Demands of a Broken Heart

So, I don't know if others have already done this…Or if I'm the only one who can get sidetracked from the love story of Edward and Bella… But, I wrote about Emmett's two girls that smelled just as sweet as Bella does to Edward; and how Emmett attacked instead of falling in love with them. A bit late I guess… But I thought of it while listening to Valentine's Day by Linkin Park (good song! go listen!).

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight… But you probably have figured that out… I wish I owned/knew Emmett…

Emmett's POV:

"Rosalie," I said her name through clenched teeth. I was hungry; and not in the mood to deal with her pathetic temper tantrum.

"What? You want to leave me?" Her liquid eyes barred into mine. If my blood still ran, it would be boiling.

"No, Rosalie, I don't want to leave you. I need to leave you…"

It was Valentines Day. Stupid February 14th, the day of love. I was sick of love at the moment…I wanted food…

"Just let him go with me Rosalie," Chirped Edward. He was sprawled on the couch, watching us growl at each other. Lucky Edward; he didn't have a silly girl to tie him down when he wanted to go hunting.

"I will let him go! I'm not going to let him starve! I just don't understand why he has to go out of the state! He can get something here and then come back to be with me!" Rosalie screeched. My head started to pound.

"He'll be back later Rosalie." Edward stood up, his height just an inch above Rosalie's. "This isn't the last Valentines you guys will have together."

"It's our first Valentines together!"

"And not our last," I said soothingly. I walked over to her again, tried to take her into my arms to make her understand my want for blood. "Look, I really would like something more then a silly deer… Just this once…"

Rosalie side stepped me to stand closer to Edward. Reading her mind and knowing what she was going to say next made his eyes go slightly bigger. "Rosalie," he cautioned.

"Fine! Go hunting with Edward! See if I care! It's not the first time a man has broken my heart!" Edward was right to have cautioned her. I never wanted to be compared to her filth of a fiancé, ever

She flinched towards Edward, him stepping between us protectively. For them to even think I would ever hit Rosalie pushed my temper over the edge… I was hungry, mad, and now; betrayed...

"You think I would do something like that to you! You think I would hurt you that way! All I want is food, Rosalie! Not your soul!" I took a few steps back, breathing hard. "You made me what I am Rosalie… Sorry I'm not perfect…" I turned and dashed out the door. I didn't want to hear what she had to say…

I walked the streets of Port Angeles, trying to calm my frayed nerves. Every human that came near me smelled delicious; but I controlled myself by thinking of Rosalie and her demented fiancé. I walked, listening to the plop, plop, plop of my feet deliberately hitting the ground. I could be silent if I wanted to…

And then I smelled something… Something beyond words. My senses cried out, turning my body toward the direction from which the smell came from. I allowed myself to be pulled into the oblivion. My mind clouded over, the smell making me loose myself. It was as though a million roses had been shoved under my nose and I was forced to lay in them; calm and tranquil. I was now flying down the ally ways, my body screaming to find the cause of such a wonderful smell.

I rounded a sharp corner, and stood looking into a small alcove. Trash cans filled the space. Behind me, people walked from restaurants to coffee shops with friends.

In the alcove was a girl, probably the age of twenty. She was of medium height, about 5" 5'; thin. She had the most glorious red hair. It was long, almost reaching her slender hips, a red with blonde highlights. Her back was turned to me, but I could hear her crying.

My mind screamed to attack but fought to run away. The smell of her blood was causing the dilemma. Any other girl, I would have turned away. Any other night, I might have been able to control myself. Not tonight. I gave in and called out to her; stepping into the street light above so that she could see me more clearly.

"Hello," I said, my voice a soft caress.

Grace's POV:

Of all the nights for Josh to break up with me… Why couldn't he have waited until next week? Why did it have to be tonight?

The moment he said, "I want to see other people," I smacked him across the face, the force making his head snap to the side. I had just moved in with him! I had left everything for him! And now he was leaving me… Now he didn't want me…

I dashed off, not thinking of how I was going to get home… It didn't matter… I had no home now… I slid into the alcove to sneak away from the stares I was getting at my stained face, tears leaving their marks as they streaked down my face.

"Hello," came a soft, masculine voice behind me. My head snapped up and I turned to see who had followed me. I stopped before I screamed for help.

In the light, just above his head, stood the most beautiful man I had ever seen. His hair was dark curls, perfectly fitting his sculpted face. His arms and legs strained against the fabric of his clothing, the muscles rippling with each little move he made. His smile could have brightened any dark night. I looked him up and down, my breath caught in my throat.

"Are you okay? I heard you crying." The god took a step toward me. I took a step toward him.

"I'm fine… Who are you?" Josh didn't matter at the moment.

"My name's Emmett. What's yours?"


"That is a pretty name, Grace." He took another step. I was about to come closer when I saw his eyes. They were pitch black, almost lost in the backdrop of the ally way behind him. Fear and need mixed together and my body froze, confused as to what to do. It didn't have long to think. The god named Emmett moved with incredible speed; swept me up and slammed me against the alcove wall. I felt no pain. I wanted to scream, but Emmett stopped me. His lips came down hard on mine; making me think of nothing else but to surrender to his wonderful touch. He was cold, but my mouth burned with the heat from his lips… He finally lifted his head and stared into my blue eyes.

"You are gorgeous Grace… Your eyes are the color of the truest ice." I had no response. I tried to kiss him again, but he lifted out of my reach.

"Hold still Grace…" I obeyed.

I watched as his head went to my tiny neck, his mouth opening just before it made contact with my skin. I gasped out in pain when his teeth broke my flesh… I could feel the blood leaving my body. I could feel him tighten his hold as I became more unaware as to how to stand… I wanted to say one more thing before I died… I was dying; and I didn't care.

"I love you Emmett…" He stopped, lifted his head, and I watched as my blood dripped from his rosy lips. His eyes were now red, glowing in the light as though they were rubies being cast around fire.

"Grace…" His voice was velvet, comforting. I took in my last breath and didn't let it out. I succumbed to the darkness; unafraid to go into the light…

Emmett's POV:

A monster... That is what I was… But I couldn't stop. I sucked her blood until there was no more. Gulped it down, enjoying the taste… It was nothing I had ever tasted before. I never wanted anything but this taste forever.

When I was done; when Grace's body lay in my hands limp, I whisked her away. I went into the forest and lay her gently onto the ground. I put her far enough away from the road no one would ever find her. No one would think it odd she had no blood. No one would see the teeth marks I had left on her. Neither would an animal eat away at her. Her body would perish; leaving nothing behind but memories. I sat beside her, stroked her flaming hair. I mourned for her life lost. I mourned for the smell and taste I would never have again…

I walked into the quiet house, shutting the door. When I turned and saw Rosalie sitting at the piano, I was not startled. She stood up; staring intently into my blood red 

eyes. I didn't know what to say… Sorry? Was I sorry? Was that even enough to say I didn't mean to hurt her? Would she forgive me?

"I'm cold Emmett…" She murmured. I rushed to her side, sweeping her into my arms. I held her close. I squeezed her hard; wishing with everything to make us one.

Rosalie didn't say anything. She held onto me just as hard. I shifted her and sank to the love seat, pulling her even closer. She rested her head on my shoulder, and mine on her head. She fit me perfectly. I was made for her. We sat in silence, listening to our unnecessary breathing be the only sound between us. I wanted our heartbeats to be mingled in the soft whoosh that came from our lungs. The sound that I had heard from Grace was the sound I would forever want to hear from Rosalie's; but never would. I loved Rosalie though… I would love her for the rest of my life.

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