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Kagome sighed as she entered her home, grabbing the remote she always kept by the door and switching the news. She always left it on, every evening, hoping for news of Inuyasha. Though the news was certainly full of stories about the youkai, no images of Inuyasha had ever appeared. From the current reports, today didn't sound promising either. Another day without Inuyasha. Another evening alone.

Kagome pulled her hair free from the bun that she always kept it in at work. Having graduated from law school just a year ago, she now worked a grunt job at the government offices. She had chosen to work for this politician because he was the most sympathetic to the youkai cause. Well, sympathetic might be the wrong word, as Sesshomaru had nothing that even vaguely resembled emotion. Most of his workers were scared to death of him, and there were rampant rumors that he was a youkai himself. Though he neither confirmed nor denied the accusations, any who were brave enough to ask quickly became too frightened to step a toe out of line again.

Kagome didn't know why, but she wasn't afraid of him. He had shown no particular interest in her, at least not until after one of his staff's social functions. She'd accidentally run into him on her way to the dessert table and at the time he had given no indication of even noticing her, nor her profuse apologies. However, the next day she was personally summoned to his office by the strange toad-man that followed him everywhere. Sesshomaru had asked a relatively routine question she was sure Jaken could have answered, but he made her sit in a chair that had his suit jacket draped over it, making her feel uncomfortable. This had been occurring pretty much every day since then, so Kagome was getting used to being around him.

Her colleagues were not impressed with all the attention she was receiving. It was indeed a lonely life Kagome now led. Her old friends still worked at West Hill, though the facility was staggering to keep its reputation after the youkai were freed. The last news exposé about it had not been particularly complimentary and a criminal case was currently being filed against the upper management at West Hill, including Kikyou. Since Kagome had lent her observations about what happened in the facility to the investigation, her friends were encouraged to not have contact with her while the trial was going on. That had been fine, she didn't have anything to say to them anyways.

Her thoughts returned, as they often did, to the mysterious half-demon that appeared in her office one day and changed her life. But as Kagome grew up, she came to understand how little she actually knew about him. All these years and no word from him, she was beginning to lose hope. Would he ever come back to her?

Some days she managed to convince herself that it was only the intensity of the situation that had made her act that way. That what she felt for him was artificial, that she would get over it.

And yet she knew, in her heart of hearts, that Inuyasha would always be part of her. So for now she worked and watched the news, hoping to catch a sight of the man she loved.

She should have known it would happen when she least expected it. She should have also known that it would have something to do with those goddamn codes.

Although this one was decidedly more dangerous than Code Yellow.

"Code Black. Politician's Office."

Kagome blinked up from the computer she was working on, tucked away in an upper floor library. She had been researching the ancient laws that still existed about youkai, trying to find which ones they needed to fight in their campaign. It was a little used library on a little used floor, and Kagome had never liked being there.

She liked it even less now. Why do I never learn these stupid codes! You'd think I would have learned they are important. Kagome sighed. The ancient computer she currently used chugged at too slow a speed to handle the LAN connection, so it only held information relevant to this library. No code help there.

Kagome turned over her ID, optimistically hoping for more information there. Apparently this cheat sheet thing was a standard idea, for her government employee badge also had the colour-coded information on the back.

Code Black. Kagome's face went pale. Bomb Threat.

Well scary as that was, Kagome figured that this protocol would be easy to figure out. I'm guessing the idea is…get out as fast as possible? So Kagome quickly stood from her computer chair and started to walk over to the door. It's probably just a drill. They have to do these every once and awhile. Feeling reassured, and hopeful they might have some hot chocolate at whatever safety zone existed, Kagome was startled when she also heard the fire alarm.

A fire, at the same time? That seemed unlikely. The building wasn't that big and she definitely would have smelled the smoke. Someone probably pulled it to get people to evacuate faster. Someone would only do that if there really was a bomb. Kagome picked up the pace. Her blood ran cold when the door wouldn't open.

She pulled on the handle desperately. No! No! But she knew what had happened. These doors were fire proofed to protect the rare volumes they contained from possible fire or water damage and set to automatically lock when the alarm was pulled. That won't protect them, or me, from bomb damage!

Kagome turned and slumped against the door. What was she supposed to do now? The library was an internal room, so there weren't any windows. A phone! There has to be a phone! Who to call was the problem, as everyone was probably outside. Deciding it was her best bet, Kagome started the frantic search for a telephone. Spying one, her hope rose as she eagerly picked up the receiver and started to dial home. But there was no dial tone. The line was dead.

Frustrated and scared, Kagome slammed the phone back on the hook. Finding the brightest thing she could, which turned out to be a red duotang, Kagome slid it under the door, hoping it would attract someone's attention to the room. Until then, she was stuck.

Trapped again. Only this time, without Inuyasha. She wasn't sure why it was so much scarier being alone, even before she knew Inuyasha wasn't going to kill her. Trying to decide what to do with her time, Kagome walked back over to the ancient computer, hoping it had solitaire or some form of game. When it yielded no entertainment, she picked up one of the books and started reading. It wasn't about anything interesting, but it helped calm her swirling thoughts and steered them away from considering death by explosion.

And as always her thoughts turned to Inuyasha. Trapped in this musty cube, Kagome couldn't help but smile when she thought of him out there somewhere and free.


The fire alarm continued to sound as Kagome played her anagrams game on the back of what she was sure was a very historic manuscript. Bored out of her face and nearly deaf from the fire alarm, Kagome was sure she had been imagining it when she heard a knock on the door.

The knock came again. "Hello? Kagome?"

Kagome was now sure that she was delusional. It sounded just like… "Inuyasha?"

"Kagome! What the hell are you doing in here? Get the fuck out here now. Jesus Christ woman I knew you were helpless during codes, but really this is kind of extreme." Kagome couldn't believe it. This was their heart-stopping reunion and he was calling her an idiot!

"Oh you jerk!" She glared at him through the door. "Don't you think I would have left if I tried? It's the fire alarm! It caused the door to lock and now I'm stuck in here."

A moment of silence and some scuffling later, Inuyasha yelled at her "Move away from the door Kagome, I'm going to get it open."

Hastily moving a few bookshelf rows away, Kagome watched as the fireproof door gave way to Inuyasha, flying across the room and taking few shelves with it.

"Keh." Inuyasha brushed some dust off his clothes from the damage caused to the wall. Kagome stared at him like he was a ghost. Hell, he'd might as well be one.

"How the hell did you know I was in here?" She hadn't known she voiced the thought aloud until he turned to look at her.

"It's Sesshomaru's fault." He shrugged, casually walking towards her. "I was in his office when we found the bomb. We were just going to get rid of it but he decided it would be better publicity if there was a scare first. Apparently he's going for the sympathy vote." Inuyasha pulled a face, showing what he thought of that idea. "You weren't outside with the group and he knew you'd been working that day, so I came in to find you."

"What were you doing in Sesshomaru's office?" Kagome knew a slightly hysterical tone was coming into her voice. The man, er half-demon, you'd been thinking about for years does not just casually tell you that he was visiting your boss.

Inuyasha made a sound of frustration. "Can we wait and talk about this when we get outside?"

But Kagome had a feeling as soon as they got outside, she would be left alone again. So while she had him trapped inside, she wanted some answers. "No! Tell me Inuyasha, how do you know Sesshomaru?"

He sighed and looked nervous, his ears pinned low down to his head. "That bastard's my half-brother."

Kagome took a sharp intake of breath. She had always suspected that Sesshomaru was youkai, and his resemblance to Inuyasha had been uncanny, but she had never let herself see it. Now it was all too clear how related the two of them were.

"Did you…did you know I was working here?" Kagome clutched her hands to her chest, afraid at what his answer was. When he nodded, she pressed them against her heart, hoping to stifle the sound of it breaking.

"I've known since he started coming home smelling like you." Inuyasha's eyes grew distant and he let out a possessive growl "His suit jacket was always covered in your scent, so I asked him about. He played real fucking coy about it too. What a prick."

Well, that did explain a few things. Kagome took one of her hands from her heart and pressed it to her head. As eager as she had been for answers, she wished she had never asked. For an instant, she almost wished the bomb would go off. He knew and he didn't care. He knew exactly where I was and never came to look for me. He…doesn't want me around him anymore. I…am alone.

She needed to get away from him. She needed to get out of here and cry. Inuyasha seemed to sense her distress and looked like he was debating if he should try to comfort her or not. So she shackled up her feelings and put on her best smile. It definitely felt more like a grimace, but she figured given the situation, that wasn't doing too bad.

"C'mon let's get going." She turned on her heel and marched out the ruined door. Maybe I can transfer to a different politician? Or maybe to the publicity department? Somewhere where I'm out of the office as much as possible. After this incident, she didn't want to see Inuyasha again.

"Hang on a second, Kagome." He grabbed her arm to halt her movements "What are you so upset about?"

The innocence in his curious gaze had her blood boiling "Why did you never talk to me!" She shrieked. So much for playing it cool. "I've been waiting for you, you bastard!"

It spilled out of her like hot water from a kettle "I look for you everywhere. I watch the news all the time hoping you're on it. And you can't even just stop by my desk and say hello?"

She whirled on him, poking him in the chest. "I hate you." A tear leaked out of the corner of her eye "You should have just left me in there to die."

Instead of looking apologetic, or even bewildered, Inuyasha looked furious "I told you I would come for you when it was safe. Kagome, half the youkai from that facility are still living on Sesshomaru's land because they can't be integrated yet. Hell, right now we're in a situation that proves to you how dangerous it would be for me to be around you."

He reached out to her, and in her weakness she let him cup a gentle hand on her face "The world isn't a kind place for youkai right now. Or for people who support them."

Indulging herself in his touch, Kagome sighed, "I just want to be with you Inuyasha. I don't care about the risks."

He drew his other hand up to cup the other side of her face "Just let me protect you Kagome. And this is the best way I know how."

Unable to resist any longer, Kagome drew her face towards his, meeting him halfway in a sweet kiss. Well that was very nice, but Kagome had been alone for too long now to be satisfied with a brushing of lips. Clutching at his shirt, she pulled Inuyasha closer, fusing her mouth against his. Running her tongue along the seam of his lips, he opened in surprise and she delved into his mouth, trying to memorize him.

Breaking apart, he smiled at her. "C'mon wench. Let's get you out of here."

Allowing him to pull her down the stairs and out the back exit, Kagome stared at their joined hands. Well at least she knew he was alive. But the question again became: What now? She didn't think she could keep living like this, always in the wings waiting for him.

When they were safely out of the building, she pulled his hand to make him stop.

"I can't keep waiting for you Inuyasha." He didn't look surprised at her confession, but his countenance became depressed.

Looking directly into his eyes, Kagome grasped both his hands in hers, giving it one last shot. "Let me stay by your side Inuyasha. We can face the risks together."

"Kagome…I…" his hands tightened on hers and she hoped for a minute he was going to say yes. "…I can't…" He let her hands drop.

Kagome backed away from him, clutching her heart once more "Don't do this Inuyasha. Please…"

They stared at each other, both pleading with the other to understand. It was a stalemate and neither was going to give up.

A sound, Kagome cannot remember what it was, drew her attention for just an instant. But the break in eye contact was enough. When she turned back to look for Inuyasha, he was already gone.

Kagome jumped back in surprise as her suitcase sprung open, spilling clothes all over the floor in her new house. After the incident with Inuyasha, she had been too scared to return to the office, so she faxed in her resignation. Sesshomaru had returned a surprisingly understanding response, offering a reference for whatever politician she happened to associate with next.

So she scoured the vicinity for another politician that matched her own political beliefs. Deciding to get as big of a change as possible, she had been contacted by a matronly mayor of a small town in the country that was looking for someone to help her integrate youkai. She said the townspeople were very sympathetic to the cause, but there was no infrastructure in place to support the addition of youkai.

Kagome eagerly accepted a position that would put her in charge of the whole Integration Division. All that was left was to pack up her life back there. It hadn't been much of a life, so except for exchanging promises to visit her family back at the shrine, she moved without too much grief.

Unpacking was not one of the things she enjoyed in life, but she bore it with patience as she placed carefully folded sweaters into their appropriate drawers. She spied her reflection in a small mirror hanging on the wall and gave her dusty appearance a small smile. A new start, that's what this was. I can become someone else.

A knock on her front door drew her attention. Kagome had been a bit apprehensive about owning a house herself but Kaede, the mayor, had assured her there were some very resourceful young men kicking around to help her out.

Apparently one of these young men was currently knocking on her door. After opening it, Kagome was greeted by a friendly-looking, attractive young couple.

"Hello there." The woman smiled kindly, offering her hand which Kagome shook "I'm Sango, your next-door neighbour. This is my husband Miroku." The man waved and did not offer his hand "He isn't allowed to touch other women." Miroku gave a sheepish chuckle. …O-kay…

"They're a little weird, but you get used to it." Kagome blinked at the third voice and she looked down below her knees. There was an adorable fox demon, casually standing between the couple and sucking on a lollipop.

Kagome couldn't help herself. She bent down and scooped him up "You're so cute!" he grinned at the attention. "What's your name, little guy?"

"His name is Shippou." Miroku answered for her, shifting what looked like a casserole between his two hands "And you won't think he's so cute when he's playing his fox tricks on you."

A slightly evil smile formed on the little fox's face but Kagome still thought he was precious "Well Shippou is welcome to come over whenever he likes. This house is much too big for one person."

Sango and Miroku looked surprised. "You live alone?" Sango was the one to broach the awkward subject. Kagome stepped away from the door to allow them inside and set Shippou down. A two-tailed cat raced in between Sango's legs and Shippou chased it up the stairs. "Sorry about that, Shippou and Kirara seem to make themselves at home wherever they go."

"No problem. I meant it when I said he was welcome here any time. That also goes for both of you." Kagome smiled at them and Sango returned the grin. Miroku had already moved to go and put the casserole in her fridge. Clearly the fox and cat weren't the only ones to make themselves at home wherever they went.

"So Kagome, what brings you to our humble town?" The three of them settled at Kagome's kitchen table, the only piece of furniture she had besides a bed and an armoire.

"Oh, you know. Itchy feet." She hoped they would leave it alone. Talking about Inuyasha was really not something she felt like doing. "I wanted the fresh air."

The pair gave her a joint sound of disbelief but thankfully left the issue alone. The identical look they gave each other made Kagome realize just how close they were. And it made her heart turn in jealousy.

"Whenever you want to talk about it, we're here for you." Sango gently took her hand, giving her a kind smile. Kagome squeezed it in thanks.

"Pardon me Kagome, but you don't seem to have any furniture?" Miroku asked politely, changing the subject while gazing around "I happen to be an expert shopper for this area, would you like some assistance purchasing items for your home?"

Kagome grinned at the idea "That sounds most excellent Miroku."

He started prattling on about colour ideas, Sango offering input at the odd time she had something to say. The distant rattle of Shippou and Kirara running upstairs also met her ears, but she was deaf to it all. For the first time in awhile, her heart didn't feel empty.

I only wish Inuyasha was here…

There weren't any codes at her new work. They didn't need them, they all shared cubicles in the same room. Should a disaster happen, they would be close enough to whisper it to each other, let alone need a PA announcement. And Kagome loved it.

The work here was easier of course, since the townspeople were already accepting of the youkai. It seemed many of them had been living here for years. Getting a school system arranged was presenting a bit of a problem, but Kagome eagerly tackled it, happy to have something to keep her busy.

But she loved just as much coming home. Shippou had basically moved in with her after the first few weeks. Sango was expecting a baby and he thought the house was going to get crowded. Kagome knew she spoiled the fox but she just couldn't help it. After Miroku told her the story of Shippou's parents' death and his capture, she just couldn't find it in her heart to deny him anything.

They didn't know the real day that Shippou was born, so Sango and Miroku allowed him to chose a date to serve the same purpose. And that day was today. Kagome had gotten off early from work to have extra time with him and she promised him they were going to do something extra special.

Parking her car in her driveway, Kagome exited the vehicle and carefully pulled a birthday cake from the passenger seat. Walking up the porch steps, she balanced it precariously on one hand while she reached for the doorknob with the other. She froze as she took in the scene on the other side of the door.

Inuyasha was holding Shippou up by his tail, yelling at him for something. Shippou was glaring at him just the same, shaking his tiny fist at the much larger half-demon. She couldn't hear any of their conversation for the blood pounding in her ears.

Be careful what you wish for Kagome. Her lips turned in a wry smile. When Inuyasha bopped Shippou on the head, Kagome snapped out of her daze. "What are you doing? Put Shippou down!"

Both pairs of eyes turned to her in surprise. Shippou let out a delighted squeal that turned into a painful oomph when he hit the ground. For his part, Inuyasha looked guilty and his head shot around like he was looking for an escape.

Setting the cake on the entryway table, Kagome eagerly caught Shippou who leapt into her arms. The brushed a hand through his thick tails, feeling a bit calmer. I'm not alone anymore. I can do this.

"What are you doing here, Inuyasha?" She asked him calmly. He shoved his hands into his sweater sleeves and turned his face away from her, as if that would stop him from having to answer. And to think, at one point I was actually scared of this guy.

"He comes by all the time." Shippou had apparently caught on that the half-demon wasn't welcome and he could use it to his advantage "He usually naps in your bed."

Kagome's eyes widened. Her bed? Well, I guess that new detergent isn't as good as I thought it was. It does explain why I have been sleeping so well. Inuyasha was still acting like he couldn't hear them, though a distinct blush coloured his face at Shippou's accusation.

"Kagome?" Shippou sounded worried. Kagome guessed she'd been silent for a while. To be honest, she had no idea what to do now. Kick Inuyasha out? Invite him to stay? They both sounded unappealing. But today was Shippou's birthday, so…

"Well today is your birthday Shippou, what did you want to do?" If Inuyasha is going to pretend he isn't here, then I'd might as well go along with it. No need to ruin the kid's birthday with this garbage.

Shippou caught on "I invited our neighbours over for a party. Miroku was excited to come over and said he had a special game he wanted the two of you to play."

Kagome winced. She'd definitely been too liberal with Shippou if he was having birthday parties without asking her.

"Miroku?" Surprisingly this was growled out by Inuyasha, "That man who is over all the time?" He looked upset and glared at her.

"Er, yeah. My next-door neighbour." Kagome was starting to feel a bit flustered, this was too much to deal with all at once. Before Kagome could explain that he was happily married and the like, her front door swung open to reveal said cheerful neighbour.

"Why Kagome you're home early. Come to help with the…" the rest of the sentence was lost as Miroku was now dangling above the floor, his neck trapped in Inuyasha's grip.

Miroku looked confused, although probably not as confused as he should. I'm guessing he's met his share of jealous boyfriends in his day. Kagome blanched I did not just think that. Inuyasha is not my boyfriend. I thought I had given up on those thinking like that. Honestly, how much hurt can one heart take?

"Hey Kagome I brought some…what the hell is going on here?" Sango looked furious at the state of her husband and she looked over at Kagome for some kind of explanation. Meanwhile Shippou was laughing away in her arms, clearly enjoying himself. Kagome shook her head to clear the confusion. Now was the time for her to take charge.

"Alright. Inuyasha put down Miroku. Sango, please don't smash that vase on Inuyasha's head. Shippou, you should have asked me before you had a party." She rounded on each guilty party in turn and they all looked penitent. Cradling Shippou in one arm, she pressed a hand to her head.

Setting Shippou on the ground, Kagome clapped her hands together. "Alright, we're going to have to get this party ready. Sango, I think I have a bunch of party-type foods in the freezer so can you get those cooking?" Sango grinned and left to do her appointed duty. "Miroku, I see Sango brought over some decorations. Can you put them up in the living room. Shippou, honey, why don't you go over and keep Kirara company while we set everything up." The three of them moved to do their assigned tasks, leaving only one nervous looking half-demon in the room.

"Inuyasha," she tried to keep the neediness out of her voice. He was as beautiful as ever. "You can either help, or get out."

He blinked in surprise, apparently waiting for something else. "Where are you going?"

She let out a sigh. "I'm going to have a bath. Today is going to be a long day."

Kagome flopped on one of her porch chairs in fatigue. The party was still going strong inside, but she needed a bit of a break. Inuyasha, what are you doing here? To say that his presence was strange was an understatement. And what was even stranger was that he hadn't escaped when he had the chance.

Shippou hadn't invited the whole town or anything, just many of their close neighbours. Although many of them gave Inuyasha an odd look, most were their usual jovial selves and either paid him no-never-mind or eagerly included him in conversation. The look of surprise at their acceptance had made Kagome smile.

"Kagome…" She looked over at the doorway and at the figure that just came through it. Inuyasha toyed with the hem of his sweater, a familiar gesture that softened her heart.

"Why don't you sit down, Inuyasha." She gestured at the chair beside her. "If we're going to talk about this, we had might as well be comfortable."

He slouched into the chair silently, looking at her expectantly.

She gave in to his silent prompt. "What are you doing here?"

"I…had to find you Kagome. I was going crazy." He looked off the porch "You know, even all those years we didn't talk, I still followed you around everywhere."

"What?!" Kagome's eyes widened. All those years she was alone, and he was really always by her side.

"I had to protect you! You're always getting in trouble." He looked satisfied when she growled in irritation at him. "And then you…took off. Left the city. And when I couldn't find you I…" He shrugged sheepishly.

I really don't want to think about what kind of damage he caused. Kagome reached over and took his hand off where it gripped the arm of the chair. "Where are you living?"

He shrugged "Out in the woods." Kagome was surprised when he smiled "I kind of like it. There's so much space out there. It's so different from…before…"

Kagome squeezed his hand in understanding. She couldn't believe she was being this nice to him. But this was Inuyasha. He always found a way to tunnel into her heart.

Taking this as encouragement, he continued on "The bratty fox was actually the first one to spot me. I…er…" Inuyasha cleared his throat nervously "I had been sneaking in your window to sleep in your bed." His voice rose defensively "It's your fault. If you hadn't fallen asleep on me when we were trapped in that Code Yellow I wouldn't have depended so much on your scent to help me sleep. I can't help it if it's something you did to me."

When she voiced no reprimand, he sighed with relief "When I saw you were living with a youkai and nobody cared…I thought…well…"

"You decided to come waltzing back into my life?" the hurt was starting to return to Kagome. But even more than that, Kagome was tired of fighting with him.

"Kagome," he took her hands and leaned towards her, eyes shining with emotion "I…wanted to stay but…"

She sighed. No use going over this again. She had been happy living here, but she still missed him. Probably as much, if not more than he missed her. Was there a point to both of them being unhappy, just so she could make him as miserable as she had been? I think we've both had enough misery to last a lifetime.

"Inuyasha." Apparently he had been talking, since his mouth was still open when Kagome interrupted him "Do you want to stay with me?"

He didn't hesitate. "Yes."

She shrugged "Then you can stay."

He looked at her in shock for a moment, then pulled her into his lap for a kiss. He rained kisses all over her face before claiming her mouth with his, massaging her lips in a sensuous pattern. His long fingers slid into her hair, tipping her head back to give him a better angle. Kagome pressed herself against him, hoping that she could make this moment last forever.

When they pulled back for air, Kagome's eye strayed to the front window. The front window that half the town was watching her make out through. She blushed and buried her head in Inuyasha's neck.

They stayed together in that chair while all the party guests filtered out, and endured much good-natured ribbing because of it. Shippou eventually hopped up to share it with them, quickly telling them about all the events they missed at the party. They stayed in the chair after Shippou went to bed. And as they watched the sunrise together, Kagome knew that life had never been this sweet.

When she started to doze off, Inuyasha scooped her up and carried her to bed. When he moved to leave the bedroom, she just smiled and pulled him back in. Kagome snuggled against him under the covers, and she felt him take a deep breath of her hair.

She laid her head softly on his chest, "Welcome home, Inuyasha. Welcome home."