A/N: Hi! I have so many stories I should be working on, but this is a bit older. And I wanted more people to see it. It's one of the strangest pairings you'll come across (or an attempt at): Axel/Tidus. I don't know why I happen to love it so (and I'm the first one on with this pairing. Isn't that...weirdly awesome?) But I hope you like it.

"You know, I've seen you here time after time, but you've never told me your name."

Axel turned to the young blond boy, who gave him a shrug. "Look, I'm not complaining. I'm just curious."

Shaking his head, Axel rolled his eyes, and turned his back on the blond. "Why does it matter?"

The blitzer climbed to his feet, cradling the ball under his arm, and cocked his head. "Um, you've been stalking around the island, apparently looking for Kairi, as you stated once. And she's my friend, and I would know where she was– but you're so freaking suspicious looking, that I don't think I'll tell you where she is."

A smirk and a raised eyebrow was enough to make Tidus scowl, but not much else. "So, what's you're name?"

"Not going to shut up till I say it, huh?" Axel muttered, mostly to himself before turning back to Tidus. "It's Axel. Commit it to memory."

Tidus raised his eyebrow in response. "That…that was a horrible pick-up line."

Axel resisted the urge to strangle the boy – if the child wasn't going to give him any information, he could easily just leave. But he had lost Kairi while in the Realm of Darkness, and he was half hoping as to if she came back to her home islands, so he could easily kidnap her again. He turned to the blond, and, with a slight smirk on his face, he spoke. "So? If you're not going to help me, I could simply gut you, and be on my way."

The ball Tidus was holding dropped to the ground, as the boy stood opened mouthed. "You …you wouldn't?"

Axel smirked wider, and moved closer to Tidus, easily towering over him. "Look, kid, you have two choices: either you help me, or you die. Simple as that." True, he wouldn't actually harm the boy, but it was plenty of fun making the child believe he was going to.

Tidus stood his ground, glaring up to Axel. "I don't think you could hurt a fly. I think you're bluffing." A flash appeared, and he covered his eyes. A moment later, he glanced up, his eyes widening in something akin to fear and amazement. In the black coated man's hands was a pair of weapons he'd certainly never seen before…

"Look, have you seen Kairi, or have you not?" Axel questioned, twirling the chakrams with ease. He gave a small smile, noting how the kid was completely amazed at his weapons. "They're called chakrams, kid. Get used to it."

"Aren't they heavy?" Tidus asked, looking at the weapons in confusing. "Can I try them?"

Axel jerked back. Roxas had never been that interested in his weapons, nor anyone else he'd shown them to (granted, a few people – like Vexen – only got to see them a few times before they became victim to them). "Um, no. Answer my question – have you seen Kairi around?"

Tidus glanced back up to Axel. "So…what's with the outfit, anyway? Are you some sort of a cult?"

Rolling his eyes, Axel sent his weapons back into nothingness, much to Tidus's dismay. If Kairi was here, he could teleport to another part of the island and search, instead of staying around this kid. He shook his head, before glancing back down to the kid who still looked confused as to why he was there.

"I'm the enemy." He chuckled, before leaning down, and giving Tidus a kiss on the cheek. "Next time you see me, run away like a good boy, hm?"

Axel grinned to himself as he stepped into a darkness portal, watching as the boy gave him a horrified look, and rubbed his cheek off. Shrugging to him, he continued walking in the portal, allowing the other end to shut. It wasn't as though he could feel love for the kid, anyway.