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Seto groaned. He knew if he revealed what he had done, it would mean major losses and news-people stalking him for weeks--possibly months. But as he stood on the stage, cameras nearly blinding him and reporters calling out loud and personal questions, he realized that he didn't care. Kaiba Seto, the famously single billionaire, didn't care if the media turned the whole situation into an international scam. He didn't care if he was mocked and ridiculed-- if he lost a billion dollars from consumers. It would be with it if he could just make things right.

"I used a girl to win the bet." He said at last. The murmur rose to loud exclamations and commotion as the patrons looked at one another in surprise and in disgust.

"I used her, but not in the way you may think." Seto said, "I had gone out with her in order to make her Jonouchi angry so that he would speak. When he did, it was presumed that he had lost the bet. But in taking advantage of this girl-- again, not in the way you're thinking-- I won the bet unfairly." He looked down at Katsuya (whose mouth was hanging open),
"So, I lost... Jonouchi won." the international icon stated through gritted teeth.

Katsuya shot up from where he had been thrown aside by the multi-billionaire and pointed an accusing finger at the brunette,
"I knew it!" the blonde cried, "Youse ain't nothin' but a--" he was silenced by a quick (and fairly comical) jab from Kaiba's thick leather boot. The blonde then sunk back down and continued to pout.

"If she can hear me," the brunette said as he searched the now silent audience again, "I'm... I'm sorry." A murmor rose again from the crowd. Seto's searching eyes missed a small redhead as she slipped out through the large glass doors into the cool moonlit night.

Fed up with the shouting reporters and the flashing lights, Seto threw the microphone at a dumbstruck Katsuya and disappeared into the crowd. Surprisingly, he went unnoticed as he serpented through the masses of people. It seemed that for once, the blonde dog had become the center of attention... but Seto didn't mind. The dog was victoriously dancing about on the stage and began to do a poor imitation of the moonwalk.

He came to the end of the crowd, to a large open space. He looked about him searched everywhere, but still could not find the elusive redhead.

"She's gone." he finally said to himself. He leaned against a floral-papered wall and breathed heavily as he wiped his brow. "She's gone. She left... now I'll never find her!" He shouted angrily, still invisible and mute to the celebrating crowd. He pounded his fist against a nearby table, causing the punch bowl to shake and the glasses to quiver and rattle.

He sighed, defeated; he had really made a big mistake this time. He shook his head and turned back to the glass doors. Just by chance, he caught a glimpse of lavender material and bright hair flowing in the wind on the balcony.

Without a thought, he burst through the tall glass doors. Shizuka whirled around with her back against the stone railing. Her eyes were still red and wet and her nose was pink. She had been crying. Shizuka took a shaky breath as Seto's eyes caught hers. So intense was his gaze that Shizuka shrunk back timidly. The flowers that had climbed up to the balcony framed her lovely face.

Seto stumbled forward and let the doors swing close behind him. He cursed his legs and his legs-- why wouldn't they work all of a sudden!? He shook his head, unable to speak. There had to be a major malfunction in his head or something; in the presence of Shizuka, he could barely move. She wasn't powerful in the traditional sense, but her mere presence seemed to leave him spellbound, sweaty and breathless.

Normally, the cold billionaire would be humilliated; horrified-- furious even, but when her eyes met his, he was just a bumbling idiot. With their gazes still connected, he fell to his knees. Shizuka was struck with the gesture. The most influential man in the entire world-- the coldest, richest, most famous man on the face of the planet had fallen to his knees before her.

"Shizuka..." He whispered hoarsely. Seto didn't quite know what to say; he tried to speak, but what was it about this woman that made the words fail before they reached his lips? Where should he-- could he-- start? That he had agreed to the bet because he knew he could win by using her? That he had purposefully used her to get her brother to speak? That he had called the media in order to get in news just to irk the dog? There was no good place to start.

Seto put his face in his hands and groaned in exasperation. He really was an awful person.
"I'm sorry..." he said softly; the words still foreign to his lips. If was probably only the third or fourth time he had said those words to anyone in his life.

"S...Sorry that... that I found out about it? Or sorry for what you did?" Shizuka asked as she looked down at him hopefully.
"I regret all of it... I'm sorry for everything..." Seto said sadly, laying his hands on the ground. He was afraid to look up at her for some reason... He wasn't afraid that she would physically hurt him, but afraid of what she would say; he only dared to look down at his fists, "At first... it really was all about the bet... but then... then it became something more... and I forgot all about that pointless wager..." His face grew hot as he realized how horrible his deeds had been.

"I know..." The lady's soft voice said. Shizuka's long pale fingers brushed lightly against his face and rested on his cheekbones. Seto soaked in the wonderful feeling. She slowly drew his face up. She smiled as she bit her lip, "I heard you onstage..." she said, a blush adorning her cheeks.

"Can you forgive me?" Seto asked, laying his right hand on hers and savoring the touch of her fingers on his face. She brushed some hair out of Seto's face with her right hand. Seto's breath stopped short and his eyes drifted closed in pleasure as her hand settled back on his cheek.

"I already have." she said. His cobalt eyes opened and raised to meet hers.

Slowly, timidly, Shizuka leaned down, brushed his hair out of his face, and lightly kissed the billionaire's forehead. She pulled back and shyly looked down at the Seto; the man's eyes suddenly wide and lit with a fierce blue fire.

Seto stood quickly almost accidentally knocking the girl backwards. Shizuka blushed in embarrassment and averted her eyes... had she done something wrong? Had she upsetted--

Her thoughts were cut short as he roughly pulled her into his strong arms. Seto's firm gaze caught hers and she stared unblinkingly up at him, unable to look away. He pulled her closer and slowly leaned down so that they were eye-to-eye.

Shizuka's knees just about gave way as Seto dipped down and his lips brushed softly against hers. His lips lingered there for a moment, and then he nestled his nose into her hair.
"I'm sorry..." He mumbled. Shizuka ran her fingers through the man's soft hair. He breathed deeply into her soft locks.

He kissed her again, slowly and delicately but firmly. Seto never wanted to let her go. He tightened his grip around her waist and knitted his hand through her hair and pulled her up, closer into his warm kiss. After a moment, he pulled back and tucked a stray strand of hair behind the blushing redhead's ear.

"How... how about we start over?" Shizuka asked shyly.
Seto smiled down at her and took her hand,
"Alright," he said, "My name is Kaiba Seto. How would you like to accompany me to the Duelist's Banquet?"

Seto kept their gazes connected as he brought her hand to his lips and kissed it.

Shizuka smiled,
"I'd love to."

He wove his fingers through hers and led her back into the crowded ballroom, greeted once again by thousands of flashing cameras.

It didn't matter that he hadn't won the bet... he had won something much greater.

"Kaiba! Get you'se's hand offa my sista!" Jonouchi shouted, jumping out from the middle of nowhere.
"Quiet, mutt." Seto said with a smirk. An almost-evil smile graced his handsome face, "After all, someday you and I may be related." he said, taking Shizuka possessively by the waist.
"Say WHA!? Oh, you'se is gonna pay for that, you smug li'l punk!
"Oh please," Seto said, smiling with his eyeteeth, "You couldn't win against me if you tried."
"Oh yeah!?" Jo growled, "How's 'bout a bet, then!?"

Seto smiled as he pulled Shizuka flush against his side and smiled cockily at the blonde,
"You're on."

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