Bet-- A Shizuka Kawaii and Seto Kaiba fanfiction.

Summary: Jou and Seto make a bet with dire losses. Jou can't talk for a week and Seto has to be nice. Anything goes, including flirting with the enemy's sister-- cute fluffy one shot, Shizuka x Seto

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I'm sorry if this chapter's a bit short, after all, it's the prolouge to the story, setting up the bet! Whoo!

Prologue to Torture-- Chapter 1

Jonouchi Katsuya slammed his hands down on Kaiba's first-period school desk. It was early on Friday morning and the class was just beginning to file in. All eyes turned on the maniacally cackling blonde. The billionaire's semi-permanent glare turned to him as well.

"I gots a bet for youse, Kaiba!" Jonouchi said with a cocky grin.

The brunette raised his eyebrow,
"A bet, mutt? Another duel?" Seto rolled his eyes, "How bland. I can beat you any day."

"Oh yeah, ya cocky little punk?!" Jou growled, "I gots sumptin' even betteh 'dis time."

"What's your bet, mutt?" Kaiba asked as he leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms.

"Wha, 's Mr. Moneybags chicken?" Jonouchi began to strut around the classroom clucking and flapping his arms like wings. A crowd began to gather at the door and girlish giggles were heard from about the class.

With this, Seto was finally agitated to the point of agreement,
"I never back down from a dare." He said as he stood and put his hands on his hips, causing multiple girls to melt into puddles.

"Oh yeah, tough guy?" Jou said with a laugh, " 'Dis time, Honda and I've got one dat'll getcha!" Jou said as Anzu, Yugi and Honda came up from behind him with grins on their faces.

"Really?" Seto said with a smirk directed at the 'gang', "Even better."

"Get 'dis!" Jonouchi crowed, "You gotta-- be nice for a week!"

Kaiba was silent for a moment, quietly contemplating the bet. The mutt would come up with bet almost on a weekly basis and since usually it was just a simple duel, highly publicized of course, Seto would win.

This time was different, though. Be nice for a week? Who the heck did they think he was, some softy fruitcake or something? Still, he thought as the blonde began to do a victorious moonwalk, how hard could it be to win against that loser? All he needed was a good challenge for the mediocre card player...

Jou turned back to the gathering crowd,
"Told'ja he couldn't do it! I knew it! What'd I say! That pipsqueak can't even--"

"I accept."

Jonouchi spun around, clearly surprised,

"On two conditions. Loser humiliates himself in any way the winner desires... and you can't speak a word for a week."

"Wha'!?" Jonouchi repeated, throwing up his fists.

"You heard me," Kaiba said, clicking his laptop closed, "Shut your yap longer than I'm-- nice-- and you win. Got it, punk?"

Jou scowled and thrust out his hand,
"Got it, girly-man."

Kaiba held out a dark tan hand and the two shook firmly.

"Anything goes to make the other lose?" Jou asked with a sly grin.

Kaiba paused, unsure for a moment... until he caught a glimpse of someone in the crowd at the door which gave him a an absolutely, perfectly, wonderfully sinister idea.

Jonouchi's younger sister-- Kawaii Shizuka.

"Anthing goes."

(laughs crazily) Didja like it? I just can't wait to write the next chapter! It's gonna be complete fluffiness between Shizuka and Seto, plus torturous rivalry between Seto and Jou... I just can't wait! WHOO! Anyway, please leave a review and I hope I can post a new chapter soon! Thanks so much!

Oh, by the way: I use Jou, Jonouchi and Katsuya interchangebly for Jonouchi's name. Katsuya will usually be said only by Shizuka and Jou (although not technically a shortened version of his name, which would be 'Jo', is what I sometimes refer to him as)

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