Prairie Dogs Gone Wild!

By futbalfreak18 (a.k.a. baka ranger red)

With help from baka rangers blue and yellow

No, I don't lay claim on any parts of Doctor Who. This story is based on the prompt: tree.

"Sooooo…I don't think this is Black Pool Pleasure Beach."

Rose was hanging half-way out of the TARDIS, taking in the sea of golden grain they had landed in. It was quite beautiful. And expansive. All she could see was grain.

And more grain.

For miles.

And more miles…

"Yeah, guys I don't think we're even in Black Pool. Or England for that matter," Rose said, turning back inside to find the ninth Doctor chasing the fourth Doctor around the TARDIS counsel. K-9 was watching from one of the other hallways leading into the room, as the ninth Doctor made futile grabs at the fourth Doctor.

"I thought you said you could get us there!" yelled the ninth Doctor. He dashed around the left of the circular TARDIS counsel, but the fourth Doctor just mirrored his movements, effectively switching places with him.

"Well, I can," the fourth Doctor said grinning, "it might just take me a few tries." He threw his scarf around his neck, and winked to Rose.

The ninth Doctor stood still and straightened his shoulders. He gave a low growl.

"I can't believe you. First, you convince me to let you drive, and then you don't even land us on the right planet. Then," the Doctor glared at his fourth regeneration, "You have the audacity to…to wink at Rose?" His voice had slowly dropped.

The ninth Doctor was starting to get quiet.

That was Rose's cue. The ninth doctor only got quiet when he was pissed. Really pissed. Like when the Daleks were invading. Or the Cybermen. Or when he thought Rose was in danger. Or when the fourth Doctor was around. The fourth Doctor actually got the quiet treatment a lot, when she thought about it.

Rose glanced over at K-9 who was already staring at her intently. She nodded.

"Doctor?" Rose called out, as she stepped up the ramp away from the door. Simultaneously, K-9 began to roll into the room.

Both time lords snapped their heads towards her.

"Yes, Rose?" they intoned simultaneously.

She stepped towards the ninth Doctor. It only took a few steps for her to be standing directly in front of him. Slowly, she wrapped her arms about his waist, intertwining her fingers underneath his black leather jacket. All the while she kept her liquid-gold eyes locked on his own grey orbs. He had stopped all movement entirely, and just stared at her, dumbstruck. Tentatively, she stepped up on her tip toes, and just barely touched her lips to his. She could feel his smile, as sounds of the fourth Doctor gagging resounded around the room. Right on cue as the fourth Doctor had predictably lunged forward to intervene, K-9, as planned, had rolled over the end of the ridiculously long scarf the Doctor wore about him.

Rose returned her thoughts to the Doctor in her arms, not that they had been gone long. She felt the ninth Doctor's arms wrap around behind her, pulling her close. Gently, he slipped his tongue into her mouth to taste her further. Rose felt her insides melt, and her knees go weak.

And then he dipped her. Rose could vaguely hear the fourth Doctor's heightened struggle, but all of her thoughts had been thrown from her head. How did things always end up like this? She smiled. She didn't really mind…

The ninth Doctor suddenly pulled away, barely pulling Rose back onto her own feet before dashing away to where the fourth Doctor stood. Rose grabbed onto the railing for support since her legs had turned to jelly.

Rose looked up as whirrings and clickings reached her ears.

"What are you doing now?" the ninth Doctor said, his tone oddly calm.

"Getting us to the closest desert planet to drop you off," the fourth Doctor said, a frown planted on his face. The ninth Doctor stopped moving. He just smiled.

The fourth Doctor stopped his movements.

"What no explosion? No 'what are you doing'? No 'how dare you touch my TARDIS'?" The fourth Doctor was waving his arms about.

"Nah." The ninth Doctor's grin broadened. He leaned against a nearby piece of railing.

Rose just stared. What in the universe…?

K-9 rolled over to her feet. "I think the one Doctor-Master is experiencing a momentary loss of sanity due to his recent encounter with Mistress," he intoned.

Rose smiled. Well, at least she wasn't the only one.

The fourth Doctor shrugged, and continued moving around the TARDIS counsel. Wait, if the ninth Doctor wasn't going to stop the fourth Doctor leaving him on some desert planet, that meant she'd have to. She couldn't just stand by while the trio was being split, even if it would only be temporary. Especially not after THAT kind of a kiss. Besides, the Doctors hadn't even checked out this planet at all. There could be something cool in the giant field outside. Maybe. It could happen.

"Doctor?" she called out.

"Yes?" They both turned again. She smiled mischievously, the light in her golden orbs dancing.

"Wait a sec. I think I left the door open." Rose walked towards the ramp leading towards the door. She paused. She turned to the Doctors and winked.

"Catch me…if you can." She said the last part of the phrase tauntingly, before sprinting out of the TARDIS and into the golden fields that waited.

Rose dashed among the tufts of grain. Far behind her, she could hear the whirring and humming of K-9 as he rolled through the foliage. Closer to her, she could hear two pairs of footsteps following her. Rose giggled. Lots of things could happen in a field.

Rose took a sharp turn to the left and ran for a while, before taking another sharp turn to the right. She kept on running and making more turns, but she couldn't lose the footsteps behind her. They'd come closer, then fade, but they would always come back again. K-9 couldn't be heard at all anymore. This couldn't last forever, and she had no idea where the TARDIS was anymore. Now that she was out here, Rose realized she wasn't exactly sure what her plans were…

Rose's foot connected with something hard, and she fell to the ground with a thud that resounded through her body. She groaned a little. Looking behind her, Rose saw that her foot had gotten stuck on a massive root. Rose shrugged a little as she got up. It wasn't unusual to trip on a root. The Doctors' footsteps had faded for the moment. Rose walked a few steps away.

And then she did a double take.

Grain roots don't get that big! This thing was huge…enormous…giant! She jogged back over, and bent down to examine it. Was it even a root? Rose could hear the Doctors' footsteps slowly getting louder as she followed it. It dipped in and out of the ground, slowly getting larger, and Rose began to notice other roots running parallel to it.

The root stopped at the base of a giant tree trunk. Rose looked up. Green stretched out all above her, blocking out the bright sunlight above. Her mouth opened in amazement. How had she not noticed this from the TARDIS?

Rose could hear the sound of bickering behind her, and she turned to see the tops of the Doctors' heads above the waving grain. Oh crap.

Rose turned back to the giant tree in front of her. She could reach one of the lower branches… Rose jumped and grabbed on. With some effort, she managed to pull herself up onto a branch about the height of the fourth Doctor's head. She proceeded to climb onto a branch about an additional five feet above that. Rose swung one of her legs over it so that she was straddling it with her back leaning against the trunk of the tree.

And she waited. Because what fun was a game of tag if you didn't taunt the opponents a little bit? Rose giggled and smiled, feeling mischievous.