I can't...I can't!

Im suprised. I just can't think of a single plot idea for my other story. Negima has fallen from my mind's favor. It has been spawning ideas upon ideas for Riviera : The Promised Land. This game (Just downloaded it...yes, I DOWNLOADED it. I don't own a copy.) I must steam the flow of ideas for this game if I wish to countinue my work! However, if won't do to think them through. I must write it down...sigh. Well...why not...

Discliamer : I do not, by any means, own Riviera : The Promised Land. As I mentioned earlier, I don't even own a copy of the game.

Warning : This is probably (actually, most likely) going to jump in rating. I don't know why, but this one seems to be me first story that will probably go all the way there. This story is rated as Adventure/Romance, as just about all of my stories are...however, I think it will have the personal extra sub catagory as humor. Watch out! If anything offends you, just read somthing else. Flame me if you like, I'll barbeque with them.

This has Ein with Serene, which was the ending I got.


Riviera : The Fallen Land

((Can't think of a better title, don't sue me.))



Ein felt his anger consume him. This was the last straw. First Serene was sacrificed, then this monster knocks both Fia and Lina out cold. Ein stood alone on the field against Seth-Rah. (If this where the game, imagine Seth-Rah with 3269 HP) Seth -Rah glowed with the after effects of Special, having K-O'ed Fia with it. But Ein stood tall. His anger burning higher and higher. His diviner, Einherjar, began to resonate.

"This is it for you..This is the REAL will of the gods."

He held up Einherjar high.


He struck one, twice, thrice.He gritted his teeth as he missed one...seven times! ((My char 420-510 damage each strike total damage was 3370))

As the last strike hit, Ein felt somthing inside him shatter, and he had to lean on Einherjar to keep from falling off the plain he was on and into an abyss. Seth-rah screamed, but it still managed to speak, even vibrating as death came upon it.


Ein looked up, his anger was gone, he only felt exaustion. "I am Ein a Grim Angel. It is my sworn duty to pass judgement on demons."


Seth-Rah began to shake more violently, as if it where trying to hold back the claws of death, to stay in one piece for awhile longer, say one more thing before dissappearing.


With a final sigh, Seth-rah was enveloped in light, and broke apart. It was then that the maze of shadows began to crumble...

Cierra rushed over, no longer held back by the barrier of the battle. Ein exchanged a few words with her, and he picked up the unconcious Lina, and struggling a bit to get up, bent to get Fia too.

"You can't carry both of them!!" Cierra yelled over the rumbling, astonished he'd actually try to.

"Would you carry one of them?"

She fell silent then.

"I thought not." He grunted, picking up both the girls packs as well. "You carry Rose, your legs are longer than hers, you'll go faster. Just run. don't look back, just RUN!"

With that said, he adjusted his own pack as Cierra scooped up the black cat and took off. He felt a curious energy about him, but he ignored it. Adjusting the extra weight of both girls packs, Ein picked himself up off the ground and began to stride as quickly as he could, stepping heavily...


Ein awoke with a start.

"It's just the same darn dream..."He muttered.

He felt somthing move next to him and looked down. It was Serene, she was cluthing her sythe even in slumber, ready to srping up at a moments notice at any "ambush" from demons. This brought a smile to his face. Had it really been ten years? It felt like it was only yesterday he had picked up Einherjar, along with Lorelei and Skadi, (Yeah, you can get them in the game...but you need to beat both Ledah and Malice at level S to get both. Really hard to do on the com!!)plus fifty of Fia's special blend of potion, and said goodbye to Lina, Cierra and Fia, setting off with Serene.

Serene had carried her two favorite sythes (Infinite Arc, Silver Moon) and two claws. (Wavernzem ((Sp?)) and a special creation of Chapi's a glove of silvery cloth outside, and soft cotton on the inside, fasened with four silver sharp claws chased with gold for each glove. He had dubbed them "Moon Bane" Ein shook his head at the memory. Lina had been holding her bow, having come right from target practice, and she had accidentally hugged him with it pointed right out. Oww. Then she'd jumpped back, her sleeve caught on the bow string, and as she frantically apologized, she pulled back her hand and loosed an arrow right at his face. He had to quickly bend over ((Matrix style I think...to bad they don't know about that...)) and block the arrow with einherjar, so it would not fly away.

Cierra had then tried to heal him, and instead ended up making his clothes vanish. He had then just grabbed his pack and took out a towel, wraping it around his bleeding self as he shooed off her frantic apologies. Serene had begun laughing, and Lina, forgetting she had the bowstring still caught on her sleeve, had pointed at her accusing her of thinking this was funny, and at the same time, loosing another arrow right at her sisters head. Fia had whipped out her Rapier and..oh lord he remebered ever so vivdly how she had slashed at it, cutting it clean in half, and also cutting a heavy branch above her and Lina right through. Ein had lunged to push them out of the way and recieved the branch right in the back.

He had seen stars for at least an hour after that while Soala and Claude, along with an embarrassed Elder, tried to heal him and locate his lost clothes. Soala had finally done it, bringin with her all thier dinners. It seemed his clothes had gone fishing in the river, for thier where several trout caught in the folds of the cloth. He never knew his clothes could fish so well. Claude had remmarked he would like to take lessons from the paticular suit of clothes as soon as possible.

Ein shook his head to clear the flashback. Lorelei was resonating, but Einherjar and Skadi stood still. He grabbed the blade from his pack and stared at it. Normally diviners resonated when another diviner was near. But he had carried the three diviners for ten years, and they had gotten "used" to each other presence. No...there was another one around here...no, then all of them would be blinking like becons to tell anyone who cared Ein and Serene where here..this instance was special to Lorelei. Ein only could think one thing.


As if summoned, the very being Ein had named stepped out of the brush.

"Ledah?" Ein asked, stunned. Ledah was dead...but...here he was, more solid than any ghost, and Lorelei was now not only shining bright enough to blind, but was vibrating violently.

The Angel stepped into the light of the diviner. He had changed...

The neat, if worn clothes of black, along with a white ruff and red cape, had been replaced with a long sleeve shirt looking of fine silk, brand new, but stained with dirt and brush. He had a midnight blue cape with gold trimmings now, and no ruff. His hair was longer, and messy. Slightly taller and robust, but he was thinner, and his face drawn. He wileded at his side a blade that was blinking like a firefly that let off white light instead of green/yellow. He spoke, and Ein's eyes grew wide at somthing that suprised him even more than Ledah being there.

He had begun to smile.

"Ein..." He croaked. His voice seened rusty from missuse. "Ein...I knew i'd find you...god of shadows..."



An hour later.

"Ledah, if you countinue to eat like that, you'll choke..." Ein claimed, letting his voice trail off.

Ledah wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. "I have not eaten in several days Ein. Even a Angel need norishment. Although, here, our norishment is not readily availiable. We need to make do. Even though we can survive a few days without and sustainment and feel notihng, we cannot do it countinually. I've been going weeks where I ate one day and starved six." He went back to demolishing a peice of meat, all diginity forgotten. Serene sighed and picked up her sythe.

"I should go scout. My turn anyway. I'll see if there is any game, because at this rate, he'll finish out all our suplies in one sitting and still need more." She stood up and walked off into the bushes.

Ein stared after her, but Ledah cleared his throat, causing Ein to whirl around. His neck cracked with the speed.

"Watch out there shadow king, you'll break your neck like that."

"Ledah, you've been calling me that for the past hour without any explination, explain yourself!"

Ledah took a gulp of water. "Gulp...sighhhh...ahh..well...I mean...this and that..."

"A straight answer Ledah!"

"Well...Do you know Ursula...and I abversely...we where suppossed to ..die right?"

"Yes." Ein answered simply.

"Well...Why did Ursula have to die?"

"Becuase Seth-Rah, the only remaining opposite god, died, she would have to follow. Without another to keep the power a balance, she had to die, or destroy balance."

"Right. But she did not die, in all these years, she, and I, are still alive. How?"

"I...I don't know...unless...Seth didn't die!?"

'WRONG!" He yelled, grining with a child-like glee. "YOU DID NOT DIE!"

Ein was taken aback by his friend's actions. He didn't understand heads or tails of this, and he said so.

Ledah's face became serious then. He looked Ein over.

He, just Like Ledah, had changed. The hard life of chasing demon after demon and living nowhere, always traveling, had made him leaner. It took away quite a bit of the "baby face" he had had. He was leaner, his jaw more pronounced, taller and more cut, defined. He moved differently now too, more cat-like, with the casual grace of a dancer. His eyes where more alert, they knew all the plants that where around them, wether they where poisionous, had healing properties, where spice, or just plain weeds, his ears twitched at the slightest sound, easily identifing it. In other words, he was stronger, faster, limber, smarter, leaner, just plain physically and mentally better.

This Ein could handle any truth.

That was the only thought that ran through Ledah's head.

"Well Ein. When the dark Progentior's died, in order to keep the world balance of power, that power had to go somwhere. When Seth-Rah was defeated, that power too, had to go somwhere. Otherwise when the dark progentiors where destroyed, thus ending thier regeneration cycle, the scale would have tipped and all the evil would be banished, meaning all good was nothing, and therefore the world was nothing. Poof, we would all be gone in the smoke of logic."

Poof...? Since when Had Ledah ever said...poof?

Simply put, that power would have gone into the most powerful, and the nearest, vessel. I.E : YOU. Simply speaking, all the dark progentiors and the maze of shadws it self, have been reborn, and have been so for about three days, the only thing it's doing now is...reviving demons. It seems thier dissappering at a fantasitic rate..."

At this he shot a hard glance at Ein. Ein shrugged it off.

"Sprites and Angels cannot handle the power of Gods. Thier bodies are not made that way.If you spoke true, I would have been destroyed inside out years ago."

"The power of the dark god was busy with stuff, yah hear? Now however, it's work is winding down, it's starting to think of returning to it's body. In other words, it wants to come into to you in full now. So if you excuse me saying so, but if you don't do nothing, you will be...BLOWN TO SMITHEREENS!


Uhh...I honestly don't know what im doing...actually, I do...but...oh forget it.. Read and Reveiw please.