tense where he had moved close to her in the dark. She stilled, waiting for the other woman to make a move. When Kikyou just smiled sadly and kept walking, Kagome finally let out a pent up breath, her hand resting on her heart. She felt Inuyasha tapping at her arm and she reached up to grip his hand.

They trailed after Hojou a few steps, keeping Inuyasha in the dark and Kagome barely in the light. When the city lights became visible through a door, Kagome felt her heart leap. They were almost out.

At the top of the stair, Hojou let out a breath of relief. When he turned back to look at her, the lights from outside made Inuyasha was clearly visible. "Higurashi, who is that?"

Kagome gave him a withering glare "That's Souta. I already introduced you." He opened his mouth to ask more questions but she pushed past him in her impatience "Can't you leave him alone, we're finally outside."

Kagome stepped through the threshold without hesitation, the fresh air and freedom making her giddy. She made it. She let out a laugh of pure happiness. Looking over at Inuyasha, who gazed with wonder up at the sky, she smiled. More importantly, he had made it.

When Kagome started to feel the scratch of claws against the hand that held his, she knew it was time to go. Tugging her hand, Inuyasha grinned and took off in a run, pulling a stumbling Kagome along behind him into the woods that surrounded the property.

Deciding they were far enough away, Inuyasha stopped abruptly causing Kagome to crash into his back.

They stared at each other for a minute. Finally Kagome broke. "We made it." Tears started to stream down her face. "I can't believe we made it."

Inuyasha looked overwhelmed, and he crushed a giddy Kagome to him, a quiet laugh rumbling from his chest. "We made it." He whispered.

Content to just be squished together for a moment, the couple stood in the woods quietly. Eventually Inuyasha slacked his grip and Kagome pulled back, wiping her wet eyes with the sleeves of her thoroughly ruined sweater.

"So what now?" She tipped her face up to Inuyasha. He looked didn't look nearly as puzzled as her.

"Now…I leave you." He looked sad but determined, his eyes soft but his jaw hard.

"Leave me? What happened to sticking together?" Kagome was starting to feel hysterical. She…cared about him and he was just going to leave her?

"Kagome, it's going to be really dangerous for me for awhile and I can't watch out for both of us." She looked away in dejection. He gripped her hands to bring her close again. "Please…I would…but…" Kagome sighed. She was in way over her head with this one. Inuyasha had trusted her to get out of the facility. Maybe she should trust him now that they were out. His golden eyes pleaded with her and his ears were trained on her, waiting for her answer.

"I'm going to be waiting for you." Kagome answered, smiling when Inuyasha looked startled. "So you had better come back for me or I will be the one to hunt you down."

His gaping mouth reformed into a smirk. "You can count on it, wench."

With false anger she yelled at him "Wench! Why you…" the rest of her angry tirade would never be heard as Inuyasha crushed her mouth with his, their noses jarring against each other. Turning her head to make the kiss more comfortable, Kagome allowed herself to get lost in the sensation, knowing she wouldn't feel it again for a while.

When he pulled away, Kagome felt like he was taking her heart with him. "I'm coming back for you, Kagome."

Giving her hand one last squeeze, Inuyasha took off into the woods. Kagome sighed as she watched him disappear. She remained in the spot where he left her awhile after he had gone. Taking a sharp breath through her nose, Kagome nodded to herself and turned back to the facility.

Bundling her sweater tighter around her frame, she began the short trudge back. Midway there, she ran into her three frantic friends who spoke over each other trying to talk to her. It didn't matter, Kagome was unable to process their chattering for she was too busy making plans. She would have to stay at the facility for a few months, just to make the incident look less suspicious, and then maybe she should try her hand at law school. She had a feeling the world was going to need some Youkai experts in the government sometime soon.